Donald Trump

Businessman, TV Personality and 45th US President Donald Trump Full Name: Donald Trump [Donald John Trump]
Nationality: American

Profession: Businessman, TV Personality and 45th US President
Political Party: Republican

Presidential Term: In office since January 20, 2017
Preceded By: Barack Obama

Why Famous: A real estate developer and presenter of the reality TV show "American Apprentice", trump is notorious for his extreme 'comb-over' coiffeur and outspoken views.

Trump announced his run for President of the United States of America in 2015 and despite sparking numerous controversies was selected the Republican presidential candidate in July 2016. He then went on, to beat Hillary Clinton in a huge upset after a hard fought and bitter campaign.

Born: June 14, 1946 (70 years old)
Star Sign: Gemini
Birthplace: Queens, New York, USA

Articles on Donald Trump

Married Life

  • 1977-04-07 Businessman Donald Trump (30) weds his first wife Czech model Ivana Zelníčková (28) at the Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan, New York
  • 1993-12-20 Businessman Donald Trump (47) weds former model Marla Maples (30) at Trump Plaza Hotel
  • 2005-01-22 Businessman and "The Apprentice" host Donald Trump (58) weds former model Melania Knauss (34) at the Bethesda by the Sea Episcopal Church in Palm Beach, Florida

Historical Events in the Life of Donald Trump

  • 1987-09-02 Donald Trump takes out a full page NY Times ad lambasting Japan
  • 1988-10-26 Donald Trump bills Mike Tyson $2,000,000 for 4 months' advisory service
  • 1989-03-31 Donald Trump purchases Eastern's Northeast Shuttle
  • 1991-07-02 Donald Trump proposes to Marla Maples and gives her a 7.5 carat diamond ring
  • 1997-05-02 Donald Trump & Marla Maples announce they are separating
  • 2015-06-15 Real estate mogul Donald Trump launches his campaign for US President
  • 2015-08-07 US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump says in a CNN interview that news anchor Mergyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever”
  • 2015-09-16 Second Republican presidential candidates debate, hosted by CNN, Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump face off at the Reagan Presidential Library
  • 2015-12-07 US Presidential candidate Donald Trump proposes banning all Muslims from entering the US
  • 2016-01-19 Sarah Palin officially endorses Donald Trump's presidential bid at a Trump rally in Ames, Iowa
  • 2016-02-01 Iowa Caucuses: Republican Ted Cruz defeats Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton beats Bernie Sanders by a coin toss
  • 2016-02-09 US primary elections: New Hampshire Primary, In Republican race Donald Trump wins (35%), John Kasich 2nd (16%), and Bernie Sanders (60%) defeats Hillary Clinton (38%) in Democratic race
  • 2016-02-18 Pope Francis questions US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump's Christianity over his call to build a wall on the Mexican border
  • 2016-02-20 US primary elections: South Carolina Republican Primary - Donald Trump wins with 32.5%
  • 2016-02-23 US primary elections: Nevada Republican Primary - Donald Trump wins with 45.9.5%
  • 2016-03-01 US primary elections: Super Tuesday - both Republican Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton win seven state races each
  • 2016-03-05 US primary elections: Super Saturday - Republican Donald Trump and Ted Cruz win 2 states, Democratics Bernie Sanders wins 2, Hillary Clinton one
  • 2016-07-16 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump announces Indiana governor Mike Pence as his Vice Presidential running mate
  • 2016-09-26 First US Presidential debate: Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton vs Republican Donald Trump at Hofstra University
  • 2016-10-07 Washington Post releases videotape of Donald Trump boasting of groping and kissing women without consent
  • 2016-10-09 Second US Presidential debate: Hostile confrontation between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at Washington University, St. Louis
  • 2016-10-19 Third US Presidential debate: Donald Trump notably refuses to say if he will accept the result of election during debate with Hillary Clinton at Nevada University, Las Vegas
  • 2016-11-08 Republican Donald Trump is elected President of The United States of America, defeating democrat Hillary Clinton despite Clinton receiving 2.9 million more votes
  • 2016-12-02 Donald Trump takes a call with Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen, in a break from America's long standing "One China" policy
  • 2016-12-19 US electoral collage votes 304 to 227 to nominate Donald Trump for President over the objections of seven faithless electors
  • 2017-01-20 Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America and Mike Pence as the 48th Vice President
  • 2017-01-21 More than 2 million people protest worldwide in the 'Women's March' against Donald Trump, with 500,000 marching in Washington D.C.
  • 2017-01-27 Donald Trump issues executive order banning travel to the US for 7 mostly Muslim countries and suspending admission for refugees
  • 2017-01-28 US President Donald Trump and Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull have a contentious phone call over deal for US to take 1,250 refugees
  • 2017-01-31 US President Donald Trump fires Attorney General Sally Yates after she instructs Justice Department officials not to defend Trump's travel ban
  • 2017-02-13 US President Donald Trump accepts the resignation of national security adviser Michael Flynn over his dealings with Russia
  • 2017-02-22 US President Donald Trump overturns Obama directive on Transgender rights to use toilets
  • 2017-03-06 US President Donald Trump signs his second executive order barring travelers from 6 mostly-Muslim countires for 90 days but leaves out Iraq

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