National Football League History (Part 3)

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Events in Sport

Events 201 - 300 of 371

  • 1967-08-05 1st time an AFL team beats an NFL team, Broncos beats Detroit 13-7
  • 1967-09-17 New Orleans Saints 1st NFL game, they lose to LA Rams 27-13
  • 1967-10-29 Danny Abramowicz begins NFL streak of 105 consecutive game receptions
  • 1967-11-05 New Orleans Saints 1st NFL victory, beat Philadelphia Eagles 31-24
  • 1967-12-31 "The Ice Bowl", Packers beat Cowboys 21-17 in NFL championship game (-13°F)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1968-05-27 George Halas retires from coaching, finishing with 318 regular-season wins and 6 NFL titles

American Football Player, Coach, Owner, and Pioneer George Halas
American Football Player, Coach, Owner, and Pioneer
George Halas
  • 1968-08-02 35th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Green Bay 34, All-Stars 17 (69,917)
  • 1968-09-29 Chuck Latourette, sets NFL record 47.7 yd punt return avg (3 punts)
  • 1968-12-29 Balt Colts beat Cleveland Browns 34-0 in NFL championship game

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1969-01-27 Chuck Noll is named head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers (the youngest coach in NFL history at the time)

NFL Head Coach Chuck Noll
NFL Head Coach
Chuck Noll

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1969-02-04 John Madden is named head coach of NFL's Oakland Raiders

Football Coach and Sportscaster John Madden
Football Coach and Sportscaster
John Madden
  • 1969-05-01 Leonard Tose buys NFL Philadelphia Eagles for $16,155,000
  • 1969-05-17 Balt, Cleve & Pitts agree to go from NFC to AFC in NFL

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1969-06-06 Joe Namath resigns from NFL after Pete Rozelle, football commissioner, said he must sell his stake in a bar

NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle
NFL Commissioner
Pete Rozelle
  • 1969-07-18 Joe Namath agrees to sell interest in Bachelors 3, to stay in NFL
  • 1969-08-01 36th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: NY Jets 26, All-Stars 24 (74,208)
  • 1969-08-11 Pittsburgh Steelers beat NY Giants 17-13 in Montreal (NFL expo)
  • 1969-08-25 Det Lions beat Boston Patriots 22-9 in Montreal (NFL expo)
  • 1969-09-29 Steve O'Neal of NY Jets, kicks longest NFL punt; 98 yards vs Denver
  • 1969-11-02 NFL record of 12 passing touchdowns, New Orleans Billy Kilmer & St L Charlie Johnson pass for 6 touchdowns each
  • 1969-11-16 US President Nixon becomes first president to attend a season NFL game while in office: the Dallas Cowboys beat the Washington Redskins 41-28
  • 1970-01-16 NFL realigns into 3 divisions (down from 4)
  • 1970-03-18 NFL selects Wilson as official football & scoreboard as official time
  • 1970-07-31 37th NFL Chicago All Star Game: Kansas City 24, All Stars 3 (69,940)
  • 1970-08-03 4 day NFL strike ends
  • 1970-11-08 Tom Dempsey of New Orleans Saints kicks NFL record 63 yard field goal
  • 1970-12-05 LA Rams Willie Ellison sets NFL record of 247 yards rushing
  • 1971-07-30 38th NFL Chicago All Star Game: Baltimore 24, All Stars 17 (52,289)
  • 1971-12-25 Longest NFL game (82m40s) as Dolphins beat Chiefs 27-24
  • 1972-07-28 39th NFL Chicago All Star Game: Dallas 20, All Stars 7 (54,162)
  • 1972-10-08 Harold Carmichael begins NFL streak of 127 consecutive game receptions
  • 1972-12-16 Miami Dolphins become 1st undefeated NFL team (14-0-0)
  • 1973-03-24 SF 49er pres Lou Spadia proposes NFL expand to 30 teams
  • 1973-04-05 NFL adopts jersey numbering system (ie QBs, 1-19)
  • 1973-07-27 40th NFL Chicago All Star Game: Miami 14, All Stars 3 (54,103)
  • 1973-09-24 St Louis Cards Jim Bakken sets NFL record kicking 7 field goals
  • 1973-09-30 Mel Gray begins NFL streak of 121 consecutive game receptions
  • 1973-10-21 Fred Dryer of the then Los Angeles Rams becomes the first player in NFL history to score two safeties in the same game.
  • 1973-12-16 O J Simpson becomes 1st NFLer to rush 2,000 yard in a season
  • 1974-04-24 NFL grants franchise to Tampa Bay Bucaneers
  • 1974-04-25 NFL moves goal posts & adopts sudden-death playoff
  • 1974-06-04 NFL grants franchise to Seattle Seahawks
  • 1974-12-05 NFL's Seattle Seahawks forms
  • 1975-08-01 41st NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Pittsburgh 21, All-Stars 14 (54,103)
  • 1975-08-09 1st NFL game in Louisiana Superdome, Houston beats Saints 13-7
  • 1976-07-23 42nd NFL Chicago All Star Game: Pittsburgh 24, All Stars 0 (52,895)
  • 1976-08-16 St Louis Cards beat San Diego Chargers 20-10 in Tokyo (NFL expo)
  • 1977-04-01 NFL decides to experiment with a 7th official in some preseason games
  • 1977-11-20 Steve Largent begins NFL streak of 177 consecutive game receptions

