Jewish History (Part 6)

Historical Events

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  • 1943-03-22 SS police chief Rauter threatens to kill half Jewish children
  • 1943-04-10 12 Jewish patients of Herren Loo-Lozenoord escape nazis
  • 1943-04-30 Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp for Jews forms
  • 1943-05-01 German plane sinks boat loaded with Palestinian Jews bound for Malta
  • 1943-05-16 Jewish resistance in the Warsaw ghetto ends after 30 days of fighting
  • 1943-05-19 Berlin is declared "Judenrien" (free of Jews)
  • 1943-05-26 Jews riot against Germany in Amsterdam
  • 1943-06-18 SS Police in Amsterdam sentence for 12 resistance fighter to death (Jewish, communists, homosexuality) at the census bureau
  • 1943-06-20 German round up Jews in Amsterdam
  • 1943-07-31 Transport #58 departs with French Jews to nazi Germany
  • 1943-08-18 Final convoy of Jews from Salonika, Greece, arrives at Auschwitz
  • 1943-08-31 Japanese occupiers intern Jewish Congregation of Sorabajo
  • 1943-09-07 987 Dutch Jewish transported to Auschwitz Concentration Camp
  • 1943-09-11 Jewish ghettos of Minsk & Lida Belorussia liquidated

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1943-09-18 Hitler orders deportation of Danish Jews (unsuccessful)

Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler
Dictator of Nazi Germany
Adolf Hitler
  • 1943-09-29 German riots at Amsterdam Jews
  • 1943-10-01 Germans attack Jews in Denmark
  • 1943-10-14 600 Jews escape during an uprising at the Nazi concentration Camp in Sobibor, Poland
  • 1943-10-16 Anti Jewish riot in Rome
  • 1943-10-16 Jewish quarter of Rome surrounded by Nazis, they are sent to Auschwitz
  • 1943-10-23 First Jewish transport out of Rome reaches camp Birkenau
  • 1943-11-02 Jewish ghetto of Riga Latvia is destroyed
  • 1943-12-17 Transport 63 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
  • 1944-02-28 Arrests of the ten-Boom family in Nazi occupied Netherlands (Haarlem) through a Dutch collaborator on charges of hiding Jews
  • 1944-03-27 1,000 Jews leave Drancy, France, for Auschwitz concentration camp
  • 1944-03-27 2,000 Jews are murdered in Kaunas Lithuania
  • 1944-03-27 40 Jewish policemen in Riga, Latvia, ghetto are shot by the Gestapo
  • 1944-03-27 Children's Aktion-Nazis collect all the Jewish children of Lovno
  • 1944-03-31 Hungary orders all Jews to wear yellow stars
  • 1944-04-06 Jewish nursery at Izieu-Ain, France, overrun by Nazis
  • 1944-04-13 Transport #71 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
  • 1944-04-14 1st Jews transported from Athens arrive at Auschwitz
  • 1944-05-15 14,000 Jews of Munkacs, Hungary, deported to Auschwitz
  • 1944-05-16 1st of 180,000+ Hungarian Jews reach Auschwitz
  • 1944-05-30 Transport number 75 departs with French Jews to Nazi Germany
  • 1944-06-20 Nazis begin mass extermination of Jews at Auschwitz
  • 1944-06-29 Nazi Paul Touvier shoots 7 Jews dead
  • 1944-07-20 Death March of 1,200 Jews from Lipcani Moldavia begins
  • 1944-07-31 Transport #77 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
  • 1944-08-02 Jewish survivors of Kovono Ghetto emerge from their bunker
  • 1944-08-06 All 1,200 Jewish death marchers from Lipcani Moldavia have died
  • 1944-08-06 Deportation of 70,000 Jews from Lodz Poland to Auschwitz begins
  • 1944-08-21 Raid on Jewish childrens house in Secrétan/St-Mandé
  • 1944-08-22 Last transport of French Jews to nazi-Germany

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1944-09-03 68th & last transport of Dutch Jews (including Anne Frank) leaves for Auschwitz concentration camp

Jewish Victim & Diarist of the Holocaust Anne Frank
Jewish Victim & Diarist of the Holocaust
Anne Frank
  • 1944-09-04 2,087 Jews transported for Westerbork to KZ-Lower Theresienstadt
  • 1944-10-07 Uprising at Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, Jews burn down crematoriums
  • 1944-11-08 25,000 Hungarian Jews are loaned to Nazis for forced labor
  • 1944-12-03 Hungarian death march of Jews ends
  • 1945-01-17 Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, credited with saving tens of thousands of Jews from the Nazis, arrested by Soviet secret police in Hungary
  • 1945-02-13 Gerbrandy Dutch government refuses Dutch Jewish right to buy
  • 1945-08-25 Jewish immigrants are permitted to leave Mauritius for Palestine
  • 1945-11-16 Yeshiva College (Univesity), chartered in NY, 1st US Jewish College
  • 1946-06-29 Black Sabbath-Brits arrest 2,700 Jews in Palestine as alleged terrorist
  • 1946-07-04 Anti Jewish riots in Kielce Poland, 42 die
  • 1946-07-14 Mass murder of Jews in Kielce, Poland
  • 1946-10-06 US President Harry Truman questions Great Britain Jews about Palestine
  • 1947-02-07 The UK announces its intention to end the Mandate for Palestine

