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Jan 3rd - Stephen Stills, songwriter/guitarist (Cosby Stills & Nash), born in Dallas, Texas
Jan 4th - Jay Dee Maness, Loma Linda Ca, singer (Desert Rose Band-Love Reunited)
Jan 8th - John Peters, rock drummer (Harpers Bizarre)
Jan 8th - Terry Sylvester, rocker (Hollies)
Jan 10th - Rod Stewart, British singer (Maggie Mae, Do You Think I'm Sexy), born in London, England
Jan 12th - Maggie Bell, rocker, born in Glasgow, Scotland
Jan 14th - Maina Gielgud, British ballet dancer and administrator
Jan 17th - William Hart, US singer (4 Gents, Delfonics-I'm Sorry)
Jan 17th - Javed Akhtar, Indian lyricist, poet and scriptwriter
Jan 19th - Charles Amirkhanian, composer
Jan 19th - Rod Evans, rocker (Deep Purple-Come Taste the Band)
Jan 20th - Eric Stewart, rock guitarist (10cc-I'm Not in Love)
Jan 21st - Chris Britton, rocker (Troggs-Rock & Roll Goldmine)
Jan 26th - Jacqueline du Pré, English cellist (d. 1987)
Jan 28th - José Luis Perales, Spanish singer
Jan 28th - Robert Wyatt, English musician
Jan 30th - Robert Wittinger, composer
Singer Rod StewartSinger Rod Stewart (Jan 10th) Jan 31st - Noah Creshevsky, composer
Feb 1st - Ole Buck, composer
Feb 2nd - Ronnie Goodson, rocker
Feb 3rd - Johnny Cymbal, rocker (Mr Bass Man)
Feb 3rd - Willeke Alberti, [Verbruggen], Dutch vocalist/actress (Small Truth)
Feb 6th - Bob [Robert Nesta] Marley, Nine Mile St Ann, Jamaican reggae musician and singer-songwriter (Wailers-No Woman)
Feb 12th - Joe Schermie, Madison Wi, bassist (3 Dog Night-Joy to the World)
Feb 13th - Keith Nichols, jazz pianist
Feb 13th - King Floyd, rocker
Feb 13th - Roy Dyke, rock drummer (Ashton, Gardner & Dyke), born in Liverpool, England
Feb 14th - Gregory Hines, actor/dancer (White Nights, Taps), born in NYC, New York
Reggae Musician Bob MarleyReggae Musician Bob Marley (Feb 6th) Feb 14th - Vic Briggs, England, rocker (Animals)
Feb 15th - John Helliwell, British musician (Supertramp)
Feb 20th - Alan Hull, singer/composer
Feb 21st - Paul Newton, rock bassist
Feb 22nd - Oliver [William Oliver Swofford], American pop singer (Good Morning Starshine, Jean), born in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina (d. 2000)
Feb 25th - Elkie Brooks, Manchester England, rocker (Pearl's a Singer)
Feb 26th - Mitch Ryder, rocker (& Detroit Wheels-Devil With the Blue Dress)
Feb 28th - Ronnie Rosman, rocker (Tommy James Shondells-Crystal Blue Persuasion)
Mar 4th - Dieter Meier, Swiss singer/children book writer (Yello)
Mar 6th - Hugh Grundy, Winchester England, drummer (Zombies-She's Not There)
Mar 7th - Arthur Lee, rocker (Vindicator)
Mar 8th - Micky Dolenz, actor (Circus Boy)/singer (Monkees), born in Los Angeles, California
Mar 8th - Bruce Broughton, American composer
Mar 9th - Laura Lee, [Rundless], singer (Dirty Man, Women's Love Rights)
Mar 9th - Robin Trower, guitarist (Procol Harum-Whiter Shade of Pale), born in London, England
Mar 11th - Harvey Mandel, rock guitarist (Drei Amerikanische LP's)
Mar 12th - Hans van Emden, Dutch guitarist (Les Baroques)
Mar 14th - Herman[us J] van Veen, Neth, cabaretier/singer/composer/writer
Mar 14th - Michael Martin Murphey, country singer (Wildfire), born in Dallas, Texas
Mar 14th - Walt Parazaider, rock saxophonist (Chicago), born in Chicago, Illinois
Mar 17th - Elis Regina, Brazilian singer (d. 1982)
Mar 18th - Eric Woolfson, Scottish singer and producer (The Alan Parsons Project), born in Glasgow (d. 2009)
