Australian History (Part 6)

Historical Events

Events 501 - 537 of 537

  • 2012-06-21 A boat of 200 asylum seekers headed to Australia capsizes and 110 survivors are rescued
  • 2012-12-14 Australian Joel Parkinson wins the 2012 ASP World Tour
  • 2013-01-08 130 wildfires across Australia‚Äôs east coast force thousands to evacuate their homes
  • 2013-01-25 Tropical cyclone Oswald makes landfall in Queensland, Australia, causing mass flooding
  • 2013-06-26 Kevin Rudd defeats Julia Gillard in a leadership battle to become Australian Prime Minister
  • 2013-07-06 The British Lions defeat Australia 41-16 to win their first rugby Test series since 1997
  • 2013-09-07 Tony Abbott becomes Prime Minister of Australia after a Liberal-National Coalitions wins the election
  • 2013-09-28 Hawthorn defeats Fremantle to win the 2013 Australian Rules Premiership
  • 2013-11-30 14th Rugby League World Cup: Australia beats New Zealand 34-2
  • 2014-01-28 Peter Cosgrove is named the next Governor-General of Australia
  • 2014-02-09 Australian National University scientists discover the oldest known star at 13.6 billion years old
  • 2014-06-30 Australian entertainer Rolf Harris is convicted of indecent assault in London, England
  • 2014-10-04 20th Rugby Championship: Australia beats New Zealand 27-19 to win
  • 2014-11-30 Australia experiences its hottest spring and second-hottest November recorded
  • 2014-12-03 Australian Rugby star David Pocock is arrested after protesting against a coal mine under construction in an Australian national forest
  • 2015-01-31 Australia defeats South Korea in football to win the 2015 AFC Asian Cup
  • 2015-05-17 Melbourne Victory FC defeats Sydney FC to win the Australian A-League
  • 2015-07-03 Australian rules football coach Phil Walsh is murdered by his son Cy at home
  • 2015-09-03 Chris the sheep breaks the world record for biggest shorn fleece 40kg (88lb) near Canberra, Australia
  • 2015-09-14 Malcolm Turnbull ousts Tony Abbott as Australian Prime Minister and leader of the ruling Liberal Party
  • 2015-10-03 Host England loses to Australia 33-13 and crashes out of the Rugby World Cup at the pool stage
  • 2015-10-31 Ruby World Cup Final: New Zealand's All Blacks defeat Australia's Wallabies 34-17 at Twickenham in London
  • 2015-11-02 Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull scraps Knights and Dames from Australia's honours system
  • 2015-11-15 Holly Holm defeats UFC Champion Ronda Rousey in an upset in Melbourne, Australia
  • 2016-09-21 Genomic study finding Australian Aboriginal oldest known civilisation on earth published in "Nature"
  • 2016-10-25 4 killed on a theme park ride at Dreamworld, in Queensland, Australia

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2017-01-28 US President Donald Trump and Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull have a contentious phone call over deal for US to take 1,250 refugees

45th US President, Businessman and TV Personality Donald Trump
45th US President, Businessman and TV Personality
Donald Trump
  • 2017-02-21 Plane crashes into shopping centre in Essendon, Melbourne, Australia killing the five people on board
  • 2017-03-28 World's largest dinosaur footprint at 1.7 metres found in Kimberley, Western Australia
  • 2017-06-29 Vatican treasurer Cardinel George Pell charged with historic sexual offences in Victoria, Australian

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2017-07-02 Home town underdog Jeff Horn upsets Manny Pacquiao of the Phillipines on points in a highly controversial WBO welterweight title fight in Brisbane, Australia

  • 2017-07-15 Australian Justine Damond killed by Minneapolis police officer after calling 911 for a disturbance
  • 2017-07-19 Archaeological dig in Kakadu National Park extends Aboriginal peoples time in Australia to 65,000 to 80,000 years ago
  • 2017-07-29 Terrorist plot to bring down a plane averted in Sydney, Australia, 4 arrested
  • 2017-08-14 Parliamentary citizenship scandal deepens in Australia after Barnaby Joyce, Deputy PM revealed to be a New Zealand citizen
  • 2017-08-17 Anti-immigrant One Nation party leader Pauline Hansen is widely criticized for wearing a burqa into the Australian parliament
  • 2017-09-13 Actress Rebel Wilson awarded $4.56 million in damages in libel case against Bauer Media in Melbourne, largest defamation payout in Australia

