Airbus History

Historical Events

  • 1976-06-27 Air France A-300B Airbus hijacked from Athens arrives at Entebbe, Uganda; four hijackers, members of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Bader-Meinhof Gang in Germany
  • 1988-07-03 US Vincennes in Strait of Hormoez shoots Iran Airbus A300, kills 290
  • 1992-07-31 Thai Airbus crashes into mountain at Kathmandu, 113 die
  • 1992-09-28 Pakistani Airbus A-300 crashes into mountain at Kathmandu, 167 dies
  • 1992-11-02 First test flight of Airbus A330
  • 1993-10-25 Airbus A310 of Air Nigeria hijacked, 1 dead
  • 1994-03-23 Russian Airbus A-310 crashes in Siberia (74-75 killed)
  • 1994-04-26 Taiwan Airbus A-300 crashes at Nagoya Japan, 262 killed
  • 1994-06-30 Airbus A330 crash at Toulouse France (7 killed)
  • 1998-12-11 Thai Airways Airbus A310-200 crashes near Surat Thani Airport, killing 101
  • 2000-08-23 A Gulf Air Airbus A320 crashes into the Persian Gulf near Manama, Bahrain, killing 143.
  • 2001-11-12 In New York City, American Airlines Flight 587, an Airbus A300 on its way to the Dominican Republic, crashes minutes after takeoff from John F. Kennedy International Airport, killing all 260 on board and five on the ground.
  • 2005-01-18 The world's largest commercial jet, the Airbus A380, is unveiled in France
  • 2005-04-27 The superjumbo jet aircraft Airbus A380 makes its first flight from Toulouse, France
  • 2006-07-09 At least 122 people killed after a Sibir Airlines Airbus A310 passenger jet, carrying 200 passengers veers off the runway while landing at Irkutsk Airport in Siberia in wet conditions
  • 2007-10-25 The first Airbus A380 passenger flight, operating for Singapore Airlines, with flight number SQ 380, flying scheduled service between Singapore and Sydney, Australia.
  • 2016-03-02 Longest non-stop scheduled commercial flight by distance, Emirates A380 flies 14,200km (8,824 miles) Dubai to Auckland in 17 hours, 15 minutes

Whale of a Plane!

2018-07-19 Airbus Beluga XL, painted to look like the whale, makes its first flight, landing in Toulouse-Blagnac, France

Famous Deaths

  • 1994-06-30 Nicholas Warner, English test Pilot for Airbus, dies in Airbus Industrie A330-321 test flight crash at 51