Mar 21st - Rosemary Stone, vocalist/pianist (Sly & Family Stone-Everyday People)
Mar 21st - Vernon Guy, US gospel singer (Cool Sounds, Sharpees)
Mar 22nd - Alan Opie, baritone (Boughton Bethlehem, Britten 5 Canticles)
Mar 22nd - Charles "Chuck" Jackson, US singer (Playboy, Independents)
Mar 22nd - Jeremy Clyde, England, rocker (Chad & Jeremy-Yesterday's Gone)
Mar 23rd - Franco Battiato, Italian singer, songwriter and filmmaker
Mar 28th - Chuck Portz, bassist (Turtles-Happy Together), born in Santa Monica, California
Rocker, Blues Guitarist and Singer-Songwriter Eric ClaptonRocker, Blues Guitarist and Singer-Songwriter Eric Clapton (Mar 30th) Mar 30th - Eric Clapton, Ripley England, singer/guitarist (Tears in Heaven)
Apr 3rd - Richard Manuel, rock pianist/vocalist (Band-Up on Cripple Creek)
Apr 7th - Megas, Icelandic singer, songwriter and writer
Apr 9th - Gus Hardin, [Carol Ann Blankenship], country singer, born in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Apr 13th - Lowell George, rock vocalist/guitarist (Little Feat-Time is a Hero)
Apr 13th - Raymond van Geytenbeek, Dutch singer/drummer (Les Baroques)
Apr 13th - Stacy Johnson, US singer (Sharpees-Tired of Being Alone)
Apr 14th - Ritchie Blackmore, England, guitarist (Rainbow-Stone Cold, Deep Purple)
Apr 16th - Stefan Grossman, country blues singer (Yazoo Basin Boogie), born in NYC, New York
Apr 20th - Jimmy Winston, organist (Samll Facres-Itchycoo Park), born in London, England
Apr 21st - Diana Darvey, British actress, singer and dancer (d. 2000)
Guitarist Ritchie BlackmoreGuitarist Ritchie Blackmore (Apr 14th) Apr 24th - Doug Clifford, rock drummer (Creedence Clearwater Revival-Proud Mary)
Apr 24th - Eugene O'Brien, composer
Apr 24th - Doug Riley, Canadian musician (d. 2007)
Apr 25th - Bjorn Ulvaeus, rock vocalist/guitarist (ABBA-Waterloo, Dancing Queen)
Apr 25th - Stu Cook, rock bassist (Creedence Clearwater Revival-Proud Mary)
Apr 26th - Giorgio Moroder, producer/singer/songwriter (150 gold discs)
Apr 29th - Tammi Terrell, soul singer (Ain't No Mountain High Enough)
Apr 29th - [Thomasina] Tammi Terrell, [Montgomery], singer (Ain't No Mt High)
May 2nd - Bob Henrit, English pop drummer (Kinks-Waterloo Sunset)
May 2nd - Goldy McJohn, rocker (Steppenwolf)
May 2nd - Randy Cain, US soul singer (4 Gents/Delfonics)
May 2nd - Robert Henrit, England, rocker (Argent)
May 2nd - Judge Dread, English musician (d. 1998)
May 4th - George Wadenius, rocker (Blood, Sweat & Tears)
May 5th - Jiri Svoboda, composer (Accumulator 1)
May 5th - Raphael, Spain, spanish singer (When the Sun Sets, Lo Meyur de Ano)
May 6th - Bob Seger, Dearborn Mich, rock & Roll artist (Silver Bullet Band-Shake Down)
May 6th - Victoria Bond, composer
May 8th - Keith Jarrett, jazz musician/film composer (Nachtfahrer)
May 9th - Steve Katz, rock guitarist/vocalist (Blood, Sweat & Tears), born in NYC, New York
May 10th - Pamelo Mounk'a, musician
May 12th - Jayotis Washington, rocker
May 12th - Willie Parnell, US singer (Archie Bell & the Drells)
May 12th - Ian McLagan, English rocker (Faces), born in Hounslow, Middlesex, (d. 2014)
May 15th - Lasse Berghagen, Swedish singer
May 16th - Nicky Chinn, English songwriter/producer (Chinn & Chapman)
Rocker Pete TownshendRocker Pete Townshend (May 19th) May 19th - Peter Townshend, England, rock guitarist/vocalist/composer (The Who-Tommy)
