James Madison

4th US President James Madison Full Name: James Madison
Nationality: American

Profession: 4th US President
Political Party: Democratic-Republican
Political Titles: United States Secretary of State

Presidential Term: March 4, 1809 - March 4, 1817
Preceded By: Thomas Jefferson
Succeeded By: James Monroe

Why Famous: Known as the "Father of the Constitution" for being involved in the drafting of the US Constitution and author of the US Bill of Rights.

Born: March 16, 1751
Star Sign: Pisces
Birthplace: Port Conway, Virginia, USA

Died: June 28, 1836 (aged 85)

Married Life

  • 1794-09-15 4th US President James Madison (43) weds Dolley Madison (26) in Jefferson County, West Virginia

Historical Events in the Life of James Madison

  • 1789-06-08 James Madison introduces a proposed Bill of Rights in the US House of Representatives
  • 1808-12-07 James Madison elected 4th US President and George Clinton Vice-President
  • 1812-12-02 James Madison re-elected president of US, E Gerry vice-pres
  • 1879-05-31 Madison Square Garden opens in New York, named after 4th President James Madison

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