Famous People Born in 1962 (Part 4)

Famous Birthdays

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  • Sep 7 Jennifer Egan, American novelist (A Visit from the Goon Squad), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • Sep 8 René Klijn, [Dorian], singer (Mr Blue)
  • Sep 8 Sergio Casal, Spanish tennis player
  • Sep 8 Christopher Klim, American novelist
  • Sep 8 Thomas Kretschmann, German actor
  • Sep 9 Aleta Rzepecki Sill, bowler (1983 WIBC single), born in Detroit, Michigan
  • Sep 9 Derek Kennard, NFL guard (Dallas Cowboys)
  • Sep 9 Jack Trudeau, NFL quarterback (Carolina Panthers)
  • Sep 10 Esteban Toledo, Mexican professional golfer, born in Mexicali, Mexico
  • Sep 11 Kristy McNichol, American actress (Buddy-Family, Barbara-Empty Nest), born in Los Angeles, California
  • Sep 11 Filip Dewinter, Belgian politician (Vlaams Belang), born in Bruges, Belgium
  • Sep 11 Julio Salinas, Spanish footballer (Barcelona), born in Bilbao, Spain
  • Sep 12 Amy Yasbeck, American actress (Casey Davenport-Wings, Mask), born in Blue Ash, Ohio
  • Sep 12 Dino Merlin, Bosnian singer and songwriter, born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Sep 13 Brian Fowler, New Zealand cyclist (Olympics 1996), born in Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Sep 13 Neal Lancaster, American PGA golfer (1994 Byron Nelson), born in Smithfield, North Carolina
  • Sep 13 Tõnu Õnnepalu, Estonian poet and author, born in Tallinn, Estonia
  • Sep 15 Aubrey Matthews, NFL wide receiver (Detroit Lions)
  • Sep 15 Earnest Byner, NFL running back (Cleveland Browns)
  • Sep 15 Patricia "Patty" Shea, Belmont NY, field hockey goalie (Olympics 1996)
  • Sep 15 Dina Lohan, American actress and reality television star, mother of Lindsay Lohan
  • Sep 16 Julie Larsen Piers, LPGA golfer (1995 Edina Realty), born in Westchester, New York
  • Sep 16 Kimberly McArthur, playmate (January, 1982), born in Fort Worth, Texas
  • Sep 17 Dustin Nguyen, Saigon Vietnam, actor (Harry-21 Jump Street)
  • Sep 17 Wayne Riley, Australian golfer, born in Sydney, New South Wales
  • Sep 17 Baz Luhrmann, Australian film director
  • Sep 18 Joanne Catherall, rock vocalist (Human League), born in Sheffield, England
  • Sep 18 John Fashanu, English footballer
  • Sep 19 Randy Myers, American pitcher (Chicago Cubs, Baltimore Orioles), born in Vancouver, Washington
  • Sep 19 Tonja Walker, American actress (Alex-One Life to Live), born in Huntington, West Virginia
  • Sep 19 Cheri Oteri, American actress and comedian, born in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
  • Sep 19 Ken Rosenthal, American sportswriter and reporter, born in Oyster Bay, Long Island

Person of interestGrant Fuhr

Sep 21 Grant Fuhr, Canadian NHL goalie (Oilers), born in Spruce Grove, Alberta

NHL Goalie Grant Fuhr
NHL Goalie
Grant Fuhr
  • Sep 21 Rob Morrow, actor (Dr Fleishman-Northern Exposure), born in New Rochelle, New York
  • Sep 22 Rob Stone, actor (Kevin-Mr Belvedere), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • Sep 22 Diogo Mainardi, Brazilian writer

Person of interestMartin Crowe

Sep 22 Martin Crowe, New Zealand cricketer and batsman, born in Auckland (d. 2016)

Cricketer Martin Crowe
Martin Crowe
  • Sep 23 Jack Warren Pierce, Cherry Hill NJ, hurdler
  • Sep 24 Arden Knoll, Canadian Tour golfer (1994 Klondike-2nd), born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Sep 24 Jack Dee, British comedian ( I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue), born in Bromley, England
  • Sep 24 Mike Phelan, English footballer and coach (Manchester United), born in Nelson, England
  • Sep 24 Nia Vardalos, Canadian American actress (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), born in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Sep 25 Rajiv Kulkarni, cricketer (Indian Test pace bowler 1986-87)
  • Sep 26 Melissa Sue Anderson, Cal, actress (Little House on the Prairie)
  • Sep 26 Steve Moneghetti, Australian marathoner (Olympic 5th 1988, 92, 96)
  • Sep 26 Tracey Thorn, rock vocalist (Everything But The Girl)
  • Sep 26 Peter Foster, Australian con-man
  • Sep 27 Dennis Paulson, PGA golfer (1994 Freeport-McMoRan-4th), born in San Gabriel, California
  • Sep 27 Gavin Larsen, cricketer (NZ medium-pace all-rounder)
  • Sep 28 Anne-Marie Fox, playmate (Feb, 1982), born in Los Angeles, California
  • Sep 28 Irving Fryar, American NFL wide receiver (5-time Pro Bowl, #1 pick 1984 Draft), born in Mount Holly Township, New jersey

