On This Day in History for September 5 (Part 2)

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  • 1979 Earl Mountbatten's Ceremonial Funeral held in Westminster Abbey
  • 1979 Iranian army occupies Piranshahr
  • 1980 Poland party leader Edward Gierek resigns
  • 1980 World's longest road tunnel, St Gotthard in Swiss Alps, opens
  • 1982 Eddie Hill sets propeller-driven boat water speed record of 229 mph
  • 1983 8th Space Shuttle Mission-Challenger 3-lands at Edwards AFB
  • 1983 Elmer Trettr sets record for highest terminal velocity at 201.34 mph
  • 1984 12th Space Shuttle Mission (41-D) -Discovery 1- lands at Edwards AFB
  • 1986 Hijacking of aircraft Pan Am 73 at Karachi airport, Pakistan, 20 passengers killed
  • 1986 NASA awards study contracts to 5 aerospace firms
  • 1986 NASA launches DOD-1
  • 1987 Carlton Fisk clubs his 300th career HR off Danny Jackson
  • 1989 Deborah Norville becomes news anchor of Today Show

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1990 Iraqi President Saddam Hussein urges Arabs to rise against the West

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein
Iraqi President
Saddam Hussein

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1991 Nelson Mandela chosen as president of African National Congress

Anti-apartheid activist and South African President Nelson Mandela
Anti-apartheid activist and South African President
Nelson Mandela
  • 1993 Noureddine Morceli runs world record mile (3:44,39)
  • 1994 Kirgizia government resigns
  • 1996 Following US cruise missile strikes on Iraq, crude oil prices rise as the market speculates when Iraq will begin exporting oil under UN Resolution 986
  • 2000 The Haverstraw-Ossining Ferry makes its maiden voyage.
  • 2005 Mandala Airlines Flight 091 crashes into a heavily-populated residential of Sumatra, Indonesia, killing 104 people on board and at least 39 persons on ground.
  • 2007 Three terrorists suspected to be a part of Al-Qaeda are arrested in Germany after allegedly planning attacks on both the Frankfurt International airport and US military installations.
  • 2009 Denmark celebrates the first national flagday, in memory of the fallen Danes in international operations since 1948.
  • 2012 54 people are killed and 50 injured after a firecracker factory explodes in Nadu
  • 2012 Austerity measure requires Greece to increase its maximum working days to six per week
  • 2012 25 are killed and 4 wounded after an ammunition store exploded in Afyon, Turkey
  • 2014 World Health Organization estimates 1,900 people have died from the Ebola virus out of 3,500 infected in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, and Sierra Leone
  • 2015 Salmonella outbreak linked to cucumbers from Mexico responsible for 1 death, hundreds sickened confirm US health officials

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