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Historical Events

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1939-08-29 - Chaim Weizmann informs England that Palestine Jews will fight in WW II
1939-09-01 - WW II starts, Germany invades Poland, takes Danzig
1939-09-05 - FDR declares US neutrality at start of WW II in Europe
1939-09-06 - 1st German air attack on Great Britain in WW II
1939-09-06 - World War II: The Battle of Barking Creek.
1939-09-17 - Soviet Union invades Poland during WW II
1939-09-28 - German-Soviet Frontier Treaty is signed by Joachim von Ribbentrop and Vyacheslav Molotov; redraws German and Soviet spheres of influence in central Europe and transfers most of Lithuania to the USSR
Foreign Minister of the German Reich Joachim von RibbentropForeign Minister of the German Reich Joachim von Ribbentrop 1939-10-06 - Last Polish army is defeated in World War II.
1939-11-04 - US allows "cash & carry" arms sales during WW II
1939-11-06 - World War II: 'Sonderaktion Krakau' - a Nazi operation against academics, with 184 professors arrested in Krakow and deported
1939-12-24 - World War II: Pope Pius XII makes a Christmas Eve appeal for peace.
1940-01-08 - Britain's 1st WW II rationing (bacon, butter & sugar)
1940-01-12 - World War II: Soviets bombs cities in Finland.
1940-03-12 - Finland surrenders to Russia during WW II, gives Karelische Isthmus
1940-04-09 - Germany invades Norway & Denmark during WW II (Denmark surrenders)
1940-05-10 - World War II: The first German bombs of the war fall on England at Chilham and Petham, in Kent.
1940-05-27 - World War II: In the Le Paradis massacre, 97 soldiers from a Royal Norfolk Regiment unit are shot after surrendering to German troops.
1940-05-29 - In WW II, Germans capture Ostend & Ypres in Belgium & Lille in France
1940-06-05 - Battle of France begins in WW II
1940-06-09 - Norway surrenders to Germany during WW II
1940-06-10 - Italy declares war on France & Britain during WW II
1940-06-10 - Canada declares war on Italy.
1940-06-11 - World War II: British forces bomb Genoa and Turin in Italy.
1940-06-11 - World War II: First attack of the Italian Air force on the island of Malta.
1940-06-17 - France asks Germany for terms of surrender in WW II
1940-06-17 - World War II: sinking of the RMS Lancastria by the Luftwaffe near Saint-Nazaire, France.
1940-06-24 - France signs an armistice with Italy during WW II
1940-08-07 - Alsace Lorraine is annexed by the Third Reich (Germany) during World War II
1940-09-15 - Tide turns in Battle of Britain in WW II, RAF beats Luftwaffe
1940-10-07 - World War II: the McCollum memo proposes bringing the U.S. into the war in Europe by provoking the Japanese to attack the United States.
1940-10-16 - Lottery for 1st US WW II draftees held; #158 drawn 1st
1940-11-14 - During WW II, German planes destroy most of Coventry, England
1940-11-16 - World War II: In response to Germany's leveling of Coventry, England two days before, the Royal Air Force bombs Hamburg.
1940-11-20 - World War II: Hungary, Romania and Slovakia join the Axis Powers.
1940-12-22 - World War II: Himarë is captured by the Greek army.
1940-12-29 - Germany begins dropping incendiary bombs on London (WW II)
1941-01-02 - World War II: German bombing severely damages the Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff, Wales.
1941-01-02 - World War II: The U.S. government announces its Liberty ship program to build freighters in support of the war effort.
1941-01-10 - World War II: The Greek army captures Kleisoura.
Chinese Military and Political Leader Chiang Kai-shekChinese Military and Political Leader Chiang Kai-shek 1941-01-17 - Kuomintang forces under orders from Chiang Kai-shek open fire at communist forces, resuming the Chinese Civil War after World War II.
1941-03-02 - World War II: First German military units enter Bulgaria after it joined the Axis Pact.
