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Events in Music

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Jan 1st - Les Miserables opens at Festival Theatre, Adelaide
Jan 19th - 48th Golden Globes: Dances with Wolves, Jeremy Irons, & Kathy Bates wins
Jan 20th - "Les Miserables" opens at Pantages Theatre, LA
Jan 20th - "Shogun - The Musical" closes at Marquis Theater NYC after 72 perfs
Jan 24th - "Les Miserables" opens at Theatre St Denis, Montreal
Jan 26th - "Few Good Men" closes at Music Box Theater NYC after 497 performances
Jan 28th - 18th American Music Awards: M C Hammer & Janet Jackson
Feb 5th - Joni Mitchell inducted into the Canadian Hall of Fame
Feb 20th - 33rd Grammy Awards: Another Day in Paradise, Mariah Carey
Feb 27th - Singer James Brown is released from prison
Feb 28th - "Les Miserables" opens at Theatre Carre, Amsterdam
Mar 9th - "Les Miserables" opens at Lyric Theatre, Brisbane
Mar 11th - Janet Jackson signs $40M 3 album deal with Virgin records
Mar 12th - 5th Soul Train Music Awards: Johnny Gill, Mariah Carey win
Singer Mariah CareySinger Mariah Carey Mar 14th - Ice Dance Championship at Munich won by Isabel & Phil Duchesnay (FRA)
Mar 20th - Michael Jackson signs $65M 6 album deal with Sony records
Mar 24th - "Les Miserables" opens at Auditorium Theatre, Chicago
Mar 25th - 63rd Academy Awards - "Dances with Wolves", Kathy Bates & Jeremy Irons win
Mar 31st - Musical "Will Rogers Follies" premieres in NYC
Apr 4th - "Lucifer's Child" opens at Music Box Theater NYC for 28 performances
Apr 8th - Michael Landon announces he has inoperable cancer of the pancreas
Apr 16th - M Leander & E Seago's musical "Matador" premieres in London
Apr 20th - "Les Miserables" opens at Odense Teater, Odense
Apr 24th - 26th Academy of Country Music Awards: Garth Brooks and Reba McEntire win
Country Music Singer and Songwriter Garth BrooksCountry Music Singer and Songwriter Garth Brooks Apr 25th - Lucy Simon & Marsha Norman's musical premieres in NYC
Apr 27th - "Lucifer's Child" closes at Music Box Theater NYC after 28 perfs
May 4th - 36th Eurovision Song Contest: Carola for Sweden wins singing "Fangad av en stormvind" in Rome
May 13th - "Michael Jackson: Magic & Madness" goes on sale
May 29th - "Les Miserables" opens at Aotea Theatre in Auckland, New Zealand
Jun 10th - 25th Music City News Country Awards: Ricky Van Shelton
Jun 23rd - "Weird Al" Yankovic records "Babalu Music"
Jul 9th - "A Little Night Music" opens at New York State Theater NYC for 7 perfs
Aug 2nd - Funk singer Rick James, arrested on sexual torture charges
Aug 10th - "A Little Night Music" closes at New York State NYC after 7 perfs
Sep 5th - 8th MTV Video Music Awards: REM wins
Oct 3rd - 25th Country Music Association Award: Garth Brooks, Tanya Tucker & Vince Gill wins
Musician Rick JamesMusician Rick James Oct 5th - NJ Devils begin their 10th Anniversary with a 7-2 win over the Blues
Oct 23rd - "Les Miserables" opens at Mogador Theatre, Paris
Nov 2nd - Jermaine Jackson releases "Word to the Badd!!" anti Michael song
Nov 7th - "Park Your Car in Harvard Yard" opens at Music Box NYC
Nov 14th - Michael Jackson's "Black or White" video premieres on FOX TV
Dec 6th - "Les Miserables" opens at Circustheater, Scheveningen
Dec 9th - 2nd Billboard Music Awards: Michael Jackson & Whitney Houston win
Dec 10th - IM Pei receives $5 million for design of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Birthdays in Music