Sports record brokenNFL Record

1977-11-20 Walter Payton (Bears) rushes for NFL record 275 yards

NFL Running Back Walter Payton
NFL Running Back
Walter Payton
  • 1977-12-04 NFL's 5,000th game, Cincinnati beats KC 27-7
  • 1978-03-14 NFL permanently adds 7th official (side judge)
  • 1978-08-05 New Orlean Saints beat Phil Eagles 14-7 in Mexico City (NFL expo)
  • 1978-11-05 Oakland Raider's John Madden becomes 13th coach to win 100 NFL games
  • 1979-08-24 NFL fans (60,916) choose old Patriots logo over new
  • 1979-10-21 Ozzie Newsome begins NFL streak of 150 consecutive game receptions
  • 1980-09-14 Dwight Clark begins NFL streak of 105 consecutive game receptions
  • 1980-09-21 Richard Todd of NY Jets completes 42 passes in a game (NFL record)
  • 1980-10-26 St Louis Cards sack Balt Colt QBs an NFL record tying 12 times
  • 1980-12-21 Harold Carmichael ends NFL streak of 127 consecutive game receptions
  • 1981-10-18 NY Giant Joe Danelo ties NFL record of 6 field goals in a game

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1982-01-10 "The Catch" - iconic moment in NFL history - Dwight Clark makes a fingertip catch for a touchdown from Joe Montana with 58 seconds left (SF 49ers win the game and go on to win the Super Bowl)

NFL Quarterback Joe Montana
NFL Quarterback
Joe Montana
  • 1982-05-07 Federal jury rules NFL violates antitrust laws in preventing
  • 1982-09-21 NFL players begin a 57 day strike
  • 1982-12-05 Mel Gray ends NFL streak of 121 consecutive game receptions
  • 1983-01-03 Tony Dorsett sets NFL record with 99-yd rush, Dallas vs Minnesota
  • 1983-08-06 Minnesota Vikings beat St Louis Cards 28-10 in London, England (NFL expo)
  • 1983-09-11 Franco Harris becomes 3rd NFL to rush 11,000 yards
  • 1983-10-02 Art Monk begins NFL streak of 136 plus consecutive game receptions
  • 1983-11-20 NY Giants Butch Woolfolk ties NFL record of 43 attempts rushing
  • 1983-12-10 Last NFL game at Shea Stadium; Steelers beat NY Jets 34-7
  • 1984-03-21 NFL owners passed the infamous anti-celebrating rule
  • 1984-03-29 NFL Baltimore Colts move to Indianapolis
  • 1984-10-07 Walter Payton passes Jim Brown as NFL's career rushing leader
  • 1984-10-22 NFL quarterback Ken Stabler retires
  • 1985-09-29 Houston QB Warren Moon sacked NFL tying record 12 times (by Cowboys)
  • 1985-10-27 Anthony Carter begins NFL streak of 100+ consecutive game receptions

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1985-12-02 NFL QB legends Dan Marino and John Elway face each other for the first time, a 30-26 victory for the Dolphins (Marino 390 yards and 3 touchdowns)

Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback Dan Marino
Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback
Dan Marino
NFL Quarterback John Elway
NFL Quarterback
John Elway

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1985-12-09 Jerry Rice begins NFL streak of 100+ consecutive games with a reception

NFL Wide Receiver Jerry Rice
NFL Wide Receiver
Jerry Rice
  • 1986-03-11 NFL adopts instant replay rule
  • 1986-07-29 NY jury rules NFL violated antitrust laws, awards USFL $1 in damages
  • 1986-08-18 Jim Kelly signs with NFL Buffalo Bills ($75 million for 5 years)
  • 1986-09-07 Cleveland Browns becomes 1st team in NFL history to have a play reviewed by instant replay, Chicago 41, Browns 31
  • 1986-09-07 Dan Marino throws his 100th career touchdown pass, the fastest QB in NFL history to do so
  • 1987-01-11 Largest crowd (76,633) at NFL NY Giant Stadium (beat Wash 17-0)
  • 1987-08-03 Chicago Bears beat Dallas Cowboys 17-6 in London, England (NFL expo)
  • 1987-08-09 LA Rams beat Dallas Cowboys 28-27 in London, England (NFL expo)
  • 1987-08-18 Houston Oiler Earl Campbell, retires from NFL
  • 1987-09-20 Dwight Clark ends NFL streak of 105 consecutive game receptions
  • 1987-09-20 Walter Payton scores NFL record 107th rushing touchdown
  • 1987-09-22 NFL players go on strike for 24 days
  • 1987-09-27 NFL players' strike begins in the US
  • 1987-10-04 1st "Scrub Sunday" of NFL football with replacement players
  • 1987-10-15 NFL Players Association orders an end to 24 day strike
  • 1987-11-29 Joe Montana of 49ers completes NFL record 22 consecutive passes
  • 1987-11-29 New Orleans Saints win, assuring their 1st winning NFL season
  • 1987-12-27 Steve Largent sets all-time NFL record for career catches when he catches his 752nd pass
  • 1988-01-16 NFL St Louis Cardinals announce move to Phoenix
  • 1988-03-15 NFL's St Louis Cardinals officially move to Phoenix
  • 1988-09-04 Phoenix Cardinals play 1st regular-season NFL game

Birthdays in Sport

Birthdays 201 - 300 of 2,070

  • 1946-01-06 Harold Jackson, Hattiesburg, MS, NFL wide receiver (LA, New Engl)
  • 1946-03-05 Rocky Bleier, Wisc, NFL running back (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • 1946-07-06 Fred Dryer, Hawthone California, NFLer (NY Giants, LA Rams)/actor (Hunter)
  • 1946-09-24 "Mean" Joe Greene, NFL tackle (Pittsburgh Steelers), Coke spokesman
  • 1946-12-25 Larry Csonka, NFL running back (Miami Dolphins, NY Giants)
  • 1947-01-02 Calvin Hill, NFL running back (Dallas Cowboys)
  • 1947-01-12 Tom Dempsey, NFL record-holder (longest field goal, 63 yards)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1947-07-09 OJ Simpson [Orenthal James], NFL running back (Buf Bills), born in San Francisco, California

