Kanye West

Rapper Kanye West Full Name: Kanye West
Nationality: American

Profession: Rapper
Why Famous: The College Dropout, Late Registration

Born: June 8, 1977 (40 years old)
Star Sign: Gemini
Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Married Life

  • 2014-05-24 Rapper and record producer Kanye West (36) weds model Kim Kardashian (33) at Fort di Belvedere in Florence, Italy

Historical Events in the Life of Kanye West

  • 2001-09-11 Jay-Z releases his album "Blueprint" featuring contributions by Eminem and Kanye West
  • 2004-02-10 Kanye West releases his debut album "The College Dropout" (2005 Grammy Best Rap Album)
  • 2005-09-01 22nd MTV Video Music Awards: Green Day, Kelly Clarkson & Kanye West win
  • 2015-08-30 Rap artist Kanye West announces he will run for President in 2020 at the MTV Video Music Awards

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