Today in Minnesota Timberwolves History

Events in Sport

  • 1989-11-03 Minn Timberwolves' 1st NBA game, loses to Seattle, 106-94
  • 1990-11-02 1st NBA game at Target Center, Minn Timberwolves beat Mavericks 98-85
  • 1995-11-05 1st NBA game at General Motors Place, Vancouver Grizzlies beat Minn Timberwolves 100-98 in OT
  • 2015-06-25 Karl-Anthony Towns is chosen by the Minnesota Timberwolves as the first draft pick in the 2015 NBA draft

Birthdays in Sport

  • 1963-04-08 Terry Porter, NBA guard (Minnesota Timberwolves)
  • 1963-07-13 Anthony "Spud" Webb, NBA guard (5f 7inch slam dunk champion), born in Dallas, Texas
  • 1963-09-02 Sam Mitchell, NBA forward (Minn Timberwolves)
  • 1966-06-28 Andrew Lang, NBA center (Minnesota Timberwolves, Milwaukee Bucks)
  • 1966-07-23 Micheal Williams, NBA guard (Minnesota Timberwolves)
  • 1967-03-27 Tom Hammonds, NBA forward (Minn Timberwolves, Denver Nuggets)
  • 1967-05-27 Doug West, NBA guard (Minnesota Timberwolves)
  • 1968-01-26 Reggie Jordan, NBA guard (Minn Timberwolves)
  • 1969-12-19 Tom Gugliotta, NBA forward (Minnesota Timberwolves)
  • 1970-02-07 Stanley Roberts, NBA center (LA Clippers, Minn Timberwolves)
  • 1970-03-24 Marques Bragg, NBA forward (Minnesota Timberwolves)
  • 1970-06-02 Eric Riley, NBA center (Dallas Mavericks, Minnesota Timberwolves)
  • 1971-03-06 Darrick Martin, NBA guard (LA Clippers, Minnesota Timberwolves)
  • 1971-03-12 Isaiah Rider, NBA guard/forward (Minn Timberwolves, Port Trailblazers)
  • 1972-05-29 Bill Curley, NBA forward (Portland Trail Blazers, Minn Timberwolves)
  • 1972-10-11 Cherokee Parks, NBA center (Dallas Mavericks, Minn Timberwolves)
  • 1973-01-28 Jerome Allen, NBA guard (Minnesota Timberwolves)
  • 1973-04-26 Mark Davis, NBA guard/forward (Philadelphia 76ers, Minnesota Timberwolves)
  • 1973-10-14 DeJuan Wheat, NBA guard (Minn Timberwolves)
  • 1974-01-06 Paul Grant, NBA center (Minn Timberwolves)
  • 1974-03-12 Chris Carr, NBA guard (Phoenix Suns, Minn Timberwolves)
  • 1976-05-19 Kevin Garnett, NBA forward (Minnesota Timberwolves), born in Greenville, South Carolina
  • 1977-02-20 Stephon Marbury, NBA guard (Minn Timberwolves)