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  • 1975 Supreme Court Justice William O Douglas retired after 36 years
  • 1977 France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
  • 1977 New Orleans elects 1st black mayor, Ernest "Dutch" Morial
  • 1979 US President Carter announces a halts to Iranian oil imports & freezes Iranian assets
  • 1980 Baltimore's Steve Stone wins AL Cy Young Award
  • 1980 NYC Mayor Ed Koch admits to trying marijuana
  • 1980 US space probe Voyager I approaches 77,000-mi (124,000 km) of Saturn
  • 1981 1st balloon crossing of Pacific is completed (Double Eagle V)
  • 1981 2nd shuttle mission-1st time spacecraft launched twice (Columbia 2)
  • 1981 Bill C Davis' "Mass Appeal" premieres in NYC
  • 1981 Billy Martin named AL Manager of Year (Oakland A's)
  • 1981 Great Britain performs nuclear test
  • 1982 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site

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1982 KGB Chief Yuri Andropov succeeds Leonid Brezhnev as leader of the Soviet Union

Soviet General Secretary Yuri Andropov
Soviet General Secretary
Yuri Andropov
Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev
Soviet General Secretary
Leonid Brezhnev
  • 1983 4 die in a train crash in Marshall Texas
  • 1984 Space shuttle astronauts snared a satellite 1st space salvage
  • 1985 STS 61-B vehicle moves to launch pad
  • 1985 Secretary in Ann Arbor Mich wounded by package bomb
  • 1986 France performs nuclear test
  • 1987 Heavy snow closes schools from DC to Maine
  • 1988 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • 1989 Brazil holds its 1st free presidential election in 29 years
  • 1990 Crown Prince Akihito is formally installed as Emperor Akihito of Japan, becoming the 125th Japanese monarch.

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1990 Tim Berners-Lee publishes a formal proposal for the World Wide Web.

Computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee
Computer scientist
Tim Berners-Lee
  • 1991 "Full House" 100th episode, the twins are born
  • 1991 Atlanta Brave Tom Glavine wins NL Cy Young Award
  • 1991 Dili Massacre, Indonesian forces open fire on a crowd of protesters in Dili, East Timor, killing at least 250
  • 1995 25th NYC Women's Marathon won by Tegla Loroupe in 2:28:06
  • 1995 NY MTA raises subway & bus fares from $1.25 to $1.50
  • 1995 STS 74 (Atlantis 15), launches into orbit
  • 1996 Toronto's Pat Hentgen wins AL Cy Young Award
  • 1997 Pedro Martinez wins NL Cy Young Award

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1998 Vice President of the United States Al Gore symbolically signs the Kyoto Protocol.

US Vice President Al Gore
US Vice President
Al Gore
  • 1999 The D├╝zce earthquake strikes Turkey with a magnitude of 7.2 on the Richter scale.
  • 2001 2001 Attack on Afghanistan: Taliban forces abandon Kabul, Afghanistan, ahead of advancing Afghan Northern Alliance troops.
  • 2001 In New York City, American Airlines Flight 587, an Airbus A300 on its way to the Dominican Republic, crashes minutes after takeoff from John F. Kennedy International Airport, killing all 260 on board and five on the ground.
  • 2003 With 501 km/h (311 mph) Shanghai Transrapid sets up a new world record for commercial railway systems.
  • 2003 Iraq war: In Nasiriya, Iraq, at least 23 people, among them the first Italian casualties of the 2003 Iraq war are killed in a suicide bomb attack on an Italian police base.
  • 2006 The former Soviet republic of South Ossetia holds a referendum on independence from Georgia.
  • 2011 Silvio Berlusconi resigns as Prime Minister of Italy due, in large part, to the European sovereign debt crisis.
  • 2012 Into the Silence by Wade Davis wins the 2012 Samuel Johnson Prize
  • 2014 European Space Agency's Rosetta lands the Philae probe on the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
  • 2015 Suicide bombings in Lebanon kill 43, Isis claim responsibility

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2015 Out Magazine names Barack Obama 'Ally of the Year', Obama becomes 1st sitting US President to pose for cover of a gay magazine

44th US President Barack Obama
44th US President
Barack Obama

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