NFL Running Back and Convicted Criminal OJ Simpson
NFL Running Back and Convicted Criminal
OJ Simpson
  • 1947-07-20 James Harris, Monroe La, NFL quarterback (Buffalo, LA, San Diego)
  • 1947-09-19 Larry Brown, NFL runningback (3rd to rush over 4,000 yards)
  • 1947-10-14 Charlie Joiner, Many La, NFL receiver (Houston, Cincinnati, San Diego)
  • 1947-12-05 Jim Plunkett, NFL quarterback (New England, Oakland), born in San Jose, California
  • 1948-07-13 Don Sweet, CFL, NFL place kicker (Montreal, Green Bay), born in Vancouver, Canada
  • 1948-09-02 Terry Bradshaw, NFL QB (Pittsburgh Steelers)/announcer (CBS, FOX)
  • 1948-11-18 Jack Tatum, Cherryville NC, NFL defensive back (Raiders)
  • 1949-02-10 Joe Lavender, NFL cornerback, born in Rayville, Louisiana
  • 1949-02-15 Ken Anderson, NFL quarterback (Cincinnati Bengals)
  • 1949-04-03 Lyle Alzado, NFLer (LA Raiders)/actor (Oceans of Fire, Hangfire)
  • 1949-05-26 Dan Pastorini, NFL quarterback (Houston Oilers, Raiders) [or Dec 25]
  • 1949-06-29 Dan Dierdorf, NFLer, sportscaster (Monday Night Football)
  • 1949-08-04 John Riggins, NFL running back (NY Jets, Wash Redskins)
  • 1949-09-09 Joe Theismann, NFL QB (Redskins)/sportscaster
  • 1949-09-22 Harold Carmichael, NFL wide receiver (Philadelphia Eagles)
  • 1949-11-19 Ahmad Rashad, [Bobby Moore], NFL receiver (Minnesota Vikings)/sportscaster
  • 1949-12-25 Dan Pastorini, NFL QB (Raiders) [or May 26]
  • 1950-02-06 Rich Glover, American NFL player, born in Bayonne, New Jersey
  • 1950-02-11 Clarence Ellis, NFLer, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • 1950-03-07 Franco Harris, NFL fullback (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • 1950-10-20 Isaac Curtis, NFL wide receiver (Cincinnati Bengals)
  • 1950-10-25 John Matuszak, NFLer (Raiders)/actor (Hollywood Beat), born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • 1950-10-26 Chuck Foreman, NFL running back (Minnesota Vikings)
  • 1950-11-11 Otis Armstrong, NFL running back (Denver Broncos)
  • 1950-12-25 Barry Pearson, American NFL player, born in Geneseo, Illinois
  • 1951-01-12 Drew Pearson, former NFL all-pro receiver
  • 1951-02-23 Ed "Too Tall" Jones, NFL linebacker (Dallas Cowboys)
  • 1951-06-10 Dan Fouts, NFL QB (San Diego Chargers)
  • 1951-08-18 Greg Pruitt, NFL running back (LA Raiders, Super Bowl XVIII)
  • 1951-09-24 Terry Metcalf, NFL, CFL running back (St Louis, Toronto), born in Seattle, Washington
  • 1951-12-28 Ken Pope, American NFL player, born Galverton, Texas
  • 1952-02-10 Mike Varty, American NFL player, born in Detroit, Michigan
  • 1952-03-07 Lynn Swann, NFL receiver (Pittsburgh Steelers)/sportscaster
  • 1952-07-03 Alan Autry, NFLer (Green Bay Packers)/actor (In the Heat of the Night)
  • 1953-01-15 Randy White, NFL tackle (Dallas Cowboys)
  • 1953-01-23 Pat Haden, Westbury, NY, NFL quarterback (LA Rams)
  • 1953-02-07 Robert Brazile "Dr. Doom", NFL player (Houston Oilers), born in Mobile, Alabama
  • 1953-02-16 George Martin, NFLer (NY Giants)
  • 1953-07-24 Steve Grogan, NFL QB (New England Patriots)
  • 1953-12-25 Dave Wasick, American NFL player, born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1954-06-11 Gary Fencik, NFL defensive back (Chicago Bears)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1954-07-25 Walter Payton, American NFL running back (Chicago Bears), born in Columbia, Mississippi (d. 1999)

NFL Running Back Walter Payton
NFL Running Back
Walter Payton
  • 1955-08-09 Doug Williams, Louisiana, NFL QB (Tampa Bay Bucaneers, Wash Redskins)
  • 1955-11-03 Phil Simms, NFL quarterback (NY Giants, Super Bowl 1986)
  • 1956-03-15 Clay Matthews, NFL linebacker (Atlanta Falcons)
  • 1956-03-16 Ozzie Newsome, NFL tight end (Cleveland Browns)
  • 1956-05-27 Nick Lowery, NFL kicker (NY Jets)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1956-06-11 Joe Montana, NFL quarterback (San Francisco 49ers), born in New Eagle, Pennsylvania