1941-03-04 - The United Kingdom launches Operation Claymore on the Lofoten Islands, during World War II.
1941-03-08 - 1st baseball player drafted into WW II (Hugh Mulcahy, Phillies)
1941-03-22 - Jimmy Stewart is inducted into the Army, becoming the first major American movie star to wear a military uniform in World War II
1941-04-17 - World War II: The Kingdom of Yugoslavia surrenders to Germany.
1941-06-26 - Finland enters WW II against Russia
1941-06-30 - World War II: Operation Barbarossa - Germany captures Lviv, Ukraine.
1941-07-07 - World War II: Beirut is occupied by Free France and British troops.
Actor Jimmy StewartActor Jimmy Stewart 1941-07-13 - World War II: Montenegrins start popular uprising against the Axis Powers (Trinaestojulski ustanak).
1941-08-30 - Siege of Leningrad by Nazi troops began during WW II
1941-09-11 - Charles Lindbergh, charges "British, Jewish & Roosevelt administration" are trying to get US into WW II
1941-09-11 - World War II: The U.S. Navy is ordered to attack German U-boats.
1941-09-12 - 1st German ship in WW II captured by US ship (Busko)
1941-09-17 - World War II: A decree issued by the Soviet State Committee of Defense, restoring Vsevobuch "Universal compulsory military training of the citizens of the USSR" in the face of the "Great Patriotic War"
1941-09-27 - 1st WW II liberty ship, freighter Patrick Henry, launched
1941-10-17 - 1st US destroyer (Kearney) torpedoed in WW II, off Iceland
1941-10-31 - Prior to US joining WW II, Germany torpedoes US destroyer Reuben James
Aviator Charles LindberghAviator Charles Lindbergh 1941-12-08 - US & Britain declare war on Japan, US enters WW II
1941-12-09 - 1st US WW II bombing mission in Far East, Luzon, Philippines
1941-12-11 - Japanese attack Wake Island (only failed WW II-landing)
1941-12-17 - World War II: Beginning of the Siege of Sebastopol.
1941-12-19 - US Office of Censorship created to control info pertaining to WW II
1941-12-20 - World War II: First battle of the American Volunteer Group, better known as the "Flying Tigers" in Kunming, China.
1942-01-07 - WW II siege of Bataan starts
1942-01-13 - World War II: First use of aircraft ejection seat by a German test pilot in a Heinkel He 280 jet fighter.
1942-01-15 - Cubs drop plans to install lights at Wrigley due to WW II
1942-01-15 - FDR asks commissioner to continue baseball during WW II
32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt 1942-01-26 - 1st US force in Europe during WW II go ashore in Northern Ireland
1942-01-26 - WW II Navy flier Don Mason sends message "Sighted sub sank same"
1942-02-04 - Clinton Pierce becomes 1st US general wounded in action in WW II
1942-02-20 - Lt E H O'Hare single-handedly shoots down 5 Japanese heavy bombers, becomes America's first World War II flying ace
1942-02-22 - World War II: President Franklin Roosevelt orders General Douglas MacArthur out of the Philippines as American defenses collapse
1942-03-29 - The Bombing of Lübeck in World War II was the first major success for the RAF Bomber Command against Germany and a German city.
1942-04-28 - "WW II" titled so, as result of Gallup Poll
1942-05-05 - US begins rationing sugar during WW II
1942-05-10 - World War II: The Thai Phayap Army invades the Shan States during the Burma Campaign.
1942-05-18 - NYC ends night baseball games for rest of WW II
WW2 General Douglas MacArthurWW2 General Douglas MacArthur 1942-05-30 - 1,047 bombers bomb Cologne in RAF's raid of WW II
1942-06-04 - Battle of Midway begins; Japan's 1st major defeat in WW II
1942-06-07 - Battle of Midway ends: Adm Nimitz wins 1st WW II naval defeat of Japan
1942-06-11 - US & USSR sign Lend-Lease agreement during WW II
1942-06-22 - Jewish Brigade attached by British Army in WW II, forms
1942-06-23 - World War II: Germany's latest fighter, a Focke-Wulf FW190 is captured intact when it mistakenly lands at RAF Pembrey in Wales.