  • Sep 28 Laurie Rinker-Graham, LPGA golfer (1986 LPGA Corning), born in Stuart, Flordia
  • Sep 28 Luis Enrique, spanish singer (Luces del Alma)
  • Sep 28 S C Grant, British Lt-General
  • Sep 28 Thomas Mork, Danish actor (Krystalbarnet, Bryggeren)
  • Sep 29 Roger Bart, American actor
  • Sep 29 Al Pitrelli, American musician, guitarist
  • Sep 30 Dave Magadan, 1st baseman (NY Mets, Chicago Cubs), born in Tampa, Florida
  • Sep 30 Frank Rijkaard, Surinam/Dutch soccer star (Ajax, AC Milan)
  • Sep 30 George Jamison, NFL linebacker (KC Chiefs)
  • Sep 30 Leon Hutten, soccer player (RKC)
  • Sep 30 Shaan [Shantanu Mukherjee], Indian singer, born in Khandwa
  • Oct 1 Trevor Baxter, record holder for high jumping with a skateboard
  • Oct 1 Paul Walsh, English footballer
  • Oct 2 Esai Morales, American actor (Bad Boys, La Bamba), born in NYC, New York
  • Oct 2 Mark Rypien, quarterback (St Louis Rams)
  • Oct 2 Sigtryggur Baldursson, Icelandic drummer (The Sugarcubes)
  • Oct 2 Aziz M. Osman, Malaysian actor and director
  • Oct 3 Rick Todd, Canadian Tour golfer (1992 Ben Hogan Dakota), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • Oct 3 Tommy Lee, American musician (Mötley Crüe)
  • Oct 4 Aldo Sprenger, Dutch pop guitarist (Kong-Phlegm)
  • Oct 4 Dennis Cook, Lamarque TX, pitcher (Texas Rangers)
  • Oct 5 Johnny Huang, table tennis player (Olympics 1996), born in Guangzhou, China
  • Oct 5 Ken Noda, American pianist (Rivalry), born in NYC, New York
  • Oct 5 Michael Alexander Conley, Chic, triple jumper (Olympic gold 1992, 96)
  • Oct 5 Michael Andretti, Indy-car racer/Auto Hall of Fame (elected 1986)
  • Oct 5 Mike Conley, triple jumper (Olympic silver 1984), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • Oct 5 Caron Keating, British television personality (d. 2004)
  • Oct 6 Rich Yett, baseball player
  • Oct 7 Dave Bronconnier, Canadian politician
  • Oct 8 Bruno Thiry, Belgian rally driver
  • Oct 9 Jorge Burruchaga, Argentinian footballer
  • Oct 10 Rex J Walheim, Redwood City California, Capt USAF/astronaut
  • Oct 11 Joan Cusack, American actress (Working Girl, SNL, Addams Family Values), born in Evanston Illinois
  • Oct 11 Leslie Landon, actress (Etta Plum-Little House on Prairie), born in Los Angeles, California
  • Oct 11 Martin Bayless, NFL safety (KC Chiefs)
  • Oct 11 Philip Newport, cricketer (England pace bowler in 3 Tests 1988-91)
  • Oct 11 Nicola Bryant, English actress
  • Oct 12 Dhammika Ranatunga, cricketer (bro of Arjuna Sri Lankan batsman 1990)
  • Oct 12 Sid Fernandez, pitcher (NY Mets, Philadelphia Phillies), born in Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Oct 12 Carlos Bernard, American actor
  • Oct 12 Chris Botti, American jazz musician
  • Oct 12 Branko Crvenkovski, Macedonian President

Person of interestJerry Rice

Oct 13 Jerry Rice, NFL wide receiver (San Francisco 49ers), born in Starkville, Mississippi