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 501 - 600 of 1,081

  • 1955-12-20 Ed Kuepper, German/Australian, singer/songwriter (Saints)
  • 1955-12-27 Brad Murphey, Australian racing driver
  • 1956-02-13 Yiannis Kouros, Greek-Australian runner
  • 1956-02-29 Jonathan Coleman, Anglo-Australian entertainer
  • 1956-03-02 Mark Evans, Australian rock bassist (AC/DC), born in Melbourne, Victoria
  • 1956-04-28 Jimmy Barnes [James Swan], Australian singer-songwriter (For the Working Class Man), born in Glasgow
  • 1956-05-12 Glenn Robbins, Australian comedian
  • 1956-06-28 Noel Mugavin, Australian Rules Football player
  • 1956-08-22 Jeffrey Lloyd, South African jockey based in Australia, born in Durban, South Africa
  • 1956-10-26 Stephen Gumley, Australian businessman
  • 1957-01-05 Kevin Hastings, Australian rugby league footballer
  • 1957-03-20 David Foster, Australian woodchopper
  • 1957-05-22 Gary Sweet, Australian actor
  • 1957-06-22 Garry Beers, Australian rocker (Inxs-Kiss the Dirt), born in Sydney, New South Wales
  • 1957-06-29 Robert Forster, Australian musician
  • 1957-08-16 Tim Farriss, Australian pop guitarist (INXS-Kiss the Dirt)
  • 1957-08-18 Ron Strykert, Australia, rock guitarist (Men At Work-Who Can it Be)
  • 1957-09-21 Kevin Rudd, Australian politician, Prime Minister (2013), born in Nambour, Queensland

Person of interestNick Cave

1957-09-22 Nick Cave, Australian singer-songwriter (Bad Seeds-Murder Ballads), born in Warracknabeal, Victoria

Singer/Songwriter Nick Cave
Nick Cave
  • 1957-11-04 Tony Abbott, Australian Prime Minister (2013-15), born in London, England
  • 1957-11-05 David Moyse, Adelaide Australia, rock vocalist (Air Supply)
  • 1957-12-28 Anne Sargeant, Australian netballer
  • 1958-02-12 Grant McLennan, Australian musician (The Go-Betweens), born in Rockhampton, Australia (d. 2006)
  • 1958-02-14 Grant Thomas, Australian rules footballer
  • 1958-03-20 Phil Anderson, Australian cyclist
  • 1958-07-04 Kirk Pengilly, Australian rocker (Inxs-Kiss the Dirt), born in Sydney, New South Wales
  • 1958-08-03 Ana Kokkinos, Greek-Australian film director
  • 1958-08-19 Brendan Nelson, Australian politician
  • 1958-09-06 Nigel Westlake, Australian musician and composer
  • 1958-10-19 Tiriel Mora, Australian actor
  • 1958-10-30 Stefan Dennis, Australian actor
  • 1958-12-22 Frank Gambale, Australian musician, born in Canberra, Australia
  • 1959-01-08 Paul Hester, Australian drummer (d. 2005)
  • 1959-01-31 Anthony LaPaglia, Australian actor (Criminal Justice, Without a Trace), born in Adelaide
  • 1959-02-12 Sigrid Thornton, Australian actress (Amelia Lawson-Guns of Paradise), born in Canberra, Australia
  • 1959-03-04 Rick Ardon, Australian news presenter
  • 1959-03-27 Andrew Farriss, Australian rock keyboardist (INXS-Kiss the Dirt), born in Perth, Australia
  • 1959-04-24 Malcolm Oastler, Australian engineer (Jaguar Racing), born in Sydney, Australia
  • 1959-06-13 Steve Georganas, Australian politician
  • 1959-08-30 Mark 'Jacko' Jackson, Australian rules footballer and actor
  • 1959-09-04 Kevin Harrington, Australian actor
  • 1959-10-17 Mark Peel, Australian historian and academic
  • 1959-10-17 Russell Gilbert, Australian comedian
  • 1959-12-01 Wally Lewis, Australian rugby league footballer

Person of interestMichael Hutchence

1960-01-22 Michael Hutchence, Australian rock vocalist/actor (INXS, Dogs in Space), born in Sydney, New South Wales (d. 1997)

