Jimmy Carter

39th US President Jimmy Carter Full Name: Jimmy Carter [James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Jr.]
Nationality: American

Profession: 39th US President
Political Party: Democratic
Political Titles: Governor of Georgia

Presidential Term: January 20, 1977 - January 20, 1981
Preceded By: Gerald Ford
Succeeded By: Ronald Reagan

Why Famous: 39th President of the United States (1877-1981). He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.

During his term as President, he created two new cabinet-level departments: the Department of Energy and the Department of Education. He established a national energy policy that included conservation, price control, and new technology.

The end of his presidential tenure was marked by the 1979–1981 Iran hostage crisis.

Born: October 1, 1924 (92 years old)
Star Sign: Libra
Birthplace: Plains, Georgia, USA

Married Life

  • 1946-07-07 39th US President Jimmy Carter (21) weds Rosalynn Smith (18) in Plains, Georgia

Historical Events in the Life of Jimmy Carter

  • 1976-07-14 Jimmy Carter wins Democratic presidential nomination in NYC
  • 1976-09-20 Playboy releases Jimmy Carter's interview that he lusts for women
  • 1976-09-23 US televised presidential debate between Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter
  • 1976-09-24 Newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst sentenced to 7 years for her part in a 1974 bank robbery. Released after 22 months by US President Jimmy Carter
  • 1976-11-02 Jimmy Carter (D) defeats Gerald Ford (R) for US President
  • 1977-01-21 US President Jimmy Carter pardons almost all Vietnam War draft evaders
  • 1977-02-24 US President Jimmy Carter announces US foreign aid will consider human rights
  • 1977-03-07 Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin meets US President Jimmy Carter
  • 1977-04-03 Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's 1st meeting with US President Jimmy Carter
  • 1977-06-24 IRS reveals Jimmy Carter paid no taxes in 1976
  • 1977-06-30 Jimmy Carter cans B-1A bomber later "B-1's the B-52"
  • 1977-09-07 US President Jimmy Carter and Panama's General Omar Torrijos sign the Panama Canal treaties, guaranteeing Panama control of the Panama Canal after 1999
  • 1977-09-15 US President Jimmy Carter meets with 15 record company executives
  • 1977-11-01 US President Jimmy Carter raises the minimum wage from $2.30 to $3.35 an hour, effective from 1st Jan 1981
  • 1977-11-15 US President Jimmy Carter welcomes Shah of Iran
  • 1978-02-03 Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat and US President Jimmy Carter discuss the Middle East peace process in Washington, D.C.
  • 1978-04-07 US President Jimmy Carter defers production of neutron bomb
  • 1978-09-05 Anwar Sadat, Menachem Begin and Jimmy Carter begin Egypt-Isreal peace conference at Camp David
  • 1978-09-17 Anwar Sadat, Menachem Begin and Jimmy Carter sign the Camp David Accords, frameworks for peace in the Middle East and between Egypt and Israel
  • 1978-10-13 US President Jimmy Carter answers callers' questions on National Public Radio
  • 1978-10-17 President Jimmy Carter signs bill restoring US citizenship to Jefferson Davis
  • 1978-10-27 US President Jimmy Carter signs Hawkins-Humphrey full employment bill
  • 1978-12-01 US President Jimmy Carter more than doubles national park system size
  • 1978-12-16 Ronald Reagan denounces President Jimmy Carter's recognition of People's Republic of China
  • 1979-01-14 US President Jimmy Carter proposes Martin Luther King's birthday be a holiday
  • 1979-01-29 US President Jimmy Carter commuted Patricia Hearst's 7 year sentence to 2 years
  • 1979-07-24 US President Jimmy Carter names Paul Volcker as Chairman of the Federal Reserve
  • 1979-08-30 US President Jimmy Carter attacked by a rabbit on a canoe trip in Plains, Ga
  • 1979-10-17 US President Jimmy Carter signs legislation creating Department of Education
  • 1980-01-07 American President Jimmy Carter authorizes legislation to bail out the Chrysler Corporation with a 1.5 billion dollar loan
  • 1980-01-20 President Jimmy Carter announces US boycott of Olympics in Moscow
  • 1980-03-31 President Jimmy Carter deregulates banking industry
  • 1980-04-07 Jimmy Carter breaks relations with Iran during hostage crisis
  • 1980-04-25 Announcement of US hostage rescue bungle in Iran
  • 1980-06-03 Jimmy Carter wins enough delegates for renomination
  • 1980-07-23 River of No Return Wilderness Area designated by Jimmy Carter
  • 1980-08-14 Democratic Convention in NYC nominates Jimmy Carter & Walter Mondale
  • 1980-11-04 Ronald Reagan (R) defeats incumbant US President Jimmy Carter (D) by a landslide
  • 1981-10-08 US President Ronald Reagan greets predecessors Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon before sending them to Egypt for Anwar Sadat's funeral
  • 2002-05-12 Former US President Jimmy Carter arrives in Cuba for a five-day visit with Fidel Castro becoming first President of the United States, in or out of office, to visit the island since Castro's 1959 revolution.
  • 2015-08-12 Former US President Jimmy Carter reveals that he has cancer

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