1942-06-25 - British RAF staged a 1,000 bomb raid on Bremen Germany (WW II)
1942-07-04 - 1st American bombing mission over enemy-occupied Europe (WW II)
1942-07-18 - Test flight of German Messerschmitt Me-262 using only its jet engines for the first time.
1942-07-23 - World War II: Operation Edelweiss (a German plan to gain control over the Caucasus) begins.
US Admiral Chester NimitzUS Admiral Chester Nimitz 1942-08-21 - World War II: a Nazi flag is installed atop the Mount Elbrus.
1942-08-23 - World War II: The last cavalry charge in history takes place at Izbushensky.
1942-10-12 - US navy defeats Japanese in WW II Battle of Cape Esperance
1942-10-23 - During WW II, Britain launches major offensive at El Alamein, Egypt
1942-11-08 - 1st WW II American expeditionary force lands in Africa (Gold Coast)
1942-11-11 - During WW II Germany completes the occupation of France
1942-11-12 - In World War II, battle of Guadalcanal began
1942-11-15 - World War II: First flight of the Heinkel He 219.
1942-11-20 - NHL abolishes regular season OT until WW II is over
1942-12-04 - US bombers struck Italian mainland for first time in WW II
Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf HitlerDictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler 1942-12-22 - World War II: Adolf Hitler signs the order to develop the V-2 rocket as a weapon.
1943-01-05 - Teams agrees to start season later due to WW II
1943-01-14 - FDR & Winston Churchill confer in Casablanca concerning WW II

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 95 of 95

1801-08-21 - Guillaume Groen van Prinsterer, WW II Dutch statesman/historian
1877-08-29 - Alfred DPR Pound, British admiral/1st Sealord (Jutland, WW II)
1878-08-15 - Pjotr N Wrangel, Russian baron/general (White Armies, WW II)
1878-10-29 - Alex E von Falkenhausen, German general (China, WW II)
1878-11-23 - Ernest J King, US fleet admiral/Chief of Naval Operations (WW II)
1880-01-26 - Douglas MacArthur, Little Rock Ark, US General (WW II), (d. 1964)
WW2 General Douglas MacArthurWW2 General Douglas MacArthur (1880-01-26) 1880-08-21 - Johan H Westerveld, Dutch WW II resistance fighter/leader (OD)
1881-05-20 - Wladyslaw Sikorski, premier Poland (WW II general)
1882-02-26 - Walter Lucht, German artillery general (WW I/WW II)
1882-04-23 - Max [G M J] Winders Maximilien, Belgium, architect (WW II)
1882-10-30 - William "Bull" F Halsey, US vice-admiral (WW II Pacific)
1883-01-07 - Andrew Browne, Irish/British admiral (WW II)
1884-12-30 - Tojo Hideki, Japanese PM during WW II
1885-02-24 - Chester Nimitz, US admiral (commanded Pacific fleet in WW II)
1886-06-25 - Henry "Hap" Arnold, commanding general, US Army Air Force (WW II)
1887-01-26 - Marc A "Pete" Mitscher, US lt-admiral (WW II-Task Force 58)
1887-11-17 - Bernard L Montgomery, British field marshall (WW II-African campaign)
1888-05-11 - Willis A. Lee, World War II U.S. naval admiral (d. 1945)
1890-07-11 - Arthur W Tedder of Glenguin, British air marshal (WW II)
German WWII Field Marshal Erwin RommelGerman WWII Field Marshal Erwin Rommel (1891-11-15) 1891-11-15 - Erwin Rommel, German Field Marshal (WW II-African campaign)
1892-03-11 - Wladyslaw Anders, Polish general (WW I, WW II)
