Famous People Born in 1730

  • Jan 3 Charles Palissot de Montenoy, French writer/politician
  • Jan 12 Johann Joachim Christoph Bode, German bassoonist and composer, born in Barum, Electorate of Brunswick-Lüneburg (now Germany) (d. 1793)
  • Jan 14 William Whipple, American merchant & judge (signatory of the Declaration of Independence), born in Kittery, Maine (d. 1785)
  • Jan 15 John Malchair, German-born English artist, violinist and composer, born in Cologne (d. 1812)
  • Jan 23 Joseph Hewes, American merchant (Declaration of Independence signatory), born in Princeton, New Jersey (d. 1779)
  • Feb 21 Charles L Fournier, Flemish writer/painter
  • Feb 23 Christian Joseph Lidarti, composer
  • Mar 7 Baron de Breteuil, French statesman (d. 1807)
  • Mar 11 Otto Friedrich Müller, Copenhagen, Danish Naturalist who was a pioneer in the study of microorganisms including bacteria, diatoms, and infusoria
  • Mar 27 Thomas Tyrwhitt, English classical scholar and critic, born in London (d. 1786)
  • Mar 31 Étienne Bézout, French mathematician (d. 1783)
  • Apr 25 Fedele Fenaroli, Italian composer, born in Lanciano, Italy (d. 1818)
  • May 10 George Ross, American judge (signed US Declaration of Independence)

Charles Watson-Wentworth

May 13 Charles Watson-Wentworth, 2nd Marquis of Rockingham, British Prime Minister (Whig: 1765-66, 1782), born in Wentworth, Yorkshire, England (d. 1782)

  • May 29 William Jackson [Jackson of Exeter], English composer and organist, born in Exeter, England (d. 1803)
  • Jun 7 Georg von Pasterwiz, Austrian composer, born in Passau, Germany (d. 1803)
  • Jun 14 Antonio Sacchini, Italian opera composer, born in Florence (d. 1786)
  • Jun 20 Nonnosus Madlseder, German composer, born in Merano (d. 1797)
  • Jun 21 Norinaga Motoori, Japanese scientist, born in Matsuzaka, Japan (d. 1801)

Charles Messier

Jun 26 Charles Messier, French astronomer (cataloguer of "M objects"), born in Badonviller, Lorraine, France (d. 1817)

Josiah Wedgwood

Jul 12 Josiah Wedgwood, English pottery designer and manufacturer (Wedgwood), born in Burslem, Staffordshire, England (d. 1795)

  • Aug 27 Johann Georg Hamann, German counter-enlightenment philosopher ("Reason is language"), born in Königsberg, Kingdom of Prussia (d. 1788)

Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben

Sep 17 Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, Prussian-American military officer (major general of the Continental Army), born in Magdeburg (d. 1794)

  • Oct 1 Richard Stockton, American attorney and signer of Declaration of Independence, born in Princeton, New Jersey (d. 1781)
  • Oct 14 Jean-Joseph Rodolphe, Alsatian composer, born in Strasbourg, France (d. 1812)
  • Oct 17 Ernestus Weinrauch, German composer (Cain and Abel), organist, and Benedictine priest, born in Donauwörth, Bavaria (now Germany) (d. 1793)
  • Nov 10 Oliver Goldsmith, Irish novelist and dramatist (She Stoops to Conquer), born in Kilkenny West, Ireland (d. 1774)
  • Nov 16 Gualtherus van Doeveren, Zealand-Flanders physician, born in Philippine, Zealand, Netherlands (d. 1783)
  • Dec 8 Jan Ingenhousz, Dutch-English physiologist (discovering photosynthesis) and personal physician of Maria Theresa, born in Breda, Staats-Brabant, Dutch Republic (d. 1799)
  • Dec 14 Capel Bond, English composer, born in Gloucester (d. 1790)
  • Dec 25 Philip Mazzei, Italian physician and friend of Thomas Jefferson (d. 1816)