Google History

Historical Events

  • 1997-09-15 is registered as a domain name

Historic Event

1998-09-04 Google is formally incorporated by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two students at Stanford University

Film & TV History

2003-06-18 Google launches AdSense, a program that enables website publishers to serve ads targeted to the specific content of their individual web pages, many of which like On This Day (then go on to start their own publishing businesses

  • 2004-04-01 Google introduces Gmail: the launch is met with skepticism on account of the launch date

Appointment of Interest

2008-10-04 Mark Zuckerberg announces the appointment of Google executive Sheryl Sandberg as Facebook COO

  • 2008-10-22 Google Play is launched, the official app store for the Android operating system
  • 2012-09-23 Iran blocks the use of Google as a search engine
  • 2012-10-18 Google stock trading suspended after premature release of a quarterly report indicating a 20% drop in profits and a 9% fall in share price
  • 2012-11-01 Google's Gmail becomes the world's most popular email service
  • 2012-12-10 Google begins selling US$99 laptops
  • 2014-02-05 Google Vice President Susan Wojcicki is named CEO of YouTube

Historic Event

2015-03-16 Google commemorate Anna Atkins's 216th birthday with a Google Doodle image representing her cyanoprint work

  • 2015-08-10 Google announces its restructure as Alphabet, a holding company with Google, YouTube, Android and Chrome as subsidiaries
  • 2015-09-01 Google changes its logo, biggest redesign since 1999
  • 2016-02-01 Alphabet, Google's parent company surpasses Apple as the world's most valuable company ($568bn vs $535bn), after releasing income results
  • 2016-03-15 Google's DeepMind artificial intelligence wins Go challenge against Lee Se-dol 4-1
  • 2017-06-27 European Union fines Google record $2.7 billion for unfair competition practices
  • 2018-07-18 Google fined record $5.1 billion by the EU for abusing its power in mobile phone market
  • 2018-10-25 Google says it has fired 48 people for sexual harassment after New York Times reveals Android software creator Andy Rubin got $90M package when let go for sexual harassment
  • 2018-11-01 Google employees stage mass walkout to protest the company's handling of sexual harassment
  • 2019-03-14 Google announces its employee Emma Haruka Iwao has broken the world record for calculating pi, to 31.4 trillion digits, on pi day using Google Cloud
  • 2019-04-10 First home delivery service by drone begins in Canberra, Australia by Wing, part of Google's Alphabet company
  • 2019-05-20 Google stops support for Huawei's Android system in an escalation of the tech war between US and China
  • 2019-06-03 US federal government departments and Congress begin anti-trust investigations into large tech companies including Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon
  • 2019-10-23 Google research lab claims it has achieved Quantum Supremacy, performing calculation in 3 mins that wold take a supercomputer 10,000 years
  • 2019-12-03 Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin announce they are stepping down from roles at parent company Alphabet, Sundar Pichai to become head of both
  • 2020-07-27 Google decides its employees can work from home until July 2021, the largest tech company to commit to working from home
  • 2020-10-20 US Justice Department sues Google for illegal monopoly over search and search advertising

Famous Birthdays

  • 1954-09-12 Jeff Jarvis, American journalist (This Week in Google) and advocate for the Open Web

Sundar PichaiSundar Pichai (50 years old)

1972-07-10 Indian American tech executive, head of Google (2015-) and Alphabet (2019-), born in Madurai, India

Larry PageLarry Page (49 years old)

1973-03-26 American computer scientist and businessman (co-founded Google with Sergey Brin), born in East Lansing, Michigan

Sergey BrinSergey Brin (49 years old)

1973-08-21 Russian-born American computer scientist and businessman (co-founded Google with Larry Page), born in Moscow, Soviet Union

  • 1975-05-30 Marissa Mayer, American technology executive (CEO of Yahoo, designed Google home page), born in Wausau, Wisconsin

Famous Weddings

Susan Wojcicki

1998-08-23 YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki (30) weds Google executive Dennis Troper in Belmont, California