Famous People Born in January 1863

  • Jan 1 Aleko Konstantinov, Bulgarian writer (To Chicago & Back), born in Svishtov, Ottoman Empire (d. 1897)
  • Jan 1 Pierre de Coubertin, French educator and historian (founder International Olympic Committee; President IOC 1896–1925), born in Paris, France (d. 1937)
  • Jan 2 Lucia Zarate, Mexican entertainer (lightest known adult human - 2.1 kg at 17), born in Veracruz, Mexico (d. 1890)
  • Jan 12 Swami Vivekananda, Indian Hindu spiritual leader and a key figure in the introduction of Yoga to the Western world, born in Kolkata, India (d. 1902)
  • Jan 14 Pieter Oosterlee, Dutch educator, born in Valkenburg, Netherlands (d. 1930)
  • Jan 15 Adolph Goldschmidt, German historian, born in Hamburg, Germany (d. 1944)
  • Jan 15 Wilhelm Marx, German lawyer & politician, born in Cologne, Germany (d. 1946)

David Lloyd GeorgeDavid Lloyd George (1863-1945)

Jan 17 British Prime Minister (Liberal: 1916-22), born in Chorlton-on-Medlock, Lancashire, England

  • Jan 17 Henry Charles Tonking, British organist and composer, born in Camborne, Cornwall (d. 1926)
  • Jan 17 Konstantin Stanislavski, Russian director and actor (Stanislavski Method for acting), born in Moscow, Russia (d. 1938)
  • Jan 19 Werner Sombart, German historical economist (Modern Capitalism), born in Ermsleben, Prussia (d. 1941)
  • Jan 28 Ernst William Christmas, Australian painter (d. 1918)
  • Jan 31 Henri Berr, French philosopher (Revue de synthèse), born in Lunéville, France (d. 1954)