Today in History

Significant Events

  • 1192 Minamoto Yoritomo becomes Seii Tai Shōgun and the de facto ruler of Japan. (Traditional Japanese date: July 12, 1192)
  • 1703 The Edirne Event: Turkish army removes Sultan Mustafa II, lessening the power of the sultans
  • 1772 King Gustav III of Sweden completes coup d'etat by adopting a new Constitution and installing himself as an enlightened despot - ends 50 years of parliamentary rule
  • 1888 American inventor William Seward Burroughs patents the adding machine
  • 1911 "Mona Lisa" stolen from the Louvre by Vincenzo Perugia (Recovered in 1913)
  • 1959 Hawaii becomes the 50th US state
  • 1991 Conservative coup in the Soviet Union is crushed by popular resistance led by Boris Yeltsin in three days
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Today in Film & TV

  • 1942 Walt Disney's animated movie "Bambi", based on the book by Felix Salten, is released

Today in Music

  • 2001 "How You Remind Me" single released by Nickelback (Billboard Song of the Year 2002)

Today in Sport

  • 1986 Ian Botham takes world-record 356th Test Cricket wkt (v NZ, The Oval)

Did You Know?

1st British unmanned drone hit on a UK citizen outside a conflict - ISIS fighter Reyaad Khan in Raqqa, Syria

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Would You Believe?

After 108 years a "message in a bottle" put in the sea by UK Marine Biological Association is announced found on a beach in Amrum, Germany

On this day in 2015

Famous Weddings

  • 1745 Future Russian Tsar Peter III marries Ekaterina Alexeievna later Catherine II (Catherine the Great)
  • 1929 Painter Diego Rivera (42) weds fellow artist Frida Kahlo (22)
  • 1956 Boxing champ Archie Moore (42) weds model Joan Hardy in Ensenada, Mexico
  • 1976 Magazine publisher Larry Flynt (33) weds Althea Leasure (23)
  • 1982 U2 lead singer Bono (22) weds activist and businesswoman Ali Hewson (21)
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