On This Day

Famous People Born in 1655

  • Jan 1 Christian Thomasius, German jurist (d. 1728)
  • Jan 6 Eleonore-Magdalena of Neuburg, Holy Roman Empire Empress, born in Düsseldorf, Germany (d. 1720)
  • Jan 6 Jakob Bernoulli, Swiss mathematician, born in Basel, Switzerland (d. 1705)
  • Jan 14 Angelo Predieri, Italian composer, born in Bologna, Italy (d. 1731)
  • Jan 22 Geleyn Evertsen, lt-admiral (Zealand)
  • Feb 3 Francois Fagel, Dutch fieldmarshal, baptized
  • Feb 7 Jean-Francois Regnard, French comedy writer (Slave in Algeria)
  • Mar 17 Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre, French harpsichordist, organist, singer, and composer (Les pièces de clavessin; Céphale et Procris), born in, Paris (d. 1729)
  • Apr 8 Louis Willem I, Margrave of Baden-Baden, born in Paris (d. 1707)
  • May 4 Bartolomeo Cristofori, Italian instrument maker - considered the inventor of the piano, born in Padua (d. 1731)
  • May 13 Innocent XIII [Michelangiolo dei Conti], Italian 244th Pope (1721-24)
  • Jun 13 Adriana Nooseman-van de Bergh, 1st actress in the Netherlands (Onvergelijkelijke Ariana, Amsterdam Schouwburg), born in Middelburg, Netherlands (d. 1661)
  • Jun 26 Jean Deutz, merchant and Amsterdam regent, born in Amsterdam (d. 1719)
  • Aug 13 Johann Christoph Denner, German musician and inventor (clarinet), born in Leipzig, Germany (d. 1707)
  • Sep 12 Sebastien de Brossard, French composer and music theorist, born in Dompierre, Orne, France (d. 1730)
  • Sep 19 Jan Luyts, Dutch physicist and mathematician, born in Hoorn, Netherlands (d. 1721)
  • Nov 24 Charles XI, King of Sweden (1660-97)
  • Dec 28 Charles Cornwallis, 3rd Baron Cornwallis, First Lord of the British Admiralty (d. 1698)