April 1917 in History

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Event of interestEvent of Interest

Apr 2 Jeannette Rankin (Rep-R-Mont) begins her term as 1st woman member of US House of Reps

1st Woman Elected to Congress Jeannette Rankin
1st Woman Elected to Congress
Jeannette Rankin
  • Apr 2 US President Wilson asks Congress to declare war against Germany

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Apr 3 Lenin arrives in Petrograd from Switzerland [NS=April 16]

Marxist Revolutionary and Soviet Leader Vladimir Lenin
Marxist Revolutionary and Soviet Leader
Vladimir Lenin
  • Apr 4 US Senate agrees (82-6) to participate in WW I
  • Apr 6 US declares war on Germany, enters World War I
  • Apr 7 De Falla's ballet "El Sombrero de tres Picos" premieres in Madrid
  • Apr 7 James Barries' "Old Lady Shows Her" premieres in London
  • Apr 9 Battle of Arras begins
  • Apr 9 Vimy Ridge France stormed by Canadian troops
  • Apr 10 Munition factory explosion at Eddystone PA, kills 133 workers
  • Apr 12 Bijou Theater opens at 222 W 45th St NYC (Demolished 1982)
  • Apr 12 Domenico Scarlatti & Jeab Cocteaus ballet premieres in Rome
  • Apr 16 [OS Apr 3] Lenin arrives back from exile in Russia at Finland Station, Petrograd to join the Russian Revolution
  • Apr 16 [OS Apr 4] Lenin issues his radical "April Theses" calling for Soviets to take power during Russian Revolution
  • Apr 24 US Congress passes the Liberty Loan Act, authorizing the Treasury to issue a public subscription for 2 billion in bonds for the war

Birthdays in History

  • Apr 3 Bill Finegan, (Sauter-Finegan Band, Sat Night Revue), born in Newark, New Jersey
  • Apr 4 Joseph Ortiz, French-Algerian extremist (barricade uprising)
  • Apr 5 Robert [Albert] Bloch, US, sci-fi author (Hugo, Psycho)
  • Apr 6 Julian Faber, CEO (Willis Faber)
  • Apr 6 Shakey, [Walter Horton], Miss, harmonicist (Everybody's Fishin')
  • Apr 6 Leonora Carrington, Clayton-le-Woods UK, British-Mexican Surrealist artist
  • Apr 9 Johannes Bobrowski, writer
  • Apr 10 Robert Burns Woodward, organic chemist (Nobel 1965)
  • Apr 11 David Westheimer, American novelist (d. 2005)
  • Apr 14 Marvin Miller, American labor activist, (d. 2012)
  • Apr 16 Charlotte Salomon, German-Jewish artist, born in Berlin, Germany
  • Apr 17 Bill Clements, American politician
  • Apr 18 Louise Frederika, Queen of Greece
  • Apr 21 Emanuel Vardi, Jerusalem Israel, violist, SD Symph 1978-82)
  • Apr 22 Leo Abse, Welsh politician and biographer, born in Cardiff (d. 2008)
  • Apr 22 Sidney Nolan, Australia, painter/illustrator (Ned Kelly)
  • Apr 22 Yvette Chauvir√©, French ballerina, born in Paris (d. 2016)
  • Apr 23 Jacob Kistemaker, nuclear physicist (ultra centrifuge)
  • Apr 28 Joop Waasdorp, Dutch writer (Naked Life)
  • Apr 28 Robert Woodruff Anderson, New York, writer (Tea & Sympathy, Never Sang for My Father)

Deaths in History

  • Apr 9 Edward Thomas, poet, killed in WW I
  • Apr 9 James Hope Moulton, British scholar of Classical Greek (b. 1863)
  • Apr 14 Lew [Lejzer L] Zamenhof, Polish doc/linguist (Esperanto), dies at 57
  • Apr 18 Moritz F Freiherr von Bissing, gov-gen of Belgium (1914-17), dies at 73
  • Apr 18 Vladimir Serbsky, Russian psychiatrist (b. 1858)
  • Apr 24 Oskar Blumenthal, writer, dies