Birthdays 1 - 15 of 15

Jan 8th - Asuka Hinoi, Japanese singer
Feb 17th - Edward (Ed) Sheeran, Halifax England, singer-songwriter
Mar 4th - Diandra Newlin, American actress, singer, and fashion model
Apr 10th - Amanda Michalka, American actress/singer
May 19th - Jordan Pruitt, American singer
May 24th - Erika Umeda, Japanese singer
Jul 18th - Karina Pasian, American singer and pianist
Aug 28th - Sarah Jane Santos, Filipino singer
Oct 2nd - Beau Grayson, son of country singer Tanya Tucker
Oct 10th - Gabriella Cilmi, Australian singer
Oct 10th - Mariana EspĆ³sito, Argentine actress, singer and model
Oct 11th - Chauncey Matthews, American Juniors singer
Dec 13th - Jay Greenberg, American composer
Dec 19th - Declan Galbraith, English singer
Dec 24th - Louis Tomlinson, Doncaster South Yorkshire, British pop singer (One Direction)

Deaths in Music

Deaths 1 - 89 of 89

Jan 4th - Leo N Wright, US saxophonist (I Left My Heart in SF), dies at 57
Jan 8th - Steve Clark, guitarist (Def Leppard-Hysteria), dies at 30
Jan 21st - Frank Mitchell, actor (Music is Magic, Prairie Gunsmoke), dies
Feb 6th - Danny Thomas, comedian (Jazz Singer), dies of a heart attack at 79
Feb 9th - James Cleveland, American gospel singer, dies at 59
Feb 24th - Webb Pierce, US country singer (Bye Bye Love), dies of cancer at 64
Feb 26th - Slim Gaillard [Bulee], American Jazz singer/songwriter, dies at 75
Mar 1st - Scott Huston, composer, dies at 74
Mar 2nd - Serge Gainsbourg, composer/actor (Fury of Hercules), dies at 62
Mar 3rd - Arthur Murray, dance instructor, dies at 95 of pneumonia
Mar 13th - Jimmy McPartland, US, jazz cornetist, dies
Mar 14th - Howard Ashman, song writer (Under the Sea), dies of AIDs at 40
Mar 14th - Jerome "Doc" Pomus, lyricist (Save Last Dance for Me), dies at 65
Mar 15th - Budd [Lawrence] Freeman, US jazz saxophonist (Eel), dies at 84
Mar 22nd - Dave Guard, American folk singer (The Kingston Trio) (b. 1934)
Mar 25th - Eileen Joyce, pianist, dies at 78
Mar 25th - Lee Donn, pianist, dies of stroke at 96
Mar 27th - Elinor Remick Warren, composer, dies at 91
Mar 31st - John Carter, US jazz clarinetist (Roots & folklore), dies
Apr 8th - Dead (musician), Swedish metal singer (b. 1969)
Apr 20th - Steve Marriott, English guitarist (Small Faces), dies in a fire at 44
Apr 21st - Willi Boskovsky, Austrian conductor (new years concert), dies at 81
Apr 23rd - Johnny Thunders, American musician (b. 1952)
Apr 26th - Carmine Coppola, composer/conductor (The Godfather Part II), and father of Francis Ford Coppola, dies at 80
Apr 26th - Leo Arnaud, French-American composer (b. 1904)
May 3rd - Mohammed Abdel Wahab, Egyptian singer and composer (b. 1907)
May 8th - Jean Langlais, composer, dies at 84
May 9th - Rudolf Serkin, Bohemian/US pianist, dies
May 13th - Jimmy McPartland, jazz cornetist, dies of cancer at 83
May 15th - Bud Freeman, jazz tenor saxophonist, dies of cancer at 84
May 20th - Julian Orbon De Soto, composer, dies at 65
May 22nd - Lino Brocka, director (Macho Dancer, Jaguar), dies in car crash at 51
May 23rd - William Sinnot, Scottish pop musician (Shamen), dies at 30
May 23rd - Wilhelm Kempff, German pianist and composer (b. 1895)
May 24th - Gene Clark, folk-rocker (Byrds-Tambourine Man), dies at 49
May 27th - Leopold Nowak, Austrian musicologist (b. 1904)
Jun 1st - David Ruffin, vocalist (The Temptations), dies of drug overdose at 50
Jun 6th - Larry Kert, actor (Tony-West Side Story), dies of AIDS at 60
Jun 6th - Stan Getz, jazz saxophonist (Girl from Impanima), dies at 64