NFL Legend Jerry Rice
NFL Legend
Jerry Rice
  • Oct 13 Kelly Preston, actress (Mischief, Twins, A Tigers Tale), born in Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Oct 14 Shahar Perkiss, Israel, tennis star
  • Oct 14 Jaan Ehlvest, Estonian chess player
  • Oct 15 Susan DeMattei, cyclist (Olympic bronze 1996), born in San Francisco, California
  • Oct 16 Flea, [Michael Balzary], bassist (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
  • Oct 16 Laura Coenen, team handball goalie (Olymp-1988, 92, 96), born in Neenah, Wisconsin
  • Oct 16 Manute Bol, NBA center (Golden State Warriors)
  • Oct 16 Tamara McKinney, slalom skier (Olympic-4th-1984), born in Lexington, Kentucky
  • Oct 16 Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Russian baritone
  • Oct 17 John Dorge, Australian basketball center (Olympics 1996)
  • Oct 17 Mike Judge, Ecuadorian born American cartoonist, born in Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • Oct 18 Jody Rosenthal, American golfer (du Maurier Classic 1987), born in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Oct 18 Vincent Spano, actor (Alphabet City, Maria's Lovers), born in Brooklyn, New York

Person of interestEvander Holyfield

Oct 19 Evander Holyfield, American boxer (Olympic bronze 1988) and world champion (1990-92), born in Atmore, Alabama

  • Oct 19 Ruud Bread, soccer player (NAC)
  • Oct 19 Tracy Chevalier, American author
  • Oct 20 Ray Childress, NFL defensive tackle/defensive end (Houston Oilers)
  • Oct 20 Steven R "Randy" Jackson, US percussionist/singer (Enjoy Yourself)
  • Oct 21 Don Fardon, Toowoomba QLD, Australian golfer
  • Oct 21 David Campese, Australian rugby union footballer
  • Oct 22 Derrick Waldroup, 198 lbs greco-roman wrestler (Olympics 1996), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • Oct 22 Gayle Stammer, Livermore California, beach volleyballer (Olympics 1996)
  • Oct 23 Beatie Edney, actress (Diary of a Mad Old Man), born in London, England
  • Oct 23 Christo van Rensburg, South Africa, tennis star
  • Oct 23 Daria Scagliola, Italian/Dutch photographer (vuurtorenpostzegels)
  • Oct 23 Doug Flutie, CFL/NFL quarterback (Argonauts, Generals, Bears, Pats)
  • Oct 23 Mike Tomczak, NFL quarterback (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • Oct 24 Jay Novacek, NFL tight end (Dallas Cowboys)
  • Oct 25 Nick Hancock, British television presenter
  • Oct 25 Darlene Vogel, American actress ( Pacific Blue), born in Modesto, California
  • Oct 26 Cary Elwes, English actor (Glory, Princess Bride), born in London, England
  • Oct 26 Roger Kingdom, American 110m hurdler (Olympic gold 1984, 88), born in Vienna, Georgia
  • Oct 28 Bobby Tate, fictional character on Soap
  • Oct 28 Daphne Zuniga, actress (Jo Reynolds-Melrose Place, Spaceballs), born in San Francisco, California
  • Oct 28 Peter Cantrell, cricketer (Queensland opening batsman, Neth WC 1996)
  • Oct 28 Erik Thorstvedt, Norwegian footballer
  • Oct 28 Scotty Nguyen, professional poker player
  • Oct 30 Courtney Walsh, cricketer (WI pace bowler, hat-trick v Aust 1988)
  • Oct 30 Danny Tartabull, outfielder (NY Yankees, Chicago White Sox), born in Miami, Florida
  • Oct 30 Mark Portugal, pitcher (Cincinnati Reds), born in Los Angeles, California
  • Nov 1 Sharron Davies, British Olympic swimmer and tv presenter (BBC), born in Plymouth, Devon
  • Nov 1 Anthony Kiedis, rock vocalist (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
  • Nov 1 Kelly Kelland, softball 1st baseman (Olympics 1996), born in London, Ontario
  • Nov 1 Maga Furuholmen, rocker
  • Nov 1 Michelle Estill, LPGA golfer (1991 PING-Cellular One), born in Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Nov 1 Robert Willis, Australian golfer, born in Sydney, New South Wales
  • Nov 2 Andrew Elt, singer (Sleeze Beez)
  • Nov 2 Donna Spangler, wrestler (Coal Miner's Daughter-GLOW), born in Los Angeles, California
  • Nov 2 David Brock, American political commentator (Media Matters for America), born in Washington, D.C.
  • Nov 2 Mireille Delunsch, French soprano, born in Mulhouse, France
  • Nov 2 Simon Hill, English-Australian football commentator, born in Manchester
  • Nov 3 Phil Katz, American computer programmer (Zip file format), born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (d. 2000)
  • Nov 3 Kimberly Evenson, Bremerhaven Germany, playmate (September, 1984)
  • Nov 3 Kym Hampton, WNBA forward (NY Liberty)
  • Nov 3 Marilyn, rocker (You Don't Love Me)
  • Nov 3 Jacqui Smith UK Home Secretary
  • Nov 4 Andre Wasiman, soccer player (FC Volendam), born in Paramibo, Suriname
  • Nov 4 Jeff Probst, American television host
  • Nov 5 Brian Wheat, rock bassist (Tesla-Psychotic Supper)
  • Nov 5 Abédi Pelé, Ghanaian footballer
  • Nov 5 Marcus J. Ranum, American computer/network security innovator
  • Nov 6 Aznil Nawawi, Malaysian host, actor and singer, born in Kampung Datuk Keramat, Kuala Lumpur
  • Nov 7 Arend Bouwmeester, Dutch saxophonist (Bob Color)
  • Nov 7 Wayne Norman Phillips, Vic opener cricketer (Test for Aust v Ind 1992)
  • Nov 8 Ron Johnson, Australian baseball hitting coach (Olympics 1996)
  • Nov 9 Teryl Rothery, Canadian actress (Stargate SG-1), born in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Nov 10 Cathy Boswell, basketball player (Olympic gold 1984), born in Joliet, Illinois

