Famous People Born in October 1952

  • Oct 1 Jacques Martin, Canadian ice hockey coach and executive
  • Oct 2 George Meegen, England, walked 19,019 miles from Argentina to Alaska
  • Oct 2 John Otway, English cult rocker, born in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
  • Oct 2 Steve Penrod, race horse trainer
  • Oct 2 Wahed Wafa, Afghan singer
  • Oct 3 Gary Troup, cricketer (NZ lefty pace bowler in 15 Tests 1976-86)
  • Oct 4 Anita Luceete Defrantz, rower (Olympic bronze 1976), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Oct 4 Jody Stephens, rock drummer (Big Star)
  • Oct 4 Nina Carter, vocalist (Blonde on Blonde), born in London, England
  • Oct 5 Clive Barker, English author and film director (Hellraiser, Lord of Illusions)
  • Oct 5 Duncan Regehr, Canadian actor
  • Oct 5 Gigi Sabani, Italian TV host (d. 2007)
  • Oct 6 Ayten Mutlu, Turkish poet and writer
  • Oct 7 Graham Yallop, cricketer (Australian capt in 7 Tests, won 1 lost 6)
  • Oct 7 Ludmila Tourischeva, USSR, gymnist (Olympic gold 1972)
  • Oct 7 Martyn Harris, journalist
  • Oct 7 Mary Badham, American actress

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Oct 7 Vladimir Putin, Russian politician (President and Prime Minister), born in Leningrad, Soviet Union

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President
Vladimir Putin
  • Oct 8 Clifford Adams, American trombone player, born in Trenton, New Jersey (d. 2015)
  • Oct 8 Jan Marijnissen, Dutch politician
  • Oct 8 Edward Zwick, American film director

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Oct 9 Sharon Osbourne, English-American music manager, TV personality (X-Factor, America's Got Talent) and wife of Ozzy Osbourne, born in London

Music Manager/TV Personality Sharon Osbourne
Music Manager/TV Personality
Sharon Osbourne
  • Oct 12 Danielle Proulx, French Canadian actress, born in Montreal, Canada
  • Oct 13 Beverly Johnson, model/actress (Ashanti Land of No Mercy)
  • Oct 13 Michael "Rich"ard Clifford, Cal, Army/Astronaut (STS 53, 59, 76)
  • Oct 14 Daisy Eshuijs, singer/pianist/composer (Eye to Eye)
  • Oct 14 Harry Anderson, actor (Judge Harry Stone-Night Court), born in Newport, Rhode Island
  • Oct 14 Margriet Eshuijs, Dutch singer/pianist
  • Oct 14 Nikolai Adrianov, USSR, gymnast (Olympic-4 gold/2 silver/bronze-1976)
  • Oct 16 Christopher Cox, (Rep-R-California)
  • Oct 16 Cordell "Boogie" Mosson, American musician (Parliament-Funkadelic collective), born in Plainfield, New Jersey (d. 2013)
  • Oct 16 Ron Taylor, American actor (d. 2002)
  • Oct 18 Roy Dias, cricketer (pioneering Sri Lankan Test batsman)
  • Oct 18 Bảo Ninh, Vietnamese novelist
  • Oct 18 Jerry Royster, American baseball player
  • Oct 19 Alexander Leibkind, German judo (Olympic 76)/WLAF GM (Rhein Fire)
  • Oct 19 Veronica Judith Sainz Castro, Mexican spanish singer/actress (Nana)
  • Oct 20 Dave Collins, baseball player
  • Oct 20 Dave McLelland, Canadian NHL goaltender (Vancouver Canucks), born in Penticton, British Columbia
  • Oct 20 Melanie Mayron, actress (30 Something, Car Wash, Missing), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Oct 20 Mikhail Georgiyevich Potapov, Russian cosmonaut
  • Oct 21 Brent Mydland, American rock keyboardist and vocalist (Grateful Dead), born in Munich,Germany
  • Oct 21 Patti Davis [Patricia Ann Reagan], singer/actress/writer, Ronald and Nancy's daughter
  • Oct 21 Trevor Chappell, cricketer (bro of several Aussie underarm bowler)
  • Oct 21 Allen Hoey, American poet and novelist
  • Oct 22 Jeff Goldblum, American actor (Fly, Jurassic Park, Independence Day), born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Oct 23 Pierre Moerlen, French drummer and percussionist (d. 2005)
  • Oct 25 Ioannis Kyrastas, Greek footballer and manager (d. 2004)
  • Oct 26 Andrew Motion, English poet (British Poet Laureate 1999-2009), born in London

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Oct 27 Roberto Benigni, Italian director and actor (Life Is Beautiful, The Tiger and the Snow), born in Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy

  • Oct 28 Annie Potts, actress (Mary Jo-Designing Women), born in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Oct 28 Flavian Aponso, cricketer (rebel Sri Lankan 1982, Neth World Cup 1996)
  • Oct 28 Tommy Dobeck, rock drummer (Michael Stanley Band)
  • Oct 29 Arnell Carmichael, rock keyboardist (Raydio)
  • Oct 29 Beth Solomon, LPGA golfer
  • Oct 29 Valeri I Tokarev, Russian colonel/cosmonaut
  • Oct 31 Bernard Edwards, bassist (Chicago-Addicted to Love), born in Greenville, North Carolina