May 23rd - Misty Morgan, country keyboardist (duo with Jack Blanchard)
May 26th - Garry Peterson, rocker (Guess Who)
May 27th - Bruce Cockburn, Ottawa Canada, folk rock vocalist (Waterwalker)
May 28th - Gary Stewart, Latcher County Ky, country singer (She's Actin' Single)
May 28th - John Fogerty, Berkeley California, American rocker (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
May 29th - Gary Brooker, rock keyboardist (Procol Harum)
May 30th - Steve Smith, American singer (Lawrence Welk Show), born in San Francisco, California
Jun 1st - Linda Scott, singer (Hey Look at Me Now)
Jun 2nd - Bob Benrit, rocker
Jun 4th - Anthony Braxton, jazz musician
Jun 4th - Gordon Waller, Scotland, singer (Peter & Gordon-World Without Love)
Jun 5th - Don Reid, Va, country singer (Statler Bros-Flowers on the Wall)
Jun 10th - Martin Wesley-Smith, composer
Jun 14th - Rod Argent, St Albans United Kingdom, rock musician (The Zombies, Argent)
Jun 20th - [Morna] Anne Murray, Springhill Nova Scotia Canada, singer (Snow Bird)
Jun 21st - Chris Britton, England, rock guitarist (Troggs-Wild Thing)
Jun 22nd - Howard Kaylan, rocker (Flo & Eddie/Turtles-Happy Together, Eleanor)
Jun 23rd - Paul Goddard, Georgia, rock bassist (Atlanta Rhythm Section)
Jun 24th - Colin Blunstone, England, rocker (Zombies-Never Even Thought)
Jun 25th - Carly Simon, singer (Anticipation, You're So Vain), born in NYC, New York
Jun 26th - Barry Schrader, composer
Jun 28th - Dave Knights, rock bassist (Procol Harum-Conquistador), born in London, England
Jun 29th - Johnnie Richardson, R&B musician (Johnnie & Joe)
Jul 1st - Deborah Harry, singer (Blondie-Heart of Glass), born in Miami, Florida
Jul 2nd - James Orville Fulkerson, composer
Jul 5th - Dick Scoppettone, rocker
Jul 6th - Rik Elswit, rocker (Dr Hook & Medicine Show-In the Right Place)
Jul 7th - James Rodford, English rock vocalist/bassist (Kinks-Mr Pleasant)
Jul 10th - Peter Michalica, Slovak violinist
Jul 11th - Robin Muyser, Dutch bassist (Les Baroques)
Jul 14th - Peter James Leonard Klatzow, composer
Jul 15th - Peter Lewis, rock guitarist/vocalist (Moby Grape), born in Los Angeles, California
Jul 18th - Danny McCullock, rocker (Animals), born in London, England
Jul 20th - John Lodge, bassist (Moody Blues-Nights in White Satin), born in Birmingham, England
Jul 20th - Kim Carnes, Pasadena Ca, rock vocalist (Bette Davis Eyes)
Jul 20th - Johnny Loughrey, Irish singer (d. 2005)
Jul 23rd - Harold W Hennep, Arubians/Dutch dancer/actor (Plus Echo)
Jul 25th - Donna Theodore, Broadway singer (Hollywood Talent Scouts)
Jul 30th - David Sanborn, jazz saxophonist (David Letterman Show)
Jul 31st - Tomas Vackar, composer
Aug 7th - Kerry Chater, rocker (Gary Puckett & Union Gap-Young Girl)
Aug 7th - Patrice Mestral, composer
Aug 10th - Larry Larden, rocker (Every Mother's Son)
Aug 15th - Charlemagne Palestine, composer
Aug 16th - Gary Loizzo, rock guitarist (American Breed), born in Chicago, Illinois
Aug 16th - Gordon "Snowy" Fleet, Merseyside, rock drummer (Easybeats)
Aug 16th - Kevin Ayers, England, progressive rocker (Joy of a Toy), (d. 2013)
Aug 17th - Katri Helena, Finnish singer
Aug 18th - Sarah Dash, Trenton NJ, rock vocalist (Patti LaBelle & Bluebirds)
Aug 18th - Barbara Harris, US singer (Toys-A Lover's Concerto)
Aug 19th - Ian Gillian, heavy metal rocker (Deep Purple-Knocking at Backdoor)
Aug 21st - Basil Poledouris, American film score composer (d. 2006)
