Famous People Born in 1777

  • Jan 1 Micah Hawkins, composer
  • Jan 2 Christian D Rauch, German sculptor (d. 1857)
  • Jan 3 Louis Poinsot, French instrument worker
  • Jan 3 M A Elisa Bonaparte, Corsican monarch of Lucca/Piombino
  • Jan 8 Filippo Traetta, Italian composer/musicologist
  • Jan 25 Elias Canneman, Dutch liberal minister of Finance (1813-14)
  • Feb 12 Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué, German poet (d. 1843)
  • Mar 9 Alexander Orlowski, Polish painter/cartoonist/graphic artist
  • Mar 17 Roger Brooke Taney, Calvert Md, 5th Chief Justice (Dred Scott dec)
  • Mar 19 Anton R Falck, Dutch minister of Education/diplomat
  • Mar 31 Charles Cagniard de la Tour, French physicist (d. 1859)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Apr 12 Henry Clay, American politician known as "the Great Compromiser", born in Hanover County, Virginia (d. 1852)

Legislator and Orator Henry Clay
Legislator and Orator
Henry Clay
  • Apr 18 Ignac Ruzitska, composer

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Apr 30 Carl Friedrich Gauss, German mathematician considered one of the greatest of all time (Gaussian distribution, fundamental theorem of algebra), born in Brunswick, Germany (d. 1855)

Mathematician, Astronomer, and Physicist Carl Friedrich Gauss
Mathematician, Astronomer, and Physicist
Carl Friedrich Gauss
  • May 4 Charles-Louis-Joseph Hanssens, composer
  • May 28 Joseph-Henri-Ignace Mees, composer
  • Jun 2 Christian Traugott Tag, composer
  • Jun 12 Robert Clark, American politician (d. 1837)
  • Jun 24 John Ross, British naval officer and explorer (d. 1856)
  • Jul 9 Henry Hallam, British lawyer/historian
  • Jul 23 Philipp Otto Runge, German painter (d. 1810)
  • Jul 27 Thomas Campbell, poet (Hohenlinden, Battle of the Baltic)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Aug 14 Hans Christian Oersted, Danish physicist and chemist (View of Chemical Law), born in Rudkøbing, Denmark (d. 1851)

Physicist/Chemist Hans Oersted
Hans Oersted
  • Aug 14 Francis I of the Two Sicilies (d. 1830)
  • Aug 29 Hyacinth [Nikita Yakovlevich Bichurin], Founder of Sinology (d. 1853)
  • Sep 7 Heinrich Stölzel, German musician and composer (d. 1844)
  • Sep 20 Ramón Cuéllar y Altarriba, Spanish composer, born in Santiago de Compostela, Spain (d. 1833)
  • Oct 6 William Russell, English composer and organist, born in London (d. 1813)
  • Oct 18 Heinrich von Kleist, German dramatist/poet (Penthesilea)
  • Nov 2 Fortunat Alojzy Gonzaga Żółkowski, Polish actor, comedist, translator, editor of humour magazines, born near Nowogródek, Poland (d. 1822)
  • Nov 2 Princess Sophia of the United Kingdom, 5th daughter of King George III, born in Buckingham House, London (d. 1848)
  • Nov 8 Désirée Clary, queen of Sweden (d. 1860)
  • Nov 28 Georg A Kestner, German art collector/diplomat
  • Dec 2 Henry Doeff, colonialist (wrote Dutch-Japanese dictionary)
  • Dec 4 Juliette Récamier, French socialite (d. 1849)
  • Dec 14 Juan N Gallego, Spanish poet/interpreter (El dos the mayo)
  • Dec 16 Janos Fusz, Hungarian-German composer, born in Tolna, Hungary (d. 1819)
  • Dec 23 Aleksandr I P Romanov, tsar of Russia (1801-25)