Birthdays in Music for Year 1843

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Jan 1st - Nikolay Nikolayevich Lodizhensky, composer
Jan 9th - Christiaan A Ulder, Curacao, composer (waltzes/tumbas)
Jan 23rd - Hans Heinrich XIV Hochberg, composer
Feb 19th - Adelina Patti, opera soprano (Lucio), born in Madrid, Spain
Mar 5th - William F Sudds, composer
Mar 6th - Artur Napoleao dos Santos, composer
Mar 8th - Per Jonas Fredrik Vilhelm Svedbom, composer
Apr 4th - Hans Richter, composer
Apr 8th - Asger Hamerik, [Hammerich], composer
Apr 14th - Gustave Leon Huberti, composer
Apr 15th - Carl Eilhardt, composer
May 2nd - Carl Michael Ziehrer, composer
May 23rd - Pedro Miguel Marques y Garcia, composer
May 29th - Emile Pessard, composer
Jun 10th - Heinrich von Herzogenberg, composer
Jun 15th - Edvard Hagerup Grieg, Bergen Norway, composer (Bewitched One)
Jun 16th - David Popper, composer
Jun 16th - Jan Malat, composer
Jun 19th - Charles Edouard Lefebvre, composer
Aug 4th - Flor van Duyse, composer
Aug 5th - James Scott Skinner, composer
Aug 26th - George August Lumbye, composer
Sep 4th - Jan Levoslav Bella, composer
Sep 21st - David Emlyn Evans, composer
Nov 2nd - Caryl Florio, composer, Pen-name of William James Rob John
Nov 2nd - Elek Erkel, composer
Nov 23rd - Josef Sucher, composer
Nov 28th - Manuel Gregorio Tavarez, composer
Dec 13th - George Stephanescu, composer

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