Mao Zedong

Chinese Revolutionary and Chairman of the Communist Party Mao Zedong Full Name: Mao Zedong
Nationality: Chinese

Profession: Chinese Revolutionary and Chairman of the Communist Party
Why Famous: The founding father of the People's Republic of China from its establishment in 1949 until his death in 1976.

Mao's peasant focussed Marxist-Leninist theories, military strategies and political policies, developed during the long struggle against Chinese Nationalists are collectively known as Maoism.

Born: December 26, 1893
Star Sign: Capricorn
Birthplace: Shaoshan, China

Died: September 9, 1976 (aged 82)
Cause of Death: Heart attack

Married Life

Historical Events in the Life of Mao Zedong

  • 1930-01-05 Mao Zedong writes "A Single Spark Can Start a Prairie Fire"
  • 1931-11-07 Chinese People's Republic proclaimed by Mao Zedong
  • 1934-10-16 Mao Zedong & 25,000 troops begin 6,000 mile Long March
  • 1935-10-19 Mao Zedong's army reaches Shanxi
  • 1935-10-20 Communist forces end their Long March at Yan'an, in Shaanxi, China, bringing Mao Zedong to prominence
  • 1945-10-11 Chinese civil war begins between Kuomintang government led by Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Zedong's Communist Party
  • 1948-02-15 Mao Zedong's army occupies Yenan
  • 1949-10-01 People's Republic of China proclaimed by Mao Zedong (National Day)
  • 1958-05-23 Mao Zedong starts "Great leap forward" movement in China
  • 1959-04-27 Mao Zedong resigns as Chairman of the PRC after the disastrous failure of the Great Leap Forward
  • 1963-01-09 Mao Zedong writes his poem "Reply to Comrade Kuo Mo-jo"
  • 1966-07-25 Mao Zedong swims the Yangtze River
  • 1976-02-27 Final meeting between Mao Zedong & Richard Nixon
  • 1976-09-18 Mao Zedong's funeral takes place in Beijing
  • 1976-10-10 Beijing reports arrest of Mao Zedong's widow