1892-03-18 - Robert P Tristram Coffin, poet/reporter (WW II)
1892-04-15 - Theo Osterkamp, World War I and World War II German fighter pilot (d. 1975)
1892-05-07 - Josip Broz Tito, WW II partisan, leader of Yugoslavia (1943-80)
1893-02-12 - Omar Bradley, General of Army WW II (GI General)
1894-07-27 - Gerald F Bogan, US vice-admiral (WW II-Pacific Ocean)
1895-02-18 - Semjon Timoshenko, Russ marshal/inspector-general (WW II)
1895-03-03 - Matthew B Ridgway, US gen (WW II/China/Nicaragua/Korea/NATO)
1895-10-04 - Richard Sorge, German spy for USSR in Tokyo (WW II)
1895-10-05 - Walter Bedell Smith, US general (WW II)/head of CIA (1950-52)
1896-06-22 - Francis C Denebrink, US Naval officer (WW I, WW II, Korea)
1896-12-11 - Georgi K Zjukov, Russian minister of Defense (WW II) [OS-Dec 2]
1897-04-23 - Lucius du Bignon Clay, US, general (WW II)/gov (West Germany)
1898-02-24 - Kurt Tank, German WW II aircraft designer
1899-06-20 - Jean Moulin, hero of the French Resistance (WW II)
1899-08-29 - Lyman L Lemnitzer, Marine Corps general (WW II)
1900-08-03 - Ernie Pyle, England, correspondent during WW II
1901-09-16 - CFH "Freddie" Gough, British major scout (WW II, Arnhem)
1901-10-19 - Arleigh A Burke, Colo, admiral (WW II, Solomon Islands, Navy Cross)
1902-07-14 - Truman J Hedding, US vice-admiral (WW II)
1902-12-22 - Jacques-Philippe Leclerc, France, WW II hero (liberator of Paris)
1903-03-22 - James S Russell, US pilot/admiral (WW II Pacific Ocean)
1904-10-30 - Paul D Stoop, US vice-admiral (WW II-Coral Sea)
1904-12-24 - Herbert D Riley, US vice-admiral (WW II, Guadalcanal, Okinawa)
1905-04-19 - John S "Jimmy" Thach, US pilot/admiral (WW II)
1905-05-18 - Hedley Verity, cricketer (terrific slow lefty for England pre-WW II)
1905-07-13 - Alfredo M. Santos, First Four-star General of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, World War II hero (d. 1990)
1905-08-19 - Fitzhugh Lee, US pilot/vice-admiral (WW II, Navy Cross)
1906-03-18 - Roy L Johnson, US admiral (WW II-Pacific Ocean)
1908-01-12 - Ben Seijes, Dutch historian (WW II)
1908-01-16 - Günther Prien, German World War II submarine captain (d. 1941)
1909-01-28 - Lionel KP "Buster" Crabb, British diver (WW II-George Medal)
1909-02-03 - Simone Weil, Paris, social philosopher/Resistance fighter (WW II)
1910-01-16 - David McCampbell, US pilot/capt (WW II-Pacific-downed 34 Jap planes)
1910-02-05 - Martha van Och-Scholl, German/Dutch resistance fighter (WW II)
1910-02-10 - Dominique Pire, Belgium, educator, aided WW II refugees (Nobel 1958)
1910-02-21 - Douglas R S Bader, British pilot (WW II)
1910-03-16 - Martijn Lijnema, boer/resistance fighter (WW II)
1910-05-05 - William I Martin, US pilot/vice-admiral (WW II)
1910-07-04 - Francis D Foley, US lt adm (WW II, Guadalcanal)
Physicist Raemer SchreiberPhysicist Raemer Schreiber (1910-11-11) 1910-11-11 - Raemer Schreiber, McMinnville Oregon, American Physicist (Manhattan Project) who helped develop the first atomic bomb during World War II and prepared the Fat Man bomb that was used in the bombing of Nagasaki
1910-12-09 - Stephen Jurika Jr, US pilot/capt (WW II, Santa Cruz, Navy Cross)
1911-07-08 - Ken Farnes, cricket bowler (fast England in pre-WW II years)
