Famous People Born in November 1746

  • Nov 6 Absalom Jones, African-American abolitionist and clergyman, born into slavery in Delaware (d. 1818)
  • Nov 12 Jacques Charles [Jacques-Alexandre-CĂ©sar Charles], French inventor and balloonist, (with Nicholas Robert, was the first to take flight in a hydrogen balloon), born in Beaugency, France (d. 1823)

TiradentesTiradentes (1746-1792)

Nov 12 Brazilian revolutionary and independence fighter (InconfidĂȘncia Mineira) considered a national hero, born in Fazenda do Pombal, Minas Gerais, Portuguese Colony of Brazil

  • Nov 14 Giulio Gabrielli the Younger, Italian Cardinal (served Pius VII), born in Rome, Italy (d. 1822)
  • Nov 15 Joseph Quesnel, French Canadian composer and playwright (Colas et Colinette), born in Saint-Malo, France (d. 1809)
  • Nov 27 Increase Sumner, American politician (5th Governor of Massachusetts), born in Roxbury, Province of Massachusetts Bay (d. 1799)

Robert R. LivingstonRobert R. Livingston (1746-1813)

Nov 27 US Founding Father who delivered the oath of office to George Washington, born in NYC, New York