Bonnie Parker

American Outlaw Bonnie Parker Full Name: Bonnie Parker
Nationality: American

Profession: American Outlaw
Why Famous: Female half of Bonnie and Clyde

Born: October 1, 1910
Star Sign: Libra
Birthplace: Rowena, Texas, USA

Died: May 23, 1934 (aged 23)
Cause of Death: Gunshot wounds

Married Life

  • 1926-09-25 Outlaw Bonnie Parker (15) weds Roy Thornton

Historical Events in the Life of Bonnie Parker

  • 1930-01-05 Bonnie Parker meets Clyde Barrow for the first time at Clarence Clay's house
  • 1932-04-19 Bonnie Parker is captured in a failed hardware store burglary, and subsequently jailed. A grand jury fails to indict her, however, and she is released a few months later
  • 1933-11-28 A Dallas grand jury delivers a murder indictment against Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow for the January 1933 killing of Tarrant County Deputy Malcolm Davis
  • 1934-04-01 Clyde Barrow kills two young highway patrolmen, H. D. Murphy and Edward Bryant Wheeler, at the intersection of Route 114 and Dove Road near Grapevine, Texas. Bonnie Parker\'s role in the murders helps turn public perception against the gang for good

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