Person of interestDemi Moore

Nov 11 Demi Moore [Guynes], American actress (Ghost, Striptease, GI Jane), born in Roswell, New Mexico

Actress Demi Moore
Demi Moore
  • Nov 11 Mic Michaeli, Swedish keyboardist
  • Nov 11 James Morrison [Lloyd], Australian jazz musician (Morrison Brothers Big Bad Band), born in Boorowa, New South Wales, Australia
  • Nov 12 Jeff Reed, Joliet IL, catcher (Colorado Rockies)
  • Nov 12 Wim Kieft, Dutch soccer star (Ajax/Gir de Bordeaux/PSV)
  • Nov 12 Naomi Wolf, American author and feminist
  • Nov 12 Neal Shusterman, American author
  • Nov 12 Mariella Frostrup, Norwegian born journalist and television presenter
  • Nov 13 Blair Rasmussen, NBA center (Atlanta Hawks)
  • Nov 13 Gaetano Orlando, hockey forward (Team Italy 1998)
  • Nov 14 Laura San Giacoma, Danville NJ, actress (Pretty Woman, Vital Signs)
  • Nov 14 Morgan Reeser, 470 sailor (Olymp-8th-1992, 96), born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Nov 14 Harland Williams, Canadian-born actor
  • Nov 16 Chuck Finley, pitcher (Angels)
  • Nov 16 Josh Silver, American musician (Type O Negative)
  • Nov 17 Eric Olson, actor (Apple's Way), born in Santa Monica, California
  • Nov 17 Dédé Fortin, Quebec singer (Les Colocs) (d. 2000)
  • Nov 18 Jamie Moyer, Sellersville PA, pitcher (Boston Red Sox)
  • Nov 18 Jill Briles-Hinton, Elmhurst IL, LPGA golfer (1995 Women's Open-16th)
  • Nov 18 Kirk Hammett, US heavy-metal guitarist (Metallica-Master of Puppets)
  • Nov 18 Vladimir Vladimirovich Karashtin, Russian cosmonaut
  • Nov 19 Salim Jaffer, cricketer (Pakistani pace bowler in 14 Tests 1986-91)
  • Nov 19 Dodie Boy Peñalosa, Philippine boxer

Person of interestJodie Foster

Nov 19 Jodie Foster, American actress (The Accused, The Silence of the Lambs), born in Los Angeles, California

Actress Jodie Foster
Jodie Foster
  • Nov 20 Steve Alexander, rocker (Brother Beyond-Can You Keep a Secret)
  • Nov 21 Steven Curtis Chapman, American musician
  • Nov 21 Sabine Busch, German athlete
  • Nov 22 Cleo Fields, (Rep-D-Louisiana)
  • Nov 22 Steve DeOssie, NFL inside linebacker (NE Patriots)
  • Nov 22 Victor Pelevin, Russian writer
  • Nov 23 Andrea Blackwell, basketball forward (Olympics 1996), born in Calgary, Alberta
  • Nov 23 Nicolás Maduro, Venezuelan politician, President of Venezuela (2013-present), born in Caracas, Venezuela
  • Nov 24 John Squire, English pop guitarist (Stone Roses, She Bangs the Drums)
  • Nov 24 Lesa Ann Pedriana, playmate (April, 1984), born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Nov 24 Randy Velarde, Midland TX, infielder (NY Yankees, California Angels)
  • Nov 25 Gilbert Delorme, Canadian ice hockey player
  • Nov 26 Chuck Finley, Monroe LA, pitcher (California Angels)
  • Nov 26 John Samuel Inman, PGA golfer (1993 Buick South Open), born in Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Nov 26 Mike Johnson, NFL inside linebacker (Detroit Lions)