Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf HitlerDictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Full Name: Adolf Hitler
Nationality: Austrian born German

Profession: Dictator of Nazi Germany
Why Famous: Austrian born German politician. Awarded Iron Cross 1st and 2nd classes in WWI.

Leader of the National Socialist German Workers (Nazi) Party, Reichskanzler (1933-1945) and Dictator of Germany (1934-1945).

His policies led to World War II in Europe and the Holocaust.

Born: 20th April, 1889
Star Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Gasthof zum Pommer, Braunau am Inn, Austria-Hungary

Died: 30th April, 1945 (aged 56)
Cause of Death: Suicide

Married Life

1945-04-29 - Adolf Hitler (56) marries Eva Braun (33) in the Führerbunker, Berlin

Historical Events in the Life of Adolf Hitler

1916-10-05 - Soldier Adolf Hitler is injured
1919-09-12 - Adolf Hitler joins the obscure German Worker's Party as its seventh member, agreeing not with worker's rights, but with its German Nationalism and antisemitism
1921-07-29 - Adolf Hitler becomes leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party.
1921-11-04 - The Sturmabteilung or SA (the "Brown Shirts") is formally formed by Adolf Hitler
1922-06-24 - Adolf Hitler begins a month long prison sentence for paramilitary operations; he rails against the 'Jewish sell-out' of Germany to the Bolsheviks
1922-11-30 - Hitler speaks to 50,000 national-socialists in Munich
1923-01-13 - Taking advantage of the chaotic condition of Germany, Hitler stages a demonstration of 5000 storm troopers and denounces the 'November crime'
1923-04-10 - Hitler demands "hatred & more hatred" in Berlin
1923-05-01 - Hitler and Ernst Rohm attempt to break up socialist May Day demonstrates, inviting Nazis from as far away as Nuremberg to take part in the violence
1923-11-08 - Hitler stages unsuccessful "Beer Hall Putsch" in Muenchen (Munich)
1923-11-09 - Beer Hall Putsc; Nazis fail to overthrow government, 16 die, Hitler flees
1923-11-12 - In Germany, Adolf Hitler is arrested for attempt to sieze power Nov 8
1924-02-26 - Trial against Hitler in Munich begins
1924-04-01 - Hitler sentenced to 5 years labor but Gen Ludendorff acquitted
1924-12-20 - Adolf Hitler freed from jail early
1925-02-27 - Hitler resurrects NSDAP political party in Munich
1925-07-18 - Adolf Hitler publishes Mein Kampf (original title was the catchy "Four and a Half Years (of Struggle) Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice")
1926-12-10 - 2nd part of Hitler's Mein Kampf published
1927-03-10 - Bavaria lifts ban on Hitler's speeches
1928-09-28 - Prussia forbids speech from Adolf Hitler
1932-02-25 - Immigrant Adolf Hitler gets German citizenship
1932-03-17 - German police raid Hitler's Nazi headquarter
1932-08-13 - Hitler refuses President Von Hindenburg's proposal to become vice-chancellor of Germany
1932-11-19 - Shaft & Thyssen demand Hitler become German chancellor
1933-01-29 - German president Paul von Hindenburg appoints Adolf Hitler as chancellor
1933-01-30 - Adolf Hitler named German Chancellor, forms government with Von Papen
1933-01-31 - Hitler promises parliamentary democracy
1933-02-02 - 2 days after becoming chancellor, Adolf Hitler dissolves the Reichstag (Parliament)
1933-02-10 - Hitler proclaims end of Marxism
1933-02-28 - Adolf Hitler bans German Communist Party (KPD)
1933-03-16 - Hitler names Hjalmar Schacht as president of Bank of Germany
1933-03-21 - Hitler, Guring, Prince Ruprecht, Bruning & top army meet in Berlin
1933-03-23 - Enabling Act: German Reichstag grants Adolf Hitler dictatorial powers
1933-03-28 - German Reichstag confers dictatorial powers on Hitler
1933-03-31 - German Republic gives power to Hitler
1933-05-02 - In Germany, Adolf Hitler bans trade unions