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1947-02-23 Gen Eisenhower opens drive to raise $170M in aid for European Jews

34th US President & WWII General Dwight D. Eisenhower
34th US President & WWII General
Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • 1947-04-01 1st Jewish immigrants to Israel disembark at Port of Eilat
  • 1947-07-18 British seize "Exodus 1947" ship of Jewish immigrants to Palestine
  • 1947-11-29 UN Gen Assembly partitions Palestine between Arabs & Jews
  • 1947-11-30 Day after UN decree for Israel, Jewish settlements attacked
  • 1947-12-29 Ship carrying Jewish immigrants driven away from Palestine
  • 1948-03-11 Jewish Agency of Jerusalem bombed
  • 1948-04-10 Jewish Hagana repels an Arab attack on Mishmar HaEmek
  • 1948-04-15 1st Jewish-Arab military battle, arabs defeated
  • 1948-05-27 Arabs blow up Jewish synagogue Hurvat Rabbi Yehudah he-Hasid
  • 1948-06-20 20 Jews killed when a bomb is thrown into Jewish quarter of Cairo
  • 1948-10-16 Demonstration by Moscow Jews honoring Israeli ambassador Golda Meir
  • 1948-11-16 Operation Magic Carpet - 1st plane from Yemen carrying Jews to Israel
  • 1949-01-10 1st Jewish family show "Goldbergs" premieres on CBS
  • 1949-11-20 Jewish population of Israel reaches 1,000,000
  • 1950-07-05 Law of Return passes, guarantees all Jews right to live in Israel
  • 1950-08-24 Operation Magic Carpet concludes transporting 45,000 Yemenite Jews
  • 1950-09-24 "Operation Magic Carpet" - all Jews from Yemen move to Israel
  • 1951-01-03 9 Jewish Kremlin physicians "exposed" as British/US agents

AgreementTreaty of Interest

1952-09-11 West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer signs a reparation pact for the Jewish people

Chancellor of West Germany Konrad Adenauer
Chancellor of West Germany
Konrad Adenauer
  • 1953-01-12 9 "Jewish" physicians arrested for "terrorist activities" in Moscow
  • 1955-01-15 Dmitri Shostakovitch's "From Jewish Folk Poetry" premieres in Leningrad

Conference meetingMeeting of Interest

1965-01-20 Generalissimo Francisco Franco meets with Jewish representatives to discuss legitimizing Jewish communities in Spain

Spanish Dictator and General Francisco Franco
Spanish Dictator and General
Francisco Franco
  • 1965-10-28 Pope Paul VI proclaims Jews not collectively guilty for crucifixion
  • 1966-01-02 1st Jewish child born in Spain since 1492 expulsion

Film release premierFilm Premier

1967-08-02 "In the Heat of the Night" directed by Norman Jewison and starring Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger premieres in New York (Best Picture 1968)

  • 1968-12-16 Official revocation of the Edict of Expulsion of Jews from Spain at Second Vatican Council
  • 1969-01-27 9 Jews publicly executed in Damascus, Syria
  • 1969-06-29 1st Jewish worship service at White House
  • 1970-07-21 Libya orders confiscation of all Jewish property
  • 1970-09-11 88 of the hostages from the Dawson's Field hijackings are released. The remaining hostages, mostly Jews and Israeli citizens, are held until September 25.
  • 1970-12-24 9 Jews are convicted in Leningrad of hijacking a plane
  • 1972-08-27 Sandra Haynie wins LPGA National Jewish Hospital Golf Open
  • 1973-08-26 Sandra Palmer wins LPGA National Jewish Hospital Golf Open

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1973-09-22 Henry Kissinge sworn in as America's 1st Jewish Secretary of State

Politician, statesman Henry Kissinger
Politician, statesman
Henry Kissinger
  • 1973-11-06 Abe Beame elected 1st Jewish mayor of NYC
  • 1974-08-24 Sandra Haynie wins LPGA National Jewish Hospital Golf Open
  • 1974-10-10 US Gen George Brown's speech deplores Jewish influence in US over his treatment during the 1973 World Series
  • 1975-08-24 Judy Rankin wins LPGA National Jewish Hospital Golf Open
  • 1976-08-29 Sandra Palmer wins LPGA National Jewish Hospital Golf Open
  • 1976-10-24 1st Jewish film & TV festival
  • 1977-06-01 Russia charges Jewish rights activist Anatoly Shcharansky with treason

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