Famous People Born in 1628

  • Jan 1 Christoph Bernhard, German baroque composer, born in Kolberg, Pomerania (d. 1692)
  • Jan 8 François‑Henri de Montmorency, French military officer, and Duke of Luxembourg, born in Paris, France (d. 1695)
  • Jan 10 Jan Theunisz Blanckerhoff [Jan Maet], Dutch painter, born in Alkmaar, Netherlands (d. 1669)

Charles PerraultCharles Perrault (1628-1703)

Jan 12 French author and fairy tale writer (Tales of Mother Goose), born in Paris, France

  • Jan 30 George Villiers, 2nd duke of Buckingham, English statesman and poet, born in London (d. 1687)
  • Mar 10 Constantine Huygens Jr., Dutch poet, painter and cartoonist, born in The Hague, Dutch Republic (d. 1697)
  • Mar 10 Marcello Malpighi, Italian physician who founded the science of microscopic anatomy, born in Crevalcore, near Bologna, Papal States (d. 1694)
  • Mar 17 Daniel van Papenbroeck, Flemish historian, born in Antwerp, Spanish Netherlands (d. 1714)
  • Mar 24 Sophie Amalie of Brunswick-Lüneburg, queen of Denmark and Norway (d. 1685)
  • Apr 2 Constantin Christian Dedekind, German composer and poet, born in Reinsdorf, Thuringia, Germany (d. 1715)
  • Apr 16 Cornelis Evertsen the Younger, Dutch vice admiral of Zealand, born in Flushing, Netherlands (d. 1679)
  • Apr 23 Johan van Waveren Hudde, Dutch mathematician (Concerning Reduction of Equations) and Mayor of Amsterdam (1672-1703), born in Amsterdam (d. 1704)
  • May 17 Ferdinand Charles, Archduke of Austria and Regent of the Tyrol, born in Innsbruck, Austria (d. 1662)
  • Jul 11 Tokugawa Mitsukuni, Japanese warlord, born in Mito, Japan (d. 1701)
  • Aug 29 John Granville, 1st Earl of Bath, English royalist statesman (d. 1701)

John BunyanJohn Bunyan (1628-1688)

Nov 28 English minister and author (The Pilgrim's Progress), born in Elstow, Bedfordshire, England

  • Dec 21 Samuel Friedrich Capricornus, Czech composer, born in Žerčice, Czech Republic (d. 1665)
  • Dec 25 Noel Coypel, French painter, born in Paris, France (d. 1707)