Famous People Born in February 1857

  • Feb 2 Jan Six, Dutch art historian/art collector
  • Feb 3 Wilhelm Ludvig Johannsen, Copenhagen, Danish Botanist and Geneticist who provided evidence for Hugo de Vries' mutation theory
  • Feb 9 Johannes T de Visser, theologist/Dutch 1st minister of Education
  • Feb 12 Bobby Peel, English cricket all-rounder (20 Tests, 3 x 50, 101 wickets, BB 7/31; Yorkshire CCC), born in Churwell, England (d. 1941)
  • Feb 17 Samuel Sidney McClure, Irish-American newspaper editor and publisher
  • Feb 18 Max Klinger, German graphic artist/painter/sculptor
  • Feb 21 Jules de Trooz, Belgian politician, Premier of Belgium (1907), born in Leuven (1907)
  • Feb 22 Heinrich Hertz, German physicist, 1st to broadcast & receive radio waves, born in Hamburg, German Confederation (d. 1894)

Robert Baden-PowellRobert Baden-Powell (1857-1941)

Feb 22 British officer and founder of the modern scouting movement, born in Paddington, London

  • Feb 25 Friedrich Reinitzer, Austrian chemist and botanist (discovered properties of liquid crystals), born in Prague (d. 1927)
  • Feb 26 Emile CouĂ©, French pharmacist (recovery by auto suggestion)
  • Feb 28 Gustave Kerker, German born American composer for Broadway musicals (The Belle of New York), born in Hertford, Germany (d. 1923)