December 1973 in History

Events in History

  • Dec 1 Australia grants self-government to Papua New Guinea
  • Dec 2 Capital Centre (USAir Arena) in Washington, D.C. opens
  • Dec 2 US Air Arena opens in Landover Maryland, Bullets beat Seattle, 98-96
  • Dec 3 Pioneer 10 passes Jupiter (1st fly-by of an outer planet) [Dec 4-GMT]
  • Dec 6 Bahrain's constitution goes into effect

Electoral defeatElection of Interest

Dec 6 Gerald Ford sworn-in as 1st unelected VP, succeeds Spiro T Agnew

38th US President Gerald Ford
38th US President
Gerald Ford
  • Dec 9 Sunningdale Agreement in Northern Ireland
  • Dec 9 Arab oil ministers announce a further production cut of 5 percent for January for non-friendly countries
  • Dec 11 Houston Astro Caesar Cedino jailed in death of 19 year old woman
  • Dec 11 Ron Santo becomes 1st to invoke no-trade clause of 10-year-1-club vet
  • Dec 11 West German chancellor Willy Brandt normalizes trade with Czech
  • Dec 13 MPLA/FNLA accord about combat against Portuguese Libya
  • Dec 13 World Football League grants 1st franchise (Detroit)
  • Dec 15 American Psychiatric Association declares homosexuality is not a mental illness
  • Dec 15 Pirates of Caribbean ride opens at Disneyland
  • Dec 16 US kidnap victem Paul Getty III freed
  • Dec 17 Arabs terrorists shoot passengers on Boeing 737 to Kuwait
  • Dec 18 Soyuz 13 launched into Earth orbit for 8 days
  • Dec 18 Yanks sign Dick Williams as manager, overturned later by AL Pres
  • Dec 19 Grenada adopts constitution
  • Dec 20 AL pres Joe Cronin refuses to allow Dick Williams to manage Yankees
  • Dec 20 Dutch Antillean government of Evertsz forms
  • Dec 21 Israel, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, US & USSR meet in Geneva to discuss the Arab-Israeli conflict
  • Dec 22 OPEC Gulf Six decides to raise the posted price of marker crude from $5.12 to $11.65 per barrel effective January 1, 1974
  • Dec 23 6 Persian Gulf nations double their oil prices
  • Dec 23 French Caravelle airliner crashes in Morocco, 106 killed
  • Dec 24 Ferryboat capsized off coast of Equador, drowning 200
  • Dec 24 District of Columbia Home Rule Act is passed, allowing residents of Washington, D.C. to elect their own local government.
  • Dec 25 Tommy Chambers (Scotland) finishes 51 yr cycle tour (799,405 miles)
  • Dec 25 The ARPANET crashes when a programming bug causes all ARPANET traffic to be routed through the server at Harvard University, causing the server to freeze.
  • Dec 25 Arab oil ministers cancel January 5 percent production cut; Saudi Arabian oil minister promises 10 percent OPEC production rise
  • Dec 26 2 Skylab 3 astronauts walk in space for a record 7 hours
  • Dec 26 Soyuz 13 returns to Earth
  • Dec 28 US President Nixon signs Endangered Species Act into law
  • Dec 28 Akron Ohio's Chamber of Commerce terminates itself from Soap Box Derby
  • Dec 28 Alexander Solzhenitsyn publishes "Gulag Archipelago" - a literary investigation of the police-state system in the Soviet Union
  • Dec 28 Comet Kohoutek at perihelion
  • Dec 30 1st picture of a comet from space (Comet Kohoutek-Skylab)

Birthdays in History

  • Dec 3 Sammy Leung, Hong Kong disc jockey
  • Dec 5 Luboš Motl, Czech physicist
  • Dec 9 Tony Batista, Puerto Plata Dom Rep, infielder (Oakland A's)
  • Dec 12 William Hutton, American engineer
  • Dec 16 Scott Storch, Canadian-American hip-hop producer
  • Dec 25 Alexandre Trudeau, Canadian journalist
  • Dec 27 Dee Ferris, British painter

Deaths in History

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Dec 1 David Ben-Gurion, founding father of Israel, dies in Tel Aviv at 87

First Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion
First Israeli Prime Minister
David Ben-Gurion
  • Dec 6 Robert A Watson-Watt, Scottish developer of the radar in WWII, dies at 81
  • Dec 13 Henry Green, English author (b. 1905)
  • Dec 17 Charles G Abbot, US astronomer (Sun Constant), dies at 101
  • Dec 18 Allama Rasheed Turabi, Pakistani scholar, orator and philosopher (b. 1908)
  • Dec 20 Luis Carrero Blanco, PM of Spain (1973), assassinated by ETA
  • Dec 24 Gerard Kuiper, Dutch/US astronomer after whom the Kuiper belt is named, dies at 68
  • Dec 25 İsmet İnönü, Turkish statesman (b. 1884)
  • Dec 25 Gabriel Voisin, French aviation pioneer (b. 1880)
  • Dec 26 Harold B Lee, US head of Mormon Church, dies at 74