April 1934 in History

Events in History

  • Apr 1 Bonnie & Clyde kill 2 police officers

MurderMurder of Interest

Apr 1 Clyde Barrow kills two young highway patrolmen, H. D. Murphy and Edward Bryant Wheeler, at the intersection of Route 114 near Grapevine, Texas. Bonnie Parker's role in the murders helps turn public perception against the gang for good

Bank Robber Clyde Barrow
Bank Robber
Clyde Barrow
American Outlaw Bonnie Parker
American Outlaw
Bonnie Parker
  • Apr 6 418 Lutheran ministers arrested in Germany

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Apr 7 In India, Mahatma Gandhi suspended his campaign of civil disobedience

Pacifist and Spiritual Leader Mahatma Gandhi
Pacifist and Spiritual Leader
Mahatma Gandhi
  • Apr 12 Second highest ever wind speed of 372 km/h (231 mph) recorded on Mt Washington
  • Apr 12 The US Auto-Lite Strike begins, culminating in a five-day melee between Ohio National Guard troops and 6,000 strikers and picketers.
  • Apr 13 4.7 million US families report receiving welfare payments
  • Apr 13 US Congress passes Johnson Debt Default Act
  • Apr 18 1st "Washateria" (laundromat) opens (Fort Worth, Tx)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Apr 18 Hitler names Joachim von Ribbentrop ambassador for disarmament

Foreign Minister of the German Reich Joachim von Ribbentrop
Foreign Minister of the German Reich
Joachim von Ribbentrop
Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler
Dictator of Nazi Germany
Adolf Hitler
  • Apr 20 Heinrich Himmler becomes inspector Prussian secret state police

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Apr 28 FDR signs Home Owners Loan Act

32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt
32nd US President
Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Apr 28 Spanish government of Samper forms
  • Apr 28 Tigers' Goose Goslin grounds into 4 straight double plays
  • Apr 30 Austria gets "Austrian facist" constitution

Birthdays in History

  • Apr 1 Vladimir Posner, Russian/French/American journalist who represented and explained the views of the Soviet Union during the Cold War, born in Paris
  • Apr 2 Christopher France, British permanent secretary (Department of Health)
  • Apr 2 Peter Middleton, British permanent secretary (Treasury)
  • Apr 2 Paul Joseph Cohen, American mathematician (d. 2007)
  • Apr 3 David Jones, British reverend/headmaster (Bryanston School)
  • Apr 3 Jane Goodall, ethologist (studied African chimps), born in London, England
  • Apr 3 John Lelliott, English contractor/multi-millionaire
  • Apr 5 Tina Maria Stone, runner (1 year distance record of 15,472 miles)
  • Apr 5 Roman Herzog, German politician
  • Apr 7 Swami Shantananda, Hindu Saint, Philosopher, Disciple of Swami Sivananda, Founder of Temple of Fine Arts
  • Apr 8 Kisho Kurokawa, Japanese architect (d. 2007)
  • Apr 9 Bill Birch, New Zealand politician
  • Apr 10 David Halberstam, intl correspondent (NY Times/Pulitzer 1964)
  • Apr 11 Dame Anne Poole, chief nursing officer (Department of Health)
  • Apr 11 Mark Strand, American poet/editor/translator (Another Republic)
  • Apr 11 Richard A Garland, artist/photographer
  • Apr 14 Fredric Jameson, American philosopher, cultural theorist
  • Apr 16 Brian Peppiatt, joint CEO (SG Warburg Securities)
  • Apr 16 Geoffrey Owen, British editor (Financial Times)
  • Apr 16 Robert Stigwood, producer (Saturday Night Fever, Grease), born in Adelaide, South Australia (d. 2016)
  • Apr 18 Jaap Scherpenhuizen, Groningen, Netherlands, Dutch MP (VVD)
  • Apr 19 John Roch, high court judge
  • Apr 20 Lindsay Oliver John Boynton, furniture historian
  • Apr 22 David Ratford, diplomat
  • Apr 22 John K Barlow, English rubberplanter/financier/multi-millionaire
  • Apr 22 Nico Ladenis, British restauranteur (Nico at 90)/=
  • Apr 22 Edward Portman, 9th Viscount Portman, British landowner and multimillionaire (d. 1999)
  • Apr 25 David de Peyer, cancer research campaigner
  • Apr 26 J Micheal McCloskey, environmentalist/chairman (Sierra Club)
  • Apr 28 Lois Duncan, American young adult novelist (I Know What You Did Last Summer), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (d. 2016)
  • Apr 29 Pedro Pires, premier (Cape Verde, 1975-91)

Deaths in History

  • Apr 7 William Monroe Trotter, African, dies on 62nd birthday in Boston
  • Apr 30 William H. Welch, American pathologist who founded John Hopkins Hospital, dies at 75