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Famous People Born in 1745

Person of interestAnthony Wayne

Jan 1 Anthony Wayne, American Military Leader (Legion of the United States), born in Easttown Township, Province of Pennsylvania (d. 1796)

Military Leader Anthony Wayne
Military Leader
Anthony Wayne
  • Jan 6 Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier, Annonay, Ardèche, French inventors and 1st pioneer balloonist (Montgolfière-style hot air balloon)
  • Jan 7 Johann Christian Fabricius, Tønder, Danish Entomologist (named nearly 10,000 species)
  • Jan 9 Caleb Strong, 6th and 10th Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1819)
  • Jan 17 Nicolas Roze, composer
  • Jan 23 William Jessop, English canal engineer, born in Plymouth, United Kingdom (d. 1814)

Person of interestAlessandro Volta

Feb 18 Alessandro Volta, Italian physicist and inventor of the 1st battery, born in Como, Italy (d. 1827)

Physicist and Inventor Alessandro Volta
Physicist and Inventor
Alessandro Volta
  • Feb 20 Johann Peter Salomon, German violinist, composer, conductor, and musical promoter (Hadyn), baptized in Bonn, Germany (d. 1815)
  • Feb 20 Henry James Pye, English poet, British Poet Laureate (1790-1813), born in London (d. 1813)
  • Feb 22 Joao de Sousa Carvalho, composer
  • Feb 27 Silverius Muller, composer
  • Mar 10 John Gunby, Maryland Soldier in the American Revolutionary War (d. 1807)
  • Mar 16 Johann Wilhelm Cornelius von Konigslow, composer
  • Mar 19 Nicolas Sejan, composer
  • Mar 25 Nicolas Etienne Framery, French composer and lyricist, born in Rouen, France (d. 1810)
  • Apr 7 Georg Druschetzky, composer
  • Apr 20 Philippe Pinel, French physician (the father of modern psychiatry), born in Jonquières, France (d. 1826)
  • Apr 29 Oliver Ellsworth, 3rd Chief Justice Supreme Court (1796-1800), born in Windsor, Connecticut, British America (d. 1807)
  • May 8 Carl Philipp Stamitz, German composer, born in Mannheim, Germany (d. 1801)
  • Jun 8 Caspar Wessel, Danish-Norwegian mathematician, born in Vestby, Norway (d. 1818)
  • Jun 27 Johann Nepomuk Went, Bohemian composer, born in Vinařice, Czech Republic (d. 1801)
  • Jul 13 Robert Calder, British naval officer, born in Kent, England (d. 1818)
  • Jul 28 Peter Ludwig von der Pahlen, Baltic German courtier and military governor of St Petersburg, born in Palmse, Estonia (d. 1826)
  • Aug 18 Vaclav Josef Bartolomej Praupner, Bohemian composer, born in Litoměřice (d. 1807)
  • Aug 26 François Guichard, French guitarist and composer, born in Le Mans, France (d. 1807)
  • Sep 16 Mikhail Kutuzov, Russian field marshal (Battle of Borodino), born in St Petersburg, Russian Empire (d. 1813)
  • Sep 23 John Sevier, Tennessee, indian fighter (Gov/Rep-Tn)
  • Nov 24 Maria Louisa of Spain, Empress consort of the Holy Roman Empire, born in Palace of San Ildefonso, Segovia, Spain (d. 1792)
  • Nov 27 Boniface Stoeckl, German composer, born in Pilsting, Germany (d. 1784)

Person of interestJohn Jay

Dec 12 John Jay, US statesman and 1st US Chief Justice, born in NYC, New York (d. 1829)

1st US Chief Justice John Jay
1st US Chief Justice
John Jay
  • Dec 24 Benjamin Rush, American physician & politician (signed the Declaration of Independence), born in Byberry, Philadelphia (d. 1813)