1912-04-28 - Odette Hallowes, British classified agent in France (WW II)
1912-07-18 - Henry L "Hank" Miller, US pilot/lt adm (WW II-Pacific)
1912-08-04 - Raoul Wallenberg, Swedish diplomat in WW II (saved 10,000s of Jews)
1912-08-30 - Nancy Wake AC GM, New Zealand-born World War II secret agent
1913-11-28 - Hugo Pos, Suriname/Neth WW II prosecutor of minor war crimes Tokyo
1914-02-17 - [Bert de] Wayne Morris, WW II-pilot/actor (Paths of Glory), born in Los Angeles, California
1914-06-24 - Pearl Witherington CBE, British WW II secret agent (d. 2008)
1915-03-23 - Vasily Zaitsev, Soviet World War II hero (d. 1991)
1915-07-11 - Colin Purdie Kelly, US, 1st US air hero (during WW II)
1915-12-13 - Yitzhak Zuckerman [Itzhak Zuckerman], Vilnius, Lithuania, Jewish resistance hero in World War II and one of the few survivors of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
1916-01-09 - Peter Twinn, English World War II code-breaker (d. 2004)
1916-02-26 - Ross Gregory, cricketer (Australian batsman 1936-37, died in WW II)
1916-07-04 - Tokyo Rose, [Iva Toguri D'Aquino], propagandist (WW II)
1916-07-19 - James D Ramage, US lt-Adm (WW II-Palau/Guam/Philippines)
1916-11-05 - Len Wilkinson, cricketer (England leg-spinner just before WW II)
1916-11-20 - Ferdinand AM van der Ham, Dutch WW II resistance fighter
1917-02-22 - Harmen van Rossum, civil servant/resistance fighter (WW II)
1918-06-09 - Rob de Vries, Dutch WW II resistance fighter/dir/actor (Ciske de Rat)
1918-11-18 - Tasker Watkins, Welsh World War II hero (d. 2007)
1919-10-14 - Edward L Feightner, US rear-admiral (WW II-Santa Cruz Islands)
1919-12-13 - Hans-Joachim Marseille, German flying ace of World War II (d. 1942)
1920-12-24 - Evgeniya Rudneva, Russian World War II heroine (d. 1944)
1921-02-28 - Pierre Clostermann, French World War II pilot (d. 2006)
1921-07-09 - Jacob J Hage, Dutch farmer/WW II resistance fighter
1921-10-29 - Bill Mauldin, cartoonist (WW II Army grunts)
1922-04-19 - Erich Hartmann, German WW II pilot (downed 352 Russian aircrafts)
1922-07-14 - Robin Olds, American World War II and Vietnam War ace fighter pilot (d. 2007)
1922-12-12 - Arthur R Hawkins, US pilot/capt (WW II, downed 14 jap planes)
1923-07-28 - Kent L Lee, US vice-admiral (WW II-Marianas/Palau)
1924-04-12 - Julius Moormann, student/resistance fighter (WW II)
1924-09-24 - Walter Fufido, Iwo Jima casualty (WW II), born in The Bronx, New York
1925-06-20 - Audie Murphy, Kingston, Texas, most decorated American WW II hero/actor (Destry, Joe Butterfly)

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 2 of 2

1929-06-03 - Actor and naval officer of World War II Douglas Fairbanks Jr (19) weds actress Joan Crawford (24) at St. Malachy in New York City
1939-04-22 - Actor and naval officer of World War II Douglas Fairbanks Jr (29) weds Huntington Hartford's former wife Mary Lee Hartford

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 76 of 76

1915-10-12 - Edith L Cavell, British nurse, executed by Germans in Belgium (WW II)
1941-05-24 - Lancelot Holland, British vice-admiral ((WW II/Hood), dies in battle
1941-12-12 - Cesar Basa, Philippine Air Force and World War II hero (b. 1915)
1942-07-15 - Denis Moloney, cricketer (during WW II 3 Tests for NZ 1937), dies
