Salvation Army Forms, Bloomsday and FDR's New Deal

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  • 1858 Abraham Lincoln says "A house divided against itself cannot stand" accepting Illinois Republican Party's nomination for the Senate
  • 1904 Bloomsday (date of events in James Joyce's Ulysses)
  • 2000 Israel complies with UN Security Council Resolution 425 after 22 years, which calls on Israel to completely withdraw from Lebanon. Israel withdraws from all of Lebanon, except the disputed Sheba Farms
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Today in Film & TV

  • 2015 TV personality and Real estate mogul Donald Trump launches his campaign for the Republican nomination for US President at Trump Towers

Today in Music

  • 1902 "The Wizard of Oz" musical first opens in Chicago, Illinois

Today in Sport

  • 1909 Jim Thorpe makes his pro baseball pitching debut for Rocky Mount (ECL) with 4-2 win, this will cause him to forfeit his Olympic gold medals
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1st roller coaster used (Coney Island NY)

On this day in 1884

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In Santa Barbara, CA, a team of 32 divers begin cycling underwater on a standard tricycle, to complete 116.66 mi in 75 hrs 20 mins

On this day in 1988

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  • 2006 Lady Victoria White (43) divorces legendary Hollywood film producer Robert Evans (76) due to irreconcilable differences only 10 months of marriage
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