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Jan 1st - Hephzibah Menuhin, American-Jewish concert pianist (b. 1920)
Jan 2nd - David Lynch, singer (Platters-My Prayer), dies at 51
Jan 7th - Jose Ardevol, composer, dies at 69
Jan 9th - Kazimierz Serocki, composer, dies at 58
Jan 23rd - Bobby Sherwood, orchestra leader (Milton Berle Show), dies at 66
Jan 23rd - Samuel Barber, American composer (School for Scandal), dies of cancer at 70
Jan 29th - Cozy Cole, rocker (Topsy Part II), dies
Feb 1st - Ernst Pepping, composer, dies at 79
Feb 1st - Nils Geirr Tveitt, composer, dies at 72
Feb 6th - Hugo Montenegro, American film music composer (b. 1925)
Feb 9th - Bill Haley, vocalist (Rock Around Clock), dies of heart attack at 55
Feb 15th - Mike Bloomfield, American musician (Electric Flag), dies of a drug overdose at 37
Feb 15th - Thomas Beversdorf, composer, dies at 56
Feb 15th - Karl Richter, German conductor (b. 1926)
Feb 19th - Frank Merrik, composer, dies at 94
Composer and Conductor Howard HansonComposer and Conductor Howard Hanson (Feb 26th) Feb 26th - Howard Hanson, American classical music composer and conductor (Nordic), dies at 84
Mar 4th - Yip Harburg, American lyricist (b. 1896)
Mar 7th - Kirill Petrovich Kondrashin, Russian conductor/composer, dies at 67
Apr 1st - Eua Sunthornsanan, Thai composer and bandleader (b. 1910)
Apr 5th - Bob "Bear" Hite, rocker (Canned Heat), dies of a heart attack at 36
Apr 7th - Kit Lambert, British record producer and manager (The Who) (b. 1935)
Apr 12th - Hans Chemin-Petit, composer, dies at 78
Apr 12th - Hendrik F Andriessen, Dutch organist/composer (Te Deum), dies at 88
Apr 19th - Ernst Levy, composer, dies at 85
May 7th - Mieczyslaw Kolinski, composer, dies at 79
May 11th - Bob Marley, reggae singer, dies of brain & lung cancer at 36
May 13th - Carl Weinrich, composer, dies at 76
May 16th - Ernie Freeman, American pianist and arranger (b. 1922)
Reggae Musician Bob MarleyReggae Musician Bob Marley (May 11th) May 17th - Hugo Freidhofer, composer, dies at 80
May 25th - Rosa Ponselle, US singer (Metropolitan Opera), dies at 84
May 25th - Roy Brown, American boxer/rocker, dies of a heart attack at 55
May 28th - Mary Lou Williams, African American musician, dies at 71 in Durham NC
Jun 21st - Gunnar Ek, composer, dies on 81st birthday
Jun 23rd - Zarah Leander, Swedish/German singer/actress (Gabriela), dies at 79
Jun 26th - Peter Kreuder, German composer, dies
Jun 28th - Peter Paul Kreuder, German composer, dies at 75
Jul 5th - Jorge Urrutia Blondel, composer, dies at 75
Jul 9th - Oscar van Hemel, composer, dies at 88
Jul 16th - Harry Chapin, folk vocalist (Taxi), dies in car crash at 38
Jul 19th - Louis Cheslock, composer, dies at 81
Jul 19th - Roger Doucet, French Canadian tenor (b. 1919)
Jul 26th - Donald Lybbert, composer, dies at 58
Jul 27th - Ray Harrison, dancer (American Song), dies at 64
Aug 1st - Seppo Antero Yrjonpoika Nummi, composer, dies at 49
Aug 14th - Karl Böhm, Austrian conductor (b. 1894)
Aug 17th - Robert Russell Bennett, US composer/arranger (Oklahoma!), dies at 87
Aug 21st - Hermann Schey, German/Neth singer, dies at 85
Aug 26th - Lee Hays, rocker, dies of a heart attack
Aug 27th - Joan Edwards, singer (Joan Edwards Show), dies at 62
Sep 6th - Joseph Yasser, composer, dies at 88
Sep 14th - Yasuji Kiyose, composer, dies at 81
Sep 14th - [Walter] Furry Lewis, father of blues, dies at 88 of a heart attack
Sep 21st - Tony Aubin, composer, dies at 73
Sep 22nd - Harry Warren, American composer and lyricist (b. 1893)
Oct 2nd - Hazel Scott, Trinidadian singer/pianist, dies at 63
Oct 5th - Jud Strunk, singer/comedian (Laugh-In), dies at 48
Oct 7th - Wouter Paap, composer, dies at 73
Oct 14th - Ingemar Liljefors, composer, dies at 74
Oct 17th - David Guion, composer, dies at 88
Nov 17th - Bob Eberly, singer (Jimmy Dorsey Band), dies at 65
Nov 27th - Lotte Lenya, Austrian singer/actress (From Russia With Love), dies of cancer at 83
Nov 29th - Natalie Wood, American actress (West Side Story), drowns at 43
Dec 2nd - Hershy Kay, composer, dies at 62
Dec 9th - Tonny Til, rocker, dies at 56
Dec 13th - Cornelius Cardew, composer, dies at 45
Dec 27th - Hoagy Carmichael, US actor/songwriter (Stardust), dies at 82
Dec 31st - Frantisek Chaun, composer, dies at 60

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