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Events in Music

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Jan 30th - 22nd American Music Awards: Boyz II Men & Ace of Base win
Jan 30th - Kevin Eubanks officially becomes band leader of "Tonight Show"
Feb 6th - Rapper Tupac Shakur convicted on sexual assault charge and sentenced to up to 4 1/2 years in prison
Mar 1st - 37th Grammy Awards: All I Want to Do, Streets of Phila, Sheryl Crow
Mar 10th - Chiel Meijering's "St Louis Blues" premieres in Arnhem
Mar 12th - Ice Dance Championship at Birmingham UK won by Gritshuk & Platov (RUS)
Mar 13th - 9th Soul Train Music Awards: Boyz II Men, Anita Baker win
Mar 20th - Beatles song, "Baby It's You", with late John Lennon as lead singer, is released, 1st Fab Four single in more than 30 years
Apr 30th - "Blood Brothers" closes at Music Box Theater NYC after 839 perfs
May 10th - 30th Academy of Country Music Awards: Alan Jackson and Reba McEntire win
May 13th - 40th Eurovision Song Contest: Secret Garden for Norway wins singing "Nocturne" in Dublin
Jun 5th - 29th Music City News Country Awards: Alan Jackson & Reba McEntire
Pop Star MadonnaPop Star Madonna Sep 7th - 12th MTV Video Music Awards: TLC, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, & Madonna win
Sep 12th - INXS' Michael Hutchence pleads guilty to punching a photographer
Sep 24th - Emillio & Gloria Estefan's boat hits & kills a jet skiier
Sep 28th - Singer Bobby Brown escapes injury in gun battle
Oct 4th - 29th Country Music Association Award: Krauss Jackson win
Oct 22nd - "Swinging On a Star" opens at Music Box Theater NYC for 97 perfs
Nov 19th - "Beatle Anthology" premieres on ABC-TV
Nov 20th - "Beatles' Anthology, Vol 1" released
Nov 21st - New double Beatle CD released with new song "Free as a Bird"
Dec 6th - 6th Billboard Music Awards: TLC & Hootie & The Blowfish win
Dec 6th - Michael Jackson collapses while rehearsing for an HBO special
Dec 14th - "Les Miserables" opens at Cable Hall, Helsinki

Birthdays in Music

Birthdays 1 - 8 of 8

Jan 4th - MarĂ­a Isabel, Spanish singer
Jan 12th - Laurel McGoff, American singer
Mar 23rd - Jan Lisiecki, Canadian Pianist
May 15th - Ksenia Sitnik, Belarusian singer
Jun 5th - Troye Mellet, Australian Actor And Singer
Aug 5th - Devo Keenan American cellist
Aug 8th - Malin Reitan, Norwegian singer
Dec 6th - Joy Gruttmann, German singer