1933-07-20 - Vatican state secretary Pacelli (Pius XII) signs accord with Hitler
1933-12-01 - Rudolf Hess & Earnest Rohm become a minister in Hitler government
1934-01-30 - Hitler proclamation on German unified states
1934-04-18 - Hitler names Joachim von Ribbentrop ambassador for disarmament
1934-06-14 - Hitler & Benito Mussolini meet in Vienna
1934-06-28 - Hitler flies to Essen (Night of Long Knifes)
1934-06-30 - "Night of Long Knives" - Hitler stages bloody purge of Nazi party
1934-08-02 - Adolf Hitler becomes commander-in-chief of German armed forces
1934-08-03 - Adolf Hitler merges the offices of chancellor and president, declaring himself "Führer" (leader)
1934-10-01 - Adolf Hitler expands German army & navy & creates an air force, violating Treaty of Versailles
1935-03-09 - Adolf Hitler announces the creation of a new air force.
1935-03-16 - Hitler orders German rearmament, violating Versailles Treaty
1936-02-15 - Hitler announce building of Volkswagens (starting slug-bug game)
1936-02-26 - Hitler introduces Ferdinand Porsche's "Volkswagen"
1936-03-07 - Hitler breaks Treaty of Versailles, sends troops to Rhineland
1936-08-01 - Adolf Hitler opens 11th Olympic Games in Berlin
1937-11-05 - Hitler informs his military leaders in a secret meeting of his intentions of going to war
1938-02-04 - Hitler seizes control of German army & puts Nazis in key posts
1938-02-12 - Austrian chancellor Schuschnigg visits Hitler in Berchtesgaden
1938-09-12 - Adolf Hitler demands self-determination for Sudeten Germans in Czech
1938-09-15 - British PM Chamberlain visits Hitler at Berchtesgarden
1938-09-21 - Winston Churchill condemns Hitler's annexation of Czechoslovakia
1938-09-26 - Hitler issues ultimatum to Czech government, demanding Sudenten Land
1938-09-30 - Treaty of Munich signed by Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Daladier and Chamberlain, forces Czechoslovakia to give territory to Germany
1939-01-30 - Hitler threatens the Jews during his speech to the German Reichstag (parliament)
1939-03-15 - Hitler occupies Bohemia & Moravia (Czechoslovakia); Slovakia independent
1939-04-28 - Hitler claims German-Polish non-attack treaty still in effect
1939-05-22 - Hitler & Benito Mussolini sign "Pact of Steel"
1939-05-23 - Hitler proclaims he wants to move into Poland
1939-07-03 - Ernst Heinkel demonstrates 800 kph (500 mph) rocket plane to Hitler
1939-08-23 - Molotov-Ribbentrop pact: Eastern Europe divided between Hitler & Stalin
1939-09-01 - Hitler orders extermination of mentally ill
1939-10-06 - Adolf Hitler denies he intends to go to war against France & Britain
1939-10-06 - Hitler announces plans to regulate Jewish problem
1939-10-30 - USSR & Germany agree on partitioning Poland, Hitler deports Jews
1939-11-08 - Failed assassination attempt on Hitler in Burgerbraukeller, Munich
1939-12-21 - Hitler named Adolf Eichmann leader of "Referat IV B"
1940-03-18 - Benito Mussolini joins Hitler in Germany's war against France & Britain
1940-05-24 - Hitler affirms Gen von Rundstedts "Stopbevel"
1940-06-15 - World War II: France surrenders to NAZI Germany, German troops occupy Paris
1940-06-25 - Adolf Hitler views Eiffel tower & grave of Napoleon in Paris, France
1940-07-02 - Hitler orders invasion of Britain (Operation Sealion)
1940-07-19 - Hitler orders Great Britain to surrender
1940-07-22 - Dutch prime minister De Geer meets Hitler seeking peace talks
1940-08-17 - Hitler orders total blockade of Great Britain
1940-09-03 - Hitler orders invasion in England on Sept 21 (Operation Seelöwe/Sealion)
1940-09-04 - Nazi collaborator Mussert puts the fate of Netherlands in Hitler's hands
1940-09-11 - Hitler begins operation Seelöwe (Sealion - aborted invasion England)
1940-09-23 - Dutch nazi collaborator Mussert's 1st meeting with Hitler
