Today in Christian History

Historical Events

  • 0001-01-01 Origin of Christian Era
  • 0180-07-17 6 inhabitants of Scillium in North Africa are executed for being Christians. Earliest record of Christianity in that part of the world.
  • 0311-04-30 Roman Emperor Galerius isssues Edict of Toleration, ending persercution of Christians in the Roman Empire
  • 0451-05-26 The Battle of Avarayr between Armenian rebels and the Sassanid Empire takes place. The Armenians are defeated militarily but are guaranteed freedom to openly practice Christianity.
  • 0920-07-26 Rout of an alliance of Christian troops from Navarre and Léon against the Muslims at Pamplona.
  • 0966-04-14 Christianisation of Poland
  • 1248-11-23 Conquest of Seville by Christian troops under King Ferdinand III of Castile after the city capitulates
  • 1593-06-22 Battle of Sisak: Allied Christian troops defeat the Turks.
  • 1793-10-05 French Revolution: Christianity is disestablished in France.
  • 1894-08-16 Indian chiefs from the Sioux & Onondaga tribes met to urge their people to renounce Christianity & return to their old Indian faith

Famous Birthdays

Person-of-interestPerson of Interest

0272-02-27 Constantine I, Naissus, Roman emperor (306-337) (adopted Christianity)

Roman Emperor Constantine the Great
Roman Emperor
Constantine the Great
  • 0354-11-13 [Christian] Aurelius Augustine, bp of Hippo in Roman Africa
  • 1700-02-23 Wilhelmus Schortinghuis, Dutch theologist (Profound Christianity)

Person-of-interestPerson of Interest

1775-01-27 Friedrich von Schelling, Germany, philosopher (Views on Christianity)

  • 1824-12-17 Thomas Starr King, NY, Unitarian clergyman (Christianity & Humanity)
  • 1847-10-01 Annie Besant, [Wood], England, philosopher (Esoteric christianity)
  • 1879-03-15 Gerrit J Heering, Dutch theologist (Fall of Christianity)
  • 1923-08-03 Shenouda III of Alexandria, Pope of the Coptic Christianity, (d. 2012)

Famous Deaths

  • 0068-04-25 Saint Mark, the first Pope of Alexandria and the founder of Christianity in Africa
  • 0290-10-01 [Christian] Bacchus, roman soldier/martyred saint, killed
  • 0290-10-07 [Christian] Sergius, roman soldier/martyred saint, decapitated
  • 1864-03-04 Thomas Starr King, Unitarian clergyman (Christianity & Humanity), dies
  • 1933-09-20 Annie Besant, English theosophy (Esoteric Christianity), dies