1942-08-21 - Kiyoano Ichiki, Japanese colonel (WW II), dies
1942-09-05 - François de Labouchère, French aviator of World War II, compagnon de la Libération. (b. 1917)
1942-09-27 - Douglas Munro, only US Coast Guard with WW II-Med of Honor, dies
1943-10-21 - Alfred DPR Pound, British admiral/1st Sealord (Jutland, WW II), dies
1944-04-09 - Evgeniya Rudneva, Russian World War II heroine (b. 1920)
1944-05-19 - Godfrey Wilson, British Anthropologist of social change and colonial problems in Africa, commits suicide as a conscientious objector in WW II
German WWII Field Marshal Erwin RommelGerman WWII Field Marshal Erwin Rommel (1944-10-14) 1944-10-14 - Erwin Rommel, German Field Marshal (WW II-Africa), suicide at 52
1944-11-06 - Segundo "Boy" Ecury, Aruba, WW II resistance fighter, executed at 22
1945-04-18 - Ernest T Pyle, British/US newscaster, killed in WW II at 44
1945-09-06 - John S Mccain, US admiral, (WW II-Pacific Ocean), dies
1946-02-21 - José Streel, Belgian World War II collaborator (b. 1911)
1947-02-03 - Marc A "Pete" Mitscher, US lt-adm (WW II-Task Force 58), dies at 60
1947-07-17 - Raoul Wallenberg, Swedish diplomat in WW II (saved thousands of Jews), dies at 34
1947-11-28 - Jacques-Philippe Leclerc, WW II hero (liberator of Paris), dies at 44
1949-05-25 - Simon H Spoor, intelligence officer/general (WW II), dies at 47
1955-01-24 - Ira Hayes, American World War II hero (b. 1923)
1956-01-12 - John Raedecker, Dutch sculptor (WW II Monument Amsterdam), dies at 70
1956-04-19 - Lionel K P "Buster" Crabb, British diver (WW II), dies at 47
1958-01-30 - Earnest H Heinkel, German airplane builder (WW II), dies at 70
1958-04-18 - Maurice-Gustave Gamelin, French generalissmo (WW I, WW II), dies at 85
1959-08-16 - William "Bull" F Halsey, US vice-admiral (WW II Pacific), dies
1961-03-07 - Max Hymans, WW II resistance fighter/Head of Air France, dies at 60
1961-08-09 - Walter Bedell Smith, US general/WW II chief of staff, dies at 75
1963-06-12 - Andrew Browne, Irish/British admiral (Cape Matapan, WW II), dies at 80
1963-11-22 - NKD Nanavati, Indies general-major (WW II), dies
WW2 General Douglas MacArthurWW2 General Douglas MacArthur (1964-04-05) 1964-04-05 - Douglas MacArthur, US general (Pacific theater-WW II), dies at 84
1966-02-20 - Chester W Nimitz, US admiral (WW II), dies at 80
1967-06-03 - Arthur W Tedder of Glenguin, British air marshal (WW II), dies at 76
1968-05-14 - Husband Edward Kimmel, commandant US Ocean fleet WW II, dies at 86
1970-03-31 - Semjon Timoshenko, Russ marshal/inspector-general (WW II), dies at 75
1970-05-12 - Wladyslaw Anders, Polish general (WW I, WW II), dies at 78
1971-05-30 - Audie Murphy, most decorated American WW II hero/actor (Sierra), killed in plane crash at 46
1974-07-14 - Carl Spaatz, American World War II general and 1st Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force, dies at 83
1978-01-22 - Oliver Leese, British World War II general (b. 1894)
1981-06-17 - Yitzhak Zuckerman [Itzhak Zuckerman], Jewish resistance hero in World War II and one of the few survivors of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, dies at 65
US Admiral Chester NimitzUS Admiral Chester Nimitz (1966-02-20) 1981-07-12 - Ben Seijes, historian (WW II), dies at 73