1940-10-04 - Adolf Hitler & Benito Mussolini confer at Brenner Pass in Alps
1940-10-24 - Hitler meets Marshal Pétain
1940-10-28 - Meeting between Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini in Florence
1940-11-19 - Belgian King Leopold III visits Adolf Hitler
1941-03-04 - Serbian Prince Paul visits Hitler
1941-03-27 - Hitler signs Directive 27 (assault on Yugoslavia)
1941-04-12 - Vichy-France's head of government Admiral Dalarn consults with Hitler
1941-04-25 - Operation Merkur: Hitler orders conquest of Kreta
1941-05-02 - Martin Bormann succeeds Rudolf Hess as Hitler's deputy
1941-09-16 - Hitler orders for every dead German 100 Yugoslavians to be killed
1941-10-03 - Adolf Hitler says Russia is "broken" & would "never rise again"
1941-11-09 - Hitler threatens Clemens August, Graf von Galen, Bishop of Münster
1941-12-03 - Hitler views Poltava, Ukraine
1941-12-09 - Hitler orders US ships are to be torpedoed
1941-12-19 - Hitler takes complete command of German Army
1942-02-13 - Hitler's Operation Sealion (invasion of England) cancelled
1942-05-17 - Dutch SS vows loyalty to Hitler
1942-05-27 - Hitler orders 10,000 Czechs murdered
1942-06-09 - Nazis kill all inhabitants of Lidice, which had been implicated in the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, the Nazi controller of Bohemia and Moravia, and Hitler’s order was given to “teach the Czechs a final lesson of subservience and humility”.
1942-06-12 - Hitler orders enslavement of Slavic peoples
1942-07-03 - Hitler visits Field Marshal Von Bock's headquarters in Ukraine
1942-07-23 - Hitler's Directive #45: order to occupy Stalingrad
1942-10-18 - Hitler orders captured allied commandos to be killed
1942-11-08 - Hitler proclaims fall of Stalingrad from Munich beer hall
1942-11-21 - Hitler names fieldmarshal Erich von Manstein commander of the newly-created Army Group Don (Heeresgruppe Don)
1942-11-22 - Hitler orders Rommel's Africa Korps to fight to last man
1942-11-23 - Col-gen Von Paul asks Hitler to surrender
1942-12-10 - Hitler names Anton Mussert "leader of the Dutch people"
1942-12-16 - Hitler orders combat against partisans in Russia & Balkan
1942-12-22 - World War II: Adolf Hitler signs the order to develop the V-2 rocket as a weapon.
1943-01-13 - Hitler declares "Total War"
1943-01-24 - Hitler orders German troops at Stalingrad to fight to the death
1943-01-30 - Hitler promotes Friedrich von Paul to Field Marshal
1943-02-17 - -19] Hitler visits fieldmarshal von Mansteins hq in Zaporozje
1943-03-13 - Failed assassin attempt on Hitler during Smolensk-Rastenburg flight
1943-03-21 - Assassination attempt on Hitler fails
1943-04-07 - Adolf Hitler & Benito Mussolini met for an Axis conference in Salzburg
1943-08-10 - Hitler watches lynching of allied pilots
1943-08-16 - Bulgarian Tsar Boris III visits Adolf Hitler
1943-09-18 - Hitler orders deportation of Danish Jews (unsuccessful)
1943-12-26 - Earl Claus von Stauffenberg vain with bomb to Hitlers headquarter
1944-04-22 - Hitler & Benito Mussolini meet at Salzburg
1944-05-14 - Gen Rommel, Speidel & von Stulpnagel attempt to assassinate Hitler
1944-05-21 - Hitler begins attack on British/US "terror pilots"
1944-06-07 - Claus von Stauffenberg meets Hitler
1944-06-17 - Hitler secretly meets with von Rundstedt in Marjival Soissons
1944-07-20 - Adolf Hitler survives an assassination attempt led by Germany army officer Claus Von Stauffenberg.
1944-07-21 - Field Marshal Günther von Kluge warns Hitler of impending collapse of front in Normandy
1944-07-28 - Hitler routes 4 division of South France to Normandy
1944-08-22 - Hitler orders Paris to be destroyed [or 23rd]
1945-03-19 - Adolf Hitler issues "Nero Decree" to destroy all German factories

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