Aug 22nd - Ron Dante, rock vocalist (Archies-Sugar, Sugar), born in Staten Island, New York
Aug 24th - Ken Hensley, rock keyboardist (Blackfoot, Uriah Heep)
Aug 24th - Malcolm "Mollie" Duncan, Scotland, saxophonist (Average White Band)
Aug 28th - Bob Segarini, Musician and radio personality
Aug 29th - Chris Copping, Essex England, rock bassist (Procol Harum)
Aug 30th - David Schiff, composer
Aug 31st - Bob Welch, rock vocalist/guitarist (Fleetwood Mac-Oh Well), (d. 2012)
Aug 31st - Itzhak Perlman, Tel Aviv Israel, violinist/polio victim (14 Grammys)
Aug 31st - [George I] Van Morrison, Belfast, singer (Here Comes the Night)
Aug 31st - Van Morrison, Northern Irish musician
Sep 3rd - George Biondo, rock musician (Steppenwolf), born in Brooklyn, New York
Sep 3rd - Mike Harrison, keyboardist (Spooky Tooth-It's All About)
Sep 4th - Daniel Wood Gatton, guitarist
Sep 5th - Al Stewart, rocker (Year of the Cat), born in Glasgow, Scotland
Sep 7th - Luis Aravena Munoz, Chilean singer/exiled in Netherlands
Sep 8th - Kelly Groucutt, rocker
Sep 8th - Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, California, rocker (Grateful Dead)
Sep 9th - Dee Dee Sharp [Dione Larue], American R&B singer (I Love You Anyway), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sep 10th - Jose Feliciano, Lares, Puerto Rican singer/songwriter (Light my Fire)
Sep 11th - Leo Kottke, Athens Ga, guitarist (Ice Water, Greenhouse)
Sep 12th - John Mauceri, conductor (Wash DC Opera), born in NYC, New York
Sep 13th - Alain Louvier, composer
Sep 15th - Jessye Norman, US, opera singer (Carmen)
Sep 19th - David Bromberg, Phila, musician (Demon in Disguise)
Sep 20th - Laurie Spiegel, composer
Sep 23rd - Ronald Bushy, rock drummer (Iron Butterfly), born in Washington, D.C.
Sep 25th - Owen "Onnie" McIntyre, Scotland, guitarist (Average White Band)
Sep 25th - Reynold Henry Weidenaar, composer
Sep 26th - Bryan Ferry, England, rocker (Roxy Music-Let's Stick Together)
Sep 26th - Gal Costa, Brazilian singer
Sep 27th - Misha Dichter, Shanghai China, pianist (Tchaikowsy 2nd prize-1966)
Sep 29th - Kyriacos Sfetsas, composer
Oct 1st - Donny Hathaway, singer/songwriter (Where is the Love), born in Chicago, Illinois
Oct 2nd - Don McLean, New Rochelle NY, singer/songwriter (American Pie, Vincent)
Oct 3rd - Rik Kenton, rocker
Oct 4th - Clifton Davis, actor/singer (That's My Mama, Amen), born in Chicago, Illinois
Oct 5th - Brian Connolly, Scottish singer (Sweet), born in Glasgow, Scotland
Oct 5th - Geoff Leigh, English musician (Henry Cow)
Oct 7th - Kevin Godley, Manchester England, rock vocalist (10cc)
Oct 8th - Roy Royer, rock guitarist (Procol Harum)
Oct 9th - Jeannie C Riley, Texas, singer (Harper Valley PTA, Hee Haw)
Oct 9th - Taiguara, Brazilian musician (d. 1996)
Oct 10th - Alan Cartwright, rocker (Procul Harum)
Oct 13th - Karen Akers, singer (On Stage at Wolf Trap), born in NYC, New York
Oct 13th - Christophe, French singer
Oct 14th - Colin Hodgkinson, English musician (Whitesnake)
Oct 19th - Keith Reid, rocker (Procol Harum) [or 10/10/46]
Oct 20th - Ric Lee, rock drummer (Ten Years After-Cannock, Staffs)
Oct 20th - Thomas Pasatieri, composer
Oct 21st - Kathy Young, rocker (Thousand Stars in the Sky)
Oct 22nd - Leslie West, [Weinstein] rocker (Mountain-Mississippi Queen)
Oct 23rd - Kim Larsen, Danish singer
Oct 27th - Peter Martins, Copenhagen, dancer-choreographer

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