INXS rocker Michael Hutchence
INXS rocker
Michael Hutchence
  • 1960-01-29 J. G. Thirlwell, Australian-born musician
  • 1960-02-23 Alan Griffin, Australian politician, born in Melbourne, Australia
  • 1960-03-08 Max Metzker, Australian swimmer
  • 1960-04-04 Hugo Weaving, Nigerian-born English-Australian actor (Agent Smith - The Matrix), born in Ibadan, Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria
  • 1960-04-19 Roger Merrett, Australian footballer
  • 1960-04-25 Bruce Redman, Australian film producer
  • 1960-05-04 Andrew Denton, Australian television presenter and comedian, born in Sydney, Australia
  • 1960-05-12 Lisa Martin, Gawler, South Australia, Australian marathoner (Olympic-silver 1988)
  • 1960-06-05 Margo Lanagan, Australian author
  • 1960-06-30 Murray Cook, Australian children's singer (The Wiggles)
  • 1960-07-14 Anna Bligh, Australian politician
  • 1960-08-04 Tim Winton, Australian author
  • 1960-09-07 Andrew Voss, Australian television personality
  • 1960-12-04 Glynis Nunn, Australian athlete
  • 1961-01-07 Andrew Thomson, Australian politician
  • 1961-03-02 Simone Young, Australian conductor
  • 1961-03-29 Gary Brabham, Australian racing driver, born in Wimbledon, London
  • 1961-04-12 Magda Szubanski, Australian actress (Kath & Kim), born in Liverpool, Merseyside, England
  • 1961-07-13 Tim Watson, Australian rules footballer
  • 1961-08-03 Ken Wark, Australian field hockey fullback (Olympic 4th/silver-88, 92, 96)
  • 1961-08-10 Jon Farriss, Australian rock vocalist/drummer (INXS-Kiss the Dirt)
  • 1961-08-20 Greg Egan, Australian author
  • 1961-09-06 Simon Reeve, Australian journalist
  • 1961-09-08 Paul Zanetti, Australian political cartoonist
  • 1961-09-29 Julia Gillard, Australian politician, 1st female Prime Minister (2010-2013), born in Barry, Wales
  • 1961-10-01 Gary Ablett, Australian rules footballer
  • 1961-10-07 Brian Mannix, Australian singer and actor
  • 1961-11-15 Ian Reid, Australian educator
  • 1961-12-08 Mikey Robins, Australian comedian
  • 1962-01-16 Joel Fitzgibbon, Australian Labor Party politician
  • 1962-02-17 David McComb, Australia, vocalist/songwriter (Triffids)

Person of interestSteve Irwin

1962-02-22 Steve Irwin, Australian naturalist and TV personality (The Crocodile Hunter), born in Melbourne, Victoria (d. 2006)

Naturalist and TV Star Steve Irwin
Naturalist and TV Star
Steve Irwin
  • 1962-05-13 Paul McDermott, Australian comedian
  • 1962-07-18 Shaun Micallef, Australian comedian
  • 1962-09-03 Costas Mandylor, Australian-born actor
  • 1962-09-17 Baz Luhrmann, Australian film director
  • 1962-09-26 Peter Foster, Australian con-man
  • 1962-10-21 David Campese, Australian rugby union footballer
  • 1962-11-02 Simon Hill, English-Australian football commentator, born in Manchester
  • 1962-11-11 James Morrison [Lloyd], Australian jazz musician (Morrison Brothers Big Bad Band), born in Boorowa, New South Wales, Australia
  • 1963-01-07 Craig Shipley, Australian-American baseball infielder (San Diego Padres)
  • 1963-01-20 Scott Fisher, Australian basketball forward (Olympics 1996), born in San Jose, California
  • 1963-03-31 Paul Mercurio, Australian actor/dancer
  • 1963-04-20 Brett Edward Garsed, Australian heavy metal artist (Nelson), born in Victoria, Australia
  • 1963-06-12 Warwick Capper, Australian rules footballer, born in Victoria, Australia
  • 1963-06-27 Paul Roos, Australian rules footballer
  • 1963-07-19 Garth Nix, Australian author
  • 1963-08-04 Andrew Bartlett, Australian politician
  • 1963-09-01 Stephen Kernahan, Australian rules footballer
  • 1964-02-24 Russell Ingall, Australian racing driver
  • 1964-03-03 Duncan Phillips, Australian drummer (Newsboys)
  • 1964-03-30 Vlado Bozinovski, Australian former footballer

Person of interestRussell Crowe

1964-04-07 Russell Crowe, Australian-New Zealand actor (A Beautiful Mind, Gladiator), born in Wellington, New Zealand

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