On This Day in History for May 9 (Part 2)

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  • 1971 Largest walk in crowd (31,626) in Balt Oriole history
  • 1974 US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee begins formal hearings on Nixon impeachment
  • 1977 Hotel Poland in Amsterdam destroyed by fire, 33 killed
  • 1977 Mabel Murphy Smythe confirmed as ambassador to Rep of Cameroon
  • 1977 Patty Hearst let out of jail

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1978 Corpse of kidnapped ex-premier Aldo Moro found

Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro
Italian Prime Minister
Aldo Moro
  • 1978 Fee Waybill of Tubes breaks a leg falling off stage
  • 1980 35 motorists die as a Liberian freighter rams a Tampa Bay Bridge
  • 1981 Kazimiroff Blvd in Bronx named for a Bronx historian
  • 1984 Alexander Calder's "Big Crinkly" sells for $852,000
  • 1987 183 die aboard a Polish jetliner that crashes in Warsaw

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1988 Australia's new parliament house is opened by Queen Elizabeth II in Canberra

Queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II
Queen of the United Kingdom
Elizabeth II
  • 1988 Belgium: 8th government of Martens forms
  • 1989 Journalist petition Chinese government for freedom of press
  • 1989 VP Quayle say in United Negro College Fund speech: "What a waste it is to lose one's mind" instead of "a mind is terrible thing to waste"
  • 1990 NY Newsday reporter Jimmy Breslin suspended for a racial slur
  • 1991 Michael Landon appears on Tonight Show to talk about his cancer
  • 1992 America Cup finals begin in San Diego
  • 1992 Armenian forces capture Shusha, marking a major turning point in the Karabakh War.
  • 1992 Salem Village Witchcraft Victims' Memorial dedicated in Danvers (formally Salem Village) to mark 300 yr anniversary of trials
  • 1993 Landslide in Nambija Ecuador, kills 300
  • 1993 Mustapha Matura's "Playboy of West Indies" premieres in NYC
  • 1993 Paraguay holds its 1st pres & parliamentary elections in 50 years
  • 1994 Mass murderer Joel Rifkin found guilty in New York
  • 1995 Kinshasa, Zaire under quarantine after an outbreak of Ebola virus
  • 1997 1st US ambassador since Saigon fell arrives in Vietnam
  • 2002 The 38-day stand-off in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem comes to an end when the Palestinians inside agree to have 13 suspected militants among them deported to several different countries.
  • 2002 In Kaspiysk, Russia, a remote-controlled bomb explodes during a holiday parade killing 43 and injuring at least 130.
  • 2004 Chechen president Akhmad Kadyrov is killed in a land mine bomb blast under a VIP stage during a World War II memorial victory parade in Grozny, Chechnya.

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2005 Liberal commentary website The Huffington Post is launched

Author and creator of The Huffington Post Arianna Huffington
Author and creator of The Huffington Post
Arianna Huffington
  • 2006 Estonia ratifies the European Constitution.
  • 2006 George Preca is canonised as the first Maltese saint in history.
  • 2012 Mark Rothko's "Orange, Red, Yellow" becomes the most expensive contemporary art piece to be sold at auction for $86.9 million dollars
  • 2012 A Russian passenger jet disappears with 45 people on board

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2012 United States President Barack Obama officially states his support for same sex marriage

44th US President Barack Obama
44th US President
Barack Obama
  • 2015 A gun fight erupts in Macedonian town of Kumanovo between police and Albanian separatists adding to the government crisis
  • 2016 Rodrigo Duterte wins Philippine presidential election, promising war on drug trade and killing of criminals

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