November 1861 in History

Events in History

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Nov 1 General George McClellan made general in chief of Union armies

Union General George McClellan
Union General
George McClellan
  • Nov 2 American Civil War: Western Department Union General John C. Fremont is relieved of command and replaced by David Hunter.
  • Nov 4 University of Washington founded in Seattle

Electoral defeatElection of Interest

Nov 6 Jefferson Davis elected to 6 year term as US Confederate President

President of the Confederate States of America Jefferson Davis
President of the Confederate States of America
Jefferson Davis

BattleBattle of Interest

Nov 7 Battle of Belmont, Missouri, first combat for Ulysses S. Grant in US Civil War

US President & Union General Ulysses S. Grant
US President & Union General
Ulysses S. Grant
  • Nov 7 Battle of Port Royal Bay - Union forces capture Fort Walker and Fort Beauregard during US Civil War,
  • Nov 8 Battle of Mount Ivy, KY
  • Nov 8 US removes Confederate officials from British steamer Trent
  • Nov 9 1st documented Canadian football game (at U of Toronto)
  • Nov 18 The first provisional meeting of the Confederate Congress is held in Richmond, Virginia
  • Nov 19 Julia Ward Howe committed "Battle Hymn of the Republic" to paper
  • Nov 19 The first petroleum shipment (1,329 barrels) from the U.S. to Europe leaves Philadelphia, USA, for London, England on the Elizabeth Watts
  • Nov 20 Secession ordinance is filed by Kentucky's Confederate government.
  • Nov 22 Battle of Ft McRee, FL
  • Nov 24 Luik-Visé-Maastricht railway opens
  • Nov 26 West Virginia created as a result of dispute over slavery with Virginia
  • Nov 28 Confederate congress officially admits Missouri to Confederacy
  • Nov 30 Harper's Weekly publishes EE Beers' "All quiet along the Potomac"

Birthdays in History

  • Nov 3 Johann Peter Kirsch, Luxembourg church historian/archaeologist
  • Nov 7 Jeff Milton, American lawman (d. 1947)
  • Nov 10 Robert T A Innes, astronomer (Proxima Centauri), born in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Nov 14 Frederick Jackson Turner, Wisc, historian/educator (Harvard U)
  • Nov 18 Dorothy Dix, pseudonym of US journalist Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer (d. 1951)
  • Nov 21 Joao da Cruz, Brazilian poet
  • Nov 23 Konstantin Korovin, Russian painter (d. 1939)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Nov 26 Albert B. Fall, New Mexico Senator (Teapot Dome Scandal), born in Frankfort, Kentucky

United States Senator Albert B. Fall
United States Senator
Albert B. Fall
  • Nov 30 French Gailliard, Belgian painter (Zeustempel in Athens)

Deaths in History

  • Nov 11 Pedro V van Alcantara, King of Portugal (1853-61), dies at 24