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Famous Weddings

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Jan 13th - MLB baseball right fielder Sammy Sosa (23) weds Sonia Rodriguez
Jan 18th - Actress Joan Chen (Twin Peaks) marries Dr Peter Hui
Feb 22nd - Ed McMahon (69) weds Pamela Hurn (37)
Feb 24th - Singer-songwriter Courtney Love (27) weds lead singer Kurt Cobain (25) on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii
Mar 12th - Actress Annette Bening (33) weds actor Warren Beatty (54)
Mar 22nd - Record producer Lou Adler weds Paige Hannah (Daryl's sister)
Apr 4th - Comedian Sam Kinison (38) weds Malika Souiri at the Candlelight Chapel in Las Vegas
Apr 4th - John Tesh (Entertainment Tonight) marries actress Connie Selleca
Apr 5th - Comedian Sam Kenison marries live-in girlfriend Maleeka
Apr 11th - Country singer Lee Greenwood weds Miss Tennessee 1989 (Kimberly Payne)
Apr 18th - Tennis ace Stefan Edberg marries Annette Olsen in Sweden
Apr 24th - Rock star David Bowie (45) weds supermodel Iman (37) in Switzerland
Apr 26th - Rapper and record producer Ice Cube (22) weds Kimberly Woodruff
May 3rd - Beverly Hills 90210 Gabrielle Carteris marries Charles Isaacs
Actress Gabrielle CarterisActress Gabrielle Carteris (May 3rd) May 23rd - "Once and Again" actress Sela Ward (35) weds actor Howard Sherman (42)
May 23rd - Actress Anjelica Huston (40) weds sculptor Robert Graham (54)
May 29th - Actor Robert Downey Jr (27) weds actress/singer Deborah Falconer (26)
May 30th - Paul Simon weds Edie Brickell
Jun 4th - TV personality Steve Irwin (30) weds naturalist Terri Raines (27) in Eugene, Oregon
Jun 6th - "The Montel Williams Show" talk show host Montel Williams (35) weds burlesque dancer Grace Morley
Jun 15th - Director Frank Perry (Mommie Dearest) marries Virginia Bush Ford
Jun 18th - Actor Jameson Parker weds actress Darleen Carr
Jun 21st - Actor Michael Chiklis (Commish) marries Michelle Epstein
Jun 21st - Actress Marina Sirtis (Star Trek NG) marries rocker Michael Lamper
Naturalist and TV Star Steve IrwinNaturalist and TV Star Steve Irwin (Jun 4th) Jun 27th - "One Life to Live" actress Catherine Hickland (36) weds actor Michael E. Knight (33)
Jun 27th - Singer-songwriter Andrea Bocelli (34) weds Enrica Cenzatti
Jun 28th - US President Bush's daughter Dorothy marries Bobby Koch
Jun 30th - Actress Cecil Hoffman (Zoe-LA Law) marries Paul Slye
Jul 3rd - Gary Dell'Abate (Howard Stern Show) marries Mary
Jul 3rd - Mass Senator Ted Kennedy marries Victoria Reggie (38)
Jul 4th - US actress Bobbie Eakes marries author David Stone
Jul 18th - Film critic Roger Ebert marries Chaz Hammel-Smith
Jul 18th - Helen Windsor, daughter of British Duke and Duchess of Kent weds art dealer Timothy Taylor at Windsor Castle
Jul 18th - Singers Whitney Houston (28) & Bobby Brown (23) marry
Jul 26th - "Kiss" guitarist Paul Stanley weds model Pamela Bowen
Aug 8th - Actress Barbara Hershey weds artist Stephen Douglas
Singer and actress Whitney HoustonSinger and actress Whitney Houston (Jul 18th) Aug 15th - Actress Susan Anton marries actor Jeff Lester
Aug 16th - Comedian Janeane Garofalo (27) weds writer Robert Cohen in Las Vegas
Aug 20th - Rocker Sting weds Trudie Styler at an 11th century chapel in Wiltshire, England
Sep 5th - Andrew "Dice" Clay marries his long time partner Trinie
Sep 5th - Rock singer John Mellencamp (40) weds model Elaine Irwin Mellencamp (23) in Indiana
Oct 3rd - LeVar Burton weds Stephanie Cozart
Oct 3rd - Future US President Barack Obama (31) weds fellow lawyer Michelle Robinson (28)
Oct 10th - Actress Ally Sheedy weds actor David Lansbury
Oct 10th - Actress Heather Thomas weds entertainment lawyer Skip Brittenham
Oct 16th - Author J. K. Rowling (27) weds Portuguese television journalist Jorge Arantes
Novelist J. K. RowlingNovelist J. K. Rowling (Oct 16th) Dec 31st - WCBS TV news anchor Carol Martin weds Joe Terry
Dec 31st - MLB Outfielder David Justice (26) weds actress Halle Berry (26) in Atlanta, Georgia

Famous Divorces

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Musician Lenny KravitzMusician Lenny Kravitz (Apr 12th) Apr 12th - Actress Lisa Bonet files for divorce from singer Lenny Kravitz
Apr 13th - Nelson Mandela announces he will seek divorce from Winnie
Apr 23rd - British Princess Anne (the Princess Royal) and her 1st husband Captain Mark Phillips divorce after 19 years
Jun 30th - Actress Natasha Richardson (29) divorces producer Robert Fox (39) after a year of marriage

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