New York Times in History

Historical Events

  • 1851-09-18 New York Times starts publishing (2 cents a copy)
  • 1870-11-27 The New York Times dubs baseball "The National Game"

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1871-10-27 Boss Tweed (William Macy Tweed), Democratic leader of Tammany Hall, arrested after NY Times exposed his corruption

Politician Boss Tweed
Boss Tweed
  • 1896-08-18 Adolph Ochs (39) buys NY Times
  • 1897-02-10 NY Times begins using slogan "All the News That's Fit to Print"
  • 1899-01-03 The first known use of the word automobile, was seen in an editorial in The New York Times.
  • 1920-01-13 NY Times editorial (falsely) reports rockets can never fly
  • 1930-06-07 NY Times agrees to capitalize the n in "Negro"
  • 1930-07-13 David Sarnoff reports in NY Times "TV would be a theater in every home"
  • 1934-07-14 NY Times erroneously declares Ruth 700 HR record to stand for all time
  • 1950-05-19 NY Times reports of worlds smallest & dumbest mechanical brain
  • 1951-06-11 NY Times reports the NYC subway will auction off things found
  • 1952-08-17 "Fallout" 1st used (NY Times)
  • 1964-03-09 Supreme Court issues NY Times vs Sullivan decision, public officials must prove malice to claim libel & recover damages

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1964-03-22 Barbra Streisand appears on the cover of NY Times Magazine section

Singer-songwriter & Actress Barbra Streisand
Singer-songwriter & Actress
Barbra Streisand
  • 1965-12-17 Largest newspaper-Sunday NY Times at 946 pages (50 cents)
  • 1967-01-14 NY Times reports Army is conducting secret germ warfare experiments
  • 1969-12-29 NY Times reports Curt Flood will sue baseball & challenge the reserve clause
  • 1970-02-27 NY Times (falsely) reports US army has ended domestic surveillance
  • 1970-09-21 New York Times starts first modern op-ed page.
  • 1971-06-13 The New York Times begin publishing excerpts from the Pentagon Papers, classified documents on the long history of the U.S. in Vietnam
  • 1971-09-28 NY Times reports growing interest of white youth in black gospel music
  • 1973-05-11 Citing government misconduct, Daniel Ellsberg has his charges for his involvement in releasing the Pentagon Papers to The New York Times dismissed.
  • 1973-09-06 New York Times reports almost all Superfectas run at Yonkers, Roosevelt & Monticello from Jan-Mar of 1973 were fixed
  • 1981-02-13 Longest sentence published by NY Times-1286 words
  • 1982-03-01 NY Times raises its price from 25 cents to 30 cents
  • 1982-05-03 NY Times reports that military will get 25% of NASA's budget

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1987-09-02 Donald Trump takes out a full page NY Times ad lambasting Japan

45th US President, Businessman and TV Personality Donald Trump
45th US President, Businessman and TV Personality
Donald Trump
  • 1989-04-19 Violent assault and rape of jogger Trisha Meili in NYC's Central Park. Known as the Central Park jogger incident it became according to the NY Times "one of the most widely publicized crimes of the 1980s."
  • 1995-04-02 Sunday NY Times raises price from $2.00 to $2.50
  • 1995-09-19 The Washington Post and The New York Times publish the Unabomber's manifesto
  • 2004-05-26 The New York Times publishes admission of journalistic failings, claims its flawed reporting and lack of skeptism during buildup to 2003 Iraq War helped promote belief that Iraq possessed large stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction.
  • 2012-10-26 China blocks the New York Times from searches and social media in response to an investigation into Premier Wen Jiabao

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2013-11-03 Bobby Orr's autobiography "Orr: My Story" debuts at the #8 position on The New York Times best seller list for nonfiction

Ice Hockey Legend Bobby Orr
Ice Hockey Legend
Bobby Orr

Famous Birthdays

  • 1852-02-21 [James] Burner Matthews, US playwright/critic (NY Times)
  • 1863-10-19 John Huston Finley, Ill, editor (NY Times (1937-38)
  • 1885-06-29 Virginia Pope, (NY Times)
  • 1904-07-31 Arthur Daley, sportswriter (NY Times-Pulitzer 1956)
  • 1909-11-03 James "Scotty" Barrett Reston, Clydebank Scotld, journalist (NY Times)
  • 1919-06-19 Pauline Kael, movie critic (NY Times, For Keeps)
  • 1920-09-04 Craig Claiborne, food columnist (NY Times Cookbook)
  • 1922-05-02 Abraham Rosenthal, editor (NY Times)
  • 1924-07-27 Vincent Canby, critic (NY Times)
  • 1925-05-12 John Simon, theater critic (NY Times)
  • 1925-08-14 Russell Baker, Loudoun County, Va, columnist/humorist (NY Times)
  • 1926-02-05 Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, American publisher (NY Times), born in NYC, New York
  • 1926-06-18 Tom Wicker, columnist (NY Times)
  • 1927-03-27 Anthony Lewis, New York USA, American columnist (NY Times) and author (Gideon's Trumpet)
  • 1927-05-13 Clive Barnes, drama critic (NY Times, NY Post)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1929-12-17 William Safire, American political columnist (NY Times) and speech writer (Nixon), born in NYC, New York (d. 2009)

American Political Columnist & Presidential Speechwriter William Safire
American Political Columnist & Presidential Speechwriter
William Safire
  • 1934-04-10 David Halberstam, intl correspondent (NY Times/Pulitzer 1964)
  • 1937-04-08 Seymour Hersh, award winning investigative reporter (NY Times)
  • 1941-10-17 Earl Thomas Conley, country singer (Too Many Times), born in Portsmouth, Ohio

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1953-02-28 Paul Krugman, American economist and New York Times columnist (Nobel Prize in Economics 2008), born in Albany, New York

Economist Paul Krugman
Paul Krugman
  • 1956-09-08 David Carr, American journalist (New York Times), born in Minneapolis, Minnesota (d. 2015)
  • 1968-09-26 Anthony Shadid, New York Times foreign correspondent and two time Pulitzer winner, born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (d. 2012)

Famous Deaths

  • 1993-07-05 Harrison E Salisbury, US journalist (NY Times), dies at 84
  • 1993-10-21 Sam Zolotow, US theater critic (NY Times), dies at 94
  • 2012-02-16 Anthony Shadid, New York Times foreign correspondent and two time Pulitzer winner, dies from asthma at 43
  • 2015-02-12 David Carr, American journalist (New York Times), dies of cancer at 58