February 1986 in Music

Events in Music

  • 2nd "Jerome Kern Goes to Hollywood" closes at Ritz NYC after 13 performances
  • 16th "Uptown... It's Hot!" closes at Lunt-Fontanne NYC after 24 performances
  • 25th 28th Grammy Awards: We Are the World, Sade, Phil Collins wins

Birthdays in Music

  • 19th Maria Mena, Norwegian singer
  • 21st Charlotte Church, Welsh singer
  • 23rd Holly Brook, American musician
  • 23rd Kazuya Kamenashi, Japanese pop star (KAT-TUN)
  • 25th Danny Saucedo, Swedish singer
  • 26th Crystal Kay, Japanese singer

Weddings in Music

  • 1st Singer Diana Ross marries Norwegian businessman Arne Naess in Switz

Deaths in Music

  • 1st Dick James, Beatles' music publisher (1962-70), dies in London at 58
  • 7th Armand Preud'homme, Flemish organist/lyricist, dies at 81
  • 12th Guy Douglas Hamilton Warrack, composer, dies at 86
  • 20th Francisco Paolo Mignone, composer, dies at 88