Jun 9th - Claudio Arrau, Chilian/US pianist/composer, dies at 88
Jun 9th - Max van Praag, Dutch singer, dies at 77
Jun 16th - Vicky Brown, US singer (Power of Love), dies
Jun 23rd - Bill Buysman, Dutch guitarist/singer (Kilima Hawaiians), dies
Jul 3rd - Irina Nijinska, Russian/US dancer, dies at 77
Jul 8th - Lotte Palfi Andor, actress (Lovesick, All the Jazz), dies
Jul 24th - Isaac B Singer, Polish/US writer (Yentl, Nobel 1978), dies at 87
Jul 28th - Luis Aravena Munoz, Chilean singer/exiled to Netherlands, dies at 45
Aug 7th - Billy James, comedian/singer (Women at Play, Lusty Business), dies
Aug 9th - Corrie Hartong, dance pioneer, dies
Aug 12th - Irene Campbell, British actress/dancer (Wicker Man, St Justice), dies
Aug 20th - Betty Bowden, British dancer/actress (Vote for Nigel), dies at 86
Aug 27th - Vince Taylor, [Brian Holden], Brit singer (Brand new Cadillac), dies
Aug 28th - Christian Anders, actor/composer (Death Stone, Love Cult), dies
Sep 4th - Charlie Barnet, saxophonist (Cherokee), dies of pneumonia at 77
Sep 4th - Dottie West, country singer (Here Comes my Baby), dies at 58 in a car
Sep 4th - Margaret Ramsay, vocalist, dies
Sep 7th - Archie N Menzies, playwright/composer (Under Your Hat), dies at 87
Sep 8th - Alex North, music composer (Spartacus), dies at 80 of cancer
Sep 8th - Jo Budie, Dutch orchestra leader (KRO), dies
Sep 13th - Ferry Barendse, trumpeter/composer/arranger (Ramblers), dies
Sep 15th - Allan Sobek, dancer, dies
Sep 17th - Zino Francescatti, French violinist (b. 1902)
Sep 24th - Peter Bellamy, folk singer (b. 1944)
Sep 26th - Billy Vaughn, American bandleader (b. 1919)
Jazz Musician Miles DavisJazz Musician Miles Davis (Sep 28th) Sep 28th - Miles Davis, jazz trumpeter, dies of pneumonia at 65
Sep 29th - Zapata Jaw, [Nelson Renfrum], Surinamese musician, dies
Oct 9th - Roy Black, German singer/actor (Kinderarzt Dr Froehlich), dies
Oct 16th - Tennessee Ernie Ford, country singer (16 Tons), dies at 72
Oct 16th - Tonny Huurdeman, singer/actress (Frills), dies
Oct 17th - Tennessee Ernie Ford, country singer, dies of liver disease at 72
Oct 25th - Bill Graham, rock concert promoter (Filmore, Dylan), dies at 60
Oct 27th - Andrzei Panufkin, Pol/Brit conductor/composer (Sinfonia Sacra), dies
Oct 28th - Sylvia Fine Kaye, US lyricist/composer, dies at 78
Nov 2nd - Fran Stevens, singer, dies of cancer in Bronx NY at 72
Nov 6th - Andre Vandernoot, Flemish fluitist/conductor, dies at 64
Nov 8th - Frances Faye, singer/actress (Pretty Baby), dies after strokes
Nov 8th - John Kirckpatrick, US musicologist (Charles Ives Archives), dies
Nov 10th - Tutte Lemkow, dancer/dir (Capt Paradise, I am a Camera), dies at 73
Nov 22nd - Jac de Jong, Dutch MP/composer/businessman (Nedac-Sorbo), dies
Nov 24th - Eric Carr, drummer (Kiss-Beth), dies of cancer at 41
Nov 24th - Freddie Mercury, British singer (Queen), dies of AIDS at 45
Dec 6th - Headman Tshabalala, South African singer (Ladysmith Black Mambazo), shot and killed at 44
Dec 8th - Buck Clayton, US jazz trumpeter/orchestra leader, dies
Dec 12th - Lex Karsemeijer, Dutch tenor/choral dir (Sweet 16, Pro Musica), dies
Dec 15th - Horatio Luro, US horse trainer (Northern Dancer), dies at 90
Dec 19th - Joe Cole, American rock music roadie (b. 1961)
Dec 20th - Thomas Newman, actor/composer (Cape Fear), dies of heart attack at 60
Dec 22nd - Ernst Krenek, Austrian/US composer (Orpheus & Eurydike), dies at 91
Dec 27th - Edward M Love, choreographer/dancer, dies of AIDS at 43

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