On This Day in History for March 16 (Part 2)

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  • 1975 US Mariner 10 makes 3rd & final fly-by of Mercury

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1976 British Prime Minister Harold Wilson announces his resignation

British Prime Minister Harold Wilson
British Prime Minister
Harold Wilson
  • 1977 US president Carter pleads for Palestinian homeland
  • 1978 Amoco Cadiz spills 223,000 tons of crude oil off French coast

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1978 Red Brigade kidnaps former premier Aldo Moro in Italy, 5 killed

Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro
Italian Prime Minister
Aldo Moro
  • 1978 Soyuz 26 returns to Earth
  • 1978 US Senate accepts Panama Canal treaty
  • 1978 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • 1983 Smallest crowd at Cleveland Coliseum (Cavs vs Nets-1,814)
  • 1984 Gunmen kidnap William Buckley, CIA station chief in Beirut
  • 1984 South Africa & Mozambique sign non attack treaty
  • 1985 Associated Press correspondent Terry Anderson taken hostage in Beirut
  • 1988 Federal grand jury indicts North & Poindexter in Iran-Contra affair
  • 1988 North Ireland Protestant fires on Catholic funeral, 3 killed
  • 1988 US sends 3,000 soldiers to Nicaragua's neighbor Honduras
  • 1991 Seven members of Reba McEntire's band are killed in a plane crash
  • 1991 Members of Irish Gay & Lesbian Organization march in NYC parade
  • 1991 NY Lotto pays $33.3 million to one winner (#s are 18-21-32-33-35-38)
  • 1991 Worlds Ladies' Figure Skating Champ in Munich won by Kristi Yamaguchi
  • 1992 Matt Keough, in the dugout, is hit flush in the head by a batted ball
  • 1994 Moravcik forms Slovakia government
  • 1994 Tonya Harding pleads guilty to felony attack on Nancy Kerrigan
  • 1995 Manhattan upsets 4th seeded Oklahoma 77-67
  • 1995 Mississippi House of Representatives formally abolishes slavery & ratifies 13th Amendment
  • 1995 World best 7th wkt stand 461 by Bhupinder Singh Jr & P Dharmani
  • 1997 Sandline affair: On Bougainville Island, soldiers of commander Jerry Singirok arrest Tim Spicer and his mercenaries of the Sandline International.

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1998 Pope John Paul II asks God for forgiveness for the inactivity and silence of some Roman Catholics during the Holocaust.

264th Pope John Paul II
264th Pope
John Paul II
  • 2003 The largest coordinated worldwide vigil takes place, as part of the global protests against Iraq war.
  • 2005 Israel officially hands over Jericho to Palestinian control.
  • 2006 The United Nations General Assembly votes overwhelmingly to establish the UN Human Rights Council.
  • 2012 Turkish NATO helicopter crashes into a house killing ten people in the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan
  • 2013 A €10 billion Cyprus bailout plan will wipe out 10% of the citizens' bank deposits
  • 2013 24 Pakistani Army soldiers are killed in Rawalpindi after their bus falls down a ravine
  • 2014 Voters in Crimea vote overwhelmingly to leave Ukraine and rejoin Russia amid international condemnation of its design

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2016 US President Barack Obama nominates Merrick Garland as Supreme Court Justice

44th US President Barack Obama
44th US President
Barack Obama
  • 2016 US college student Otto Warmbier is sentenced to 15 years hard labour for trying to steal a political poster, in Pyongyang, North Korea

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