March 1971 in History

Events in History

  • Mar 1 Bomb attack on the Capitol in Wash DC
  • Mar 1 Clandestine Radio Deutsche Reich (Germany) begins transmitting on FM
  • Mar 3 Winnie Mandela sentenced to 1 year in jail in South Africa
  • Mar 4 "City Command" kidnaps 4 US military men at Ankara, Turkey
  • Mar 7 Egypt refuses to renew the Suez cease fire
  • Mar 8 Radio Hanoi broadcasts Jimi Hendrix's "Star Spangled Banner"
  • Mar 8 Gun battle between Official Irish Republican Army and Provisional IRA leave 1 man was killed; the feud between the two wings of the IRA had been developing since the split in 1970
  • Mar 9 J M Noreiga takes 9-95 WI v India at Port-of-Spain
  • Mar 9 Three off-duty Scottish soldiers are killed by the Provisional Irish Republican Army; 4000 shipyard workers take to the streets to demand internment in response
  • Mar 10 US Senate approves amendment lowering voting age to 18
  • Mar 10 Three members of the Royal Highland Fusiliers (a regiment of the British Army) are killed by members of the Irish Republican Army
  • Mar 12 Syrian premier Hafez Assad elected president
  • Mar 12 Turkish Government of Demirel forced to resign by Army
  • Mar 12 Thousands of Belfast shipyard workers march demanding the introduction of Internment for members of the Irish Republican Army
  • Mar 13 Live at Fillmore East recorded
  • Mar 14 South Vietnamese troops flee Laos
  • Mar 15 Chatrooms make their debut on the Internet
  • Mar 16 Northern Ireland Prime Minister Chichester-Clark meets with British PM Heath to disucss the security situation in Northern Ireland
  • Mar 17 Government of Trygve Bratteli takes office in Norway
  • Mar 18 200 die in landslide into Lake Yanahuani, Chungar Peru
  • Mar 20 Northern Ireland Prime Minister James Chichester-Clark resigns in protest at what he views as a limited security response by the British government
  • Mar 21 Vermont seasonal snowfall totals 132.2"
  • Mar 22 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • Mar 22 Brian Faulkner becomes the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland
  • Mar 23 USSR performs underground nuclear test
  • Mar 23 Dutch 2nd Chamber accept simplified divorce
  • Mar 25 European council accepts Mansholt plan laying off 5 million farmers
  • Mar 25 James Callaghan speaks at a rally of the Northern Ireland labour movement, but rejects calls for the Labour Party to open membership to those living in N. Ireland
  • Mar 26 "Benny Hill Show" tops TV ratings
  • Mar 26 Bangladesh (East Pakistan) declares its independence
  • Mar 27 The Alliance Party of Northern Ireland (APNI) holds its first Annual Conference in the Ulster Hall in Belfast
  • Mar 28 25th Tony Awards: Sleuth & Company win
  • Mar 29 1st Lt William L Calley Jr found guilty in My Lai (Vietnam) massacre
  • Mar 29 Chile president Allende nationalizes banks/copper mines
  • Mar 29 Conrad Van Emde Boas becomes West Europe's 1st sexology professor
  • Mar 29 Development of a serum hepatitis vaccine for children announced
  • Mar 31 South Africa national debt hits 5.45 billion
  • Mar 31 William Calley sentenced to life for Mi Lai Massacre

Birthdays in History

  • Mar 3 Tyler Florence, chef, Food Network personality, & cookbook author
  • Mar 5 Amy Peistrup-Matthews, Arlington Hgts Ill, WPVA (Old Orchard-17-1995)
  • Mar 7 Matthew Vaughn, British producer and director
  • Mar 13 Robert Lanham, American author and satirist
  • Mar 19 Sébastien Godefroid, Belgian sailor
  • Mar 20 Touré, American writer
  • Mar 26 Behzad Ghorbani, Iranian zoologist and sociobiologist
  • Mar 29 Lennart van Reen, son of author Ton v R/publisher Corrie Zelen

Deaths in History

  • Mar 2 Charles W Engelhard, US silver multi-millionaire, dies at 54
  • Mar 6 Raymond Herreman, Flemish writer (Don't Forget to Live), dies at 74
  • Mar 11 Philo T Farnsworth, US TV pioneer, dies at 64
  • Mar 11 Roy Glenn, dies in Los Angeles at 56
  • Mar 11 Whitney M Young Jr, leader (National Urban League 1961-71), dies at 49
  • Mar 13 Rockwell Kens, US artist/painter/illustrator, dies at 88

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Mar 16 Thomas E. Dewey, Governor of NY and Republican presidential candidate (1944, 1948), dies of a heart attack at 68

Governor of New York Thomas E. Dewey
Governor of New York
Thomas E. Dewey
  • Mar 17 Ernst Bachmeister, writer, dies
  • Mar 19 Jan Greshoff, Dutch poet/author/journalist (Last Things), dies at 82
  • Mar 19 Mary Dorna, Dutch author, dies at 79
  • Mar 22 Martin Bodmer, writer, dies
  • Mar 23 Simon Vestdijk, Dutch author/poet (Brass Garden), dies at 72
  • Mar 29 Dhirendranath Datta, Bangladeshi politician (b. 1886)