NFL Quarterback Joe Montana
NFL Quarterback
Joe Montana
  • 1956-07-06 Matt Bahr, NFL kicker (NE Patriots, NY Giants)
  • 1956-08-03 Todd Christensen, Bellefonte, PA, NFL player (Oakland) and sportscaster, (d. 2013)
  • 1956-08-29 Edddie Murray, NFL kicker (Washington Redskins, Minnesota Vikings)
  • 1956-11-18 Tony Franklin, NFL kicker (Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots)
  • 1956-11-18 Warren Moon, NFL quarterback (Houston Oilers, Seahawks, Vikings)
  • 1956-11-20 Mark Gastineau, NFL end (NY Jets, Pro Bowl 1981-85)
  • 1957-01-19 Ottis "O J" Anderson, NFL running back (NY Giants)
  • 1957-01-21 Jacob Green, NFL defensive end (Seattle Seahawk)
  • 1957-01-25 Jeff Gossett, NFL punter (Oakland Raiders)
  • 1957-02-24 Phil McConkey, NFL wide receiver (NY Giants)
  • 1957-11-19 Otis J Anderson, NFL running back (NY Giants, 1990 Super Bowl MVP)
  • 1957-12-05 Art Monk, NFL wide receiver (Wash Redskins, Philadelphia Eagles)
  • 1958-02-02 Dexter Manley, NFLer (Wash Redskins)
  • 1958-03-20 Rickey Jackson, NFL defensive end (SF 49ers)
  • 1958-05-18 Ray Donaldson, NFL center (Dallas Cowboys)
  • 1958-06-08 Stan Brock, NFL tackle (San Diego Chargers)
  • 1958-10-20 Dave Krieg, NFL quarterback (Arizona Cardinals, Tennessee Oilers)
  • 1958-12-16 Bart Oates, NFL center (NY Giants, SF 49ers)
  • 1959-01-27 Chris Collinsworth, NFL wide receiver/TV sportscaster
  • 1959-02-01 Mike Horan, NFL punter (NY Giants)
  • 1959-02-01 Wade Wilson, NFL quarterback (Dallas Cowboys)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1959-02-04 Lawrence Taylor, Williamsburg Virginia, NFL's greatest linebacker (NY Giants)

Hall of Fame American Football Player Lawrence Taylor
Hall of Fame American Football Player
Lawrence Taylor

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1959-02-19 Roger Goodell, Jamestown New York, American NFL Commissioner

Commissioner of the National Football League (NFL) Roger Goodell
Commissioner of the National Football League (NFL)
Roger Goodell
  • 1959-03-24 Renaldo Nehemiah, US, hurdler (110m at 12.93)/NFLer (SF 49ers)
  • 1959-05-04 Rohn Stark, NFL punter (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • 1959-05-08 Ronnie Lott, Albuquerque, NM, NFL defensive back (SF 49er)
  • 1959-05-14 Mike Quick, NFL wide receiver (Philadelphia Eagles)
  • 1959-06-03 Sam Mills, NFL linebacker (New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers), (d. 2005)
  • 1959-07-16 Gary Anderson, NFL kickerk (Philadelphia Eagles)
  • 1959-08-21 Jim McMahon, NFL QB (Chicago Bears, San Diego Chargers, Philadelphia Eagles)
  • 1959-10-09 Mike Singletary, NFL middle linebacker (Chicago Bears)
  • 1959-11-29 Rich Camarillo, NFL punter (Houston Oilers)
  • 1959-12-20 David Lutz, NFL guard/tackle (Detroit Lions)
  • 1959-12-27 Andre Tippett, NFL linebacker (New England Patriots)
  • 1959-12-28 Everson Walls, NFL cornerback (Dallas Cowboys, NY Giants)
  • 1960-01-26 Gary Plummer, NFL linebacker (San Diego Chargers, SF 49ers)
  • 1960-02-14 Jim Kelly, NFL quarterback (Buffalo Bills)
  • 1960-02-15 Darrell Green, NFL cornerback (Washington Redskins)
  • 1960-03-04 Reggie McElroy, NFL tackle (Denver Broncos)
  • 1960-03-26 Marcus Allen, NFL running back (LA Raiders, KC Chiefs, Heisman 1981)
  • 1960-03-31 Mark Tuinei, NFL tackle (Dallas Cowboys)
  • 1960-04-20 Rodney Holman, NFL tight end (Detroit Lions)
  • 1960-05-24 Pete Metzelaars, NFL tight end (Carolina Panthers, GB Packers, Lions)
  • 1960-05-31 Norm Johnson, NFL place kicker (Seattle Seahawk, Pittsburgh Steelers)

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