Help Searching On This Day in Music

Our Today in Music search engine has been designed to be both simple to use and powerful. Below we explain some of these power features.

General Search Tips

  • Searches are not case sensitive. e.g. orange and Orange return the same results.

  • To search for all years type in "All Years" in the year field or leave it blank.

  • A maximum of 300 results are shown per page. To view more results click on the ◄ 1, 2 etc ► links below each section.

  • You can narrow your search by selecting only a single type. e.g. Birthdays

  • All result pages are unique and thus can be bookmarked and linked to. When clicked the links will deliver the same results you previously searched for.

Boolean Operators

You can use boolean operators in a search in the same way you can on Google and other search engines.

  • ""
    Quotes can be used to search for a phrase. e.g. "American Singer"

  • *
    A star can be used as a wildcard operator in a search to return all results starting with the letters entered. e.g. Reco*

  • -
    Minus signs can be used to exclude a term from the results. e.g. American -Singer

  • +
    Plus signs can be used to include a term in the results. e.g American +Singer, note though that this gives the same results as a search for Singer by itself.

  • ( )
    Brackets can be used to group words into sub expressions. Bracketed groups can also be nested. e.g. ("American Singer") -writer

Multiple boolean operators can also be used together in a search.

Search Restrictions

  • You must select more than just a day.

  • You must select more than just a month.

  • All keyword(s) searches must be at least 4 characters long.


When a keyword(s) with no date information is entered and the keyword(s) match a music topic exactly our search engine will re-direct you to the topic page. To get around this you can place a plus sign in front of one of the keywords. e.g. +Folk Music

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