1982-01-19 - Leopold Trepper, Polish/Israeli spy (WW II), dies at 77
1982-09-05 - Douglas Bader, RAF fighter pilot in World War II (b. 1910)
1983-04-17 - Mark W Clark, US general (WW II), dies at 87
1987-04-08 - Francis C Denebrink, US Naval officer (WW I, WW II, Korea) dies at 90
1987-04-19 - Maxwell D Taylor, US commander 101st airborne (WW II), dies at 85
1987-08-06 - Ira C Eaker, commandant USAF in Europe (WW II), dies at 91
1987-11-26 - Thomas G Lanphier Jr, US WW II pilot, dies at 71
1988-01-11 - Gregory (Pappy) Boyington, ace WW II pilot, dies at 75 of cancer
1988-06-25 - Axis Sally, [Mildred E Gillars], US nazi propagandist (WW II), dies
1989-11-25 - Alva R. Fitch, American World War II and Korean soldier (b. 1907)
1990-02-07 - Alfredo M. Santos, First Four-star General of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, World War II hero (b. 1905)
1990-09-07 - Alan J P Taylor, British historian (Origins of WW II), dies
1990-10-11 - Douglas Edwards, WW II correspondent, dies of cancer at 73
1990-11-14 - Malcolm Muggeridge, WW II spy for Britain, dies at 87
1991-01-05 - Vasko Popa, Serbian WW II-partisan/poet (Sporedno Nebo), dies at 68
1993-02-08 - Paul Brickhill, Dutch/US WW II pilot/physician, dies
1993-02-28 - Fer A Olthoff, Dutch WW II resistance fighter (Het Parool), dies
1993-07-11 - Henri van Soede, sub commandant (WW II), dies at about 83
1993-07-21 - Henk Kersting, bureau chef (Associated Press-WW II), dies at 88
1993-12-20 - W Edwards Deming, US economist (helped Japan after WW II), dies at 93
1994-12-11 - Stanislaw Maczek, Polish/British general-major (WW II), dies at 102
1996-07-17 - Paul Touvier, French WW II criminal, dies at 81
1997-05-31 - Rosie Will Monroe, WW II icon (Rosie the riveter), dies at 76
1997-09-22 - Shoichi Yokoi, Jap WW II fighter (surrendered in 1972), dies at 82
Physicist Raemer SchreiberPhysicist Raemer Schreiber (1998-12-24) 1998-12-24 - Raemer Schreiber, American Physicist (Manhattan Project) who helped develop the first atomic bomb during World War II and prepared the Fat Man bomb that was used in the bombing of Nagasaki, dies at 88
2000-07-12 - Charles Merritt, Canadian Army officer and recipient of the Victoria Cross during World War II (b. 1908)
2003-01-22 - Bill Mauldin, American World War II cartoonist (b. 1921)
2006-03-22 - Pierre Clostermann, French World War II pilot (b. 1921)
2006-11-12 - General Jacob E. Smart, US Air Force leader World War II (b. 1909)
2007-01-02 - Mauno Jokipii, Finnish professor and World War II researcher (b. 1924)
2007-10-11 - David Lee "Tex" Hill, World War Two fighter pilot, flying ace, 1st American Volunteer Group (b. 1915)
2008-06-16 - Mario Rigoni Stern, Italian writer, World War II veteran and Nazi concentration camp survivor (b. 1921)
2008-09-03 - Donald Blakeslee, American aviator, led 4th Fighter Group during World War II. (b.1918)
2009-06-17 - Darrell Powers, American World War II veteran of the United States 101st Airborne Division. (b. 1923)
2010-04-08 - Jack Agnew, American World War II veteran (b. 1922)
2010-12-23 - Fred Hargesheimer, American World War II pilot (b. 1916)

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