Deaths in Music

Deaths 1 - 100 of 213

Jan 1st - Jess Stacy, US jazz pianist (Great Gatsby), dies at 90
Jan 1st - Ted Hawkins, US blues singer (Watch Your Step), dies at 58
Jan 3rd - Al Duncan, drummer, dies at 68
Jan 4th - Eduardo Mata, Mexican conductor, dies in air crash at 52
Jan 4th - Leonard Hirsch, Brit violinist/conducter (BBC Empire Orch), dies at 92
Jan 5th - Francis Lopez, Fren dentist/operetta composer (Andalousie), dies at 78
Jan 6th - James Clay, saxophonist, dies at 59
Jan 7th - Arthur Leavins, violinist, dies at 77
Jan 11th - Willem N "Pim" Koot, pianist (Concert Building), dies at 76
Jan 11th - Josef Gingold, Russian-American violinist (b. 1909)
Jan 12th - Francis Lopez, songwriter, dies at 77
Jan 13th - Ruby Starr, vocalist (Grey Ghost), dies of brain tumor at 44
Jan 14th - Alexander Gibson, Brit conductor/founder (Scottish Opera), dies at 68
Jan 14th - Alexander Gibson, conductor, dies at 69
Jan 15th - Sollie McElroy, singer, dies at 61
Jan 16th - William Dillard, trumpeter/singer, dies at 83
Jan 18th - Charles Baskerville, vocalist, dies at 54
Jan 19th - Gene MacLellan, Canadian composer and singer (b. 1938)
Jan 22nd - Christopher Francis Palmer, orchestrator/Author, dies at 48
Jan 27th - Geoffrey Parsons, Australian/British pianist, dies at 65
Jan 30th - George Richard James, saxophonist, dies at 88
Feb 3rd - Turner Fodrell, blues singer/guitarist, dies at 66
Feb 4th - Betty Davis, British dance teacher of Dame Margot Fonteyn, dies
Feb 6th - Arthur S Taylor Jr, US drummer/author (Notes on notes), dies at 65
Feb 12th - Earring George Mayweather, blues harmonica player, dies at 66
Feb 12th - Terence Beckles, pianist/teacher, dies at 82
Feb 12th - Tony Secunda, rock band manager, dies at 54
Feb 13th - Wilton "Bogey" Gaynair, saxophonist, dies at 68
Feb 17th - Jan Bart Klaster, music editor (The Slogan), dies at 50
Feb 17th - Uta Graf, singer/teacher, dies at 80
Feb 18th - Denny Cordel, rock music producer-Laverack, dies at 51
Feb 18th - Eddie Williams, blues/Jazz Bassist, dies at 82
Feb 18th - John Rhea "Yank" Lawson, trumpeter, dies at 83
Feb 18th - Yank Lawson, US jazz trumpeteer (Stormy weather), dies at 84
Feb 18th - Bob Stinson, American guitarist (b.1959)
Feb 23rd - David Melvin English Franklin, singer, dies at 52
Feb 24th - Richard Nicholson, musician, dies at 89
Feb 25th - Terence Weil, cellist/teacher, dies at 73
Feb 28th - Herman "Ace" Wallace, blues guitarist/singer, dies at 69
Feb 28th - Max Rudolf, conductor, dies at 92
Mar 2nd - Hugo Cole, musician/critic, dies at 77
Mar 4th - Eden Ahbez, songwriter, dies at 86
Mar 5th - Vivian Stanshall, British musician (Magical Mystery Tour), dies at 51
Mar 6th - Delroy George Wilson, singer, dies at 46
Mar 7th - John Arthur Neill Lambert, composer teacher organist, dies at 69
Mar 8th - Ingo Schwichtenberg, German drummer (b. 1965)
Mar 10th - Hendrik W van Leeuwen, Dutch musician, dies at 79
Mar 11th - Carel Birnie, found Utrecht Opera/Dutch Dance Theater, dies at 69
Mar 13th - Lorraine Macleod, dancer (Girls Just Want to Have Fun), dies at 65
Mar 14th - Gerard Thomas Victory, composer, dies at 73
Mar 16th - Sydney Simone, band leader, dies at 80
Mar 17th - Sunnyland Smart, jazz/blues singer/pianist (Delta Blues), dies at 87
Mar 18th - Charles Drain, singer, dies at 65
Mar 18th - Heinrich Sutermeister, Swiss composer (Raskolnikov), dies at 84
Mar 19th - Kenneth Norman Joseph Loveless, priest folk musician, dies at 83
Mar 23rd - Alan Barton, singer (Smokie, Black Lace), dies in a bus crash
Mar 23rd - Daniel George "Danny" Apolinar, composer/songwriter, dies at 61
Mar 23rd - Ripley L. Ingram, singer, dies at 65
Mar 24th - Joey Long, blues/cajun guitarist, dies at 62
Mar 26th - Rapper-E (Eazy Eric Wright), dies at 31
Mar 27th - Chet Gierlach, music publisher/composer, dies at 75
Mar 29th - Baltimora, British singer (b. 1957)
Mar 30th - Rozelle Claxton, pianist/arranger, dies at 82
Mar 31st - Selena, Mexican Grammy winning singer, killed by a fan at 24
Apr 1st - Francisco Moncion, dancer, dies at 73
Apr 2nd - Julius Arthur Hemphill, saxophonist, dies at 57
Apr 4th - Peter Brinson, dance educationalist, dies at 67
Apr 10th - Joseph Anthony "Joe" Richards, singer/actor (Colo Ranger), dies at 44
Apr 12th - Chris Pyne, trombonist, dies at 56
Apr 14th - Burl Ives, folk singer/actor (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof), dies at 85
Apr 14th - James Daniel "Danny" Turner, saxophonist, dies at 75
Apr 15th - Cleo Brown, pianist, dies at 91
Apr 19th - "King" Herbert Whitaker, tenor sax, dies at 66
Apr 22nd - Don Pullen, pianist/composer, dies at 53
Apr 23rd - Lonesome Sundown, blues singer/guitarist, dies at 66
Actress and Dancer Ginger RogersActress and Dancer Ginger Rogers (Apr 25th) Apr 25th - Ginger Rogers, American actress, dancer and singer (Top Hat, Stage Door), dies at 83
Apr 30th - Donald Edwin White, ad copywriter/opera administrator, dies at 59
May 4th - Louis Krasner, violinist, dies at 91
May 5th - Thomas Eden Binkley, musician, dies at 63
May 6th - Leanoard "Red" Truss, R&B singer, dies at 47
May 7th - Ray McKinley, drummer, dies at 84
May 8th - Teresa Teng, singer, dies at 41
May 9th - Marshall Royal, jazz Sax/Clarinet, dies at 82
May 10th - Jimmy Raney, jazz guitarist, dies at 67
May 15th - Johnny Van Derrick, jazz violinist, dies at 68
May 15th - Perry Lederman, folk singer, dies at 52
May 16th - Lola Flores, singer/actress (Kuma Ching, Faraona), dies at 70
May 17th - Nathan "Dambuza" Mdledle, singer, dies at 72
May 18th - Alexander Gudonov, Russian dancer/actor (Witness), dies at 45
May 18th - Gordon Reynolds, musician, dies at 74
May 24th - Mike Pyne, jazz Pianist, dies at 54
May 25th - Dick Curless, singer/songwriter, dies at 63
May 26th - Ron Weatherburn, jazz pianist, dies at 61
May 27th - C W Stubblefield, music promoter, dies at 64
May 27th - Ulyses Simpson Kay, composer, dies at 78
May 28th - Henning Kronstam, dancer, dies at 60
Jun 1st - Prudence Hyman, dancer, dies at 80
Jun 5th - Bettina Vernon-Warren, dancer, dies at 75
Jun 6th - Imam Elissa, singer, dies at 76
Jun 8th - Sheikh Iman, singer, dies at 76

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