Bangladesh in History

Historical Events

  • 1876-10-31 Great Backerganj Cyclone of 1876 ravages British India (Modern-day Bangladesh), over 200,000 killed
  • 1952-02-21 Bangladesh Martyrs Day (martyrs of Bengali Language Movement)
  • 1956-05-12 East Pakistan struck by cyclone and tidal waves
  • 1963-05-28 Cyclone hits Chittagong, Bangladesh; about 1 million houses destroyed
  • 1965-05-11 Bangladesh windstorm kills 17,000
  • 1965-12-15 3rd cyclone of year kills 15,000 at the mouths of the Ganges River in Bangladesh
  • 1969-04-14 Tornado strikes Dacca East Pakistan killing 540
  • 1970-11-12 Cyclone Bhola makes landfall in East Pakistan (Bangladesh) killing up to 500,000, making it the deadliest tropical cyclone ever recorded

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1971-03-26 Bangladesh (East Pakistan) under Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declares its independence from Pakistan

Founding Father of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
Founding Father of Bangladesh
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

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1971-07-30 George Harrison releases "Bangladesh"

Singer-Songwriter George Harrison
George Harrison
  • 1971-08-01 George Harrison's concert for Bangladesh takes place in NYC
  • 1971-12-14 The Pakistan Army executes an estimated 1,111 of East Pakistan's intellectuals during the Bangladesh Liberation War
  • 1971-12-16 Vijay Diwas (Victory Day): East Pakistan's independence (as Bangladesh) from Pakistan is recognized internationally after India's army occupies Dacca, and 93,000 West Pakistani troops surrender
  • 1971-12-17 Radio Bangladesh begins transmitting
  • 1972-01-05 President of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman freed by the newly elected President of Pakistan Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
  • 1972-01-10 Triple album set "Concert for Bangladesh" released in UK

  • 1972-01-12 Abu Sayeed Chudhury becomes President of Bangladesh and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Prime Minister
  • 1972-03-19 India & Bangladesh sign friendship treaty
  • 1972-04-19 Bangladesh becomes a member of the British Commonwealth
  • 1972-11-04 Bangladesh adopts constitution
  • 1972-12-16 Bangladesh Constitution goes into effect
  • 1973-03-07 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's Awami League wins election in Bangladesh
  • 1973-07-25 George Harrison pays £1,000,000 tax on his Bangladesh concert & album
  • 1974-02-24 Pakistan officially recognizes Bangladesh
  • 1974-08-15 Hurricane/floods ravage Bangladesh, 4,000 killed
  • 1975-01-25 Bangladeshi parliament disposes of premier Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
  • 1975-08-14 -15] Pakistani military coup against Bangladeshi President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
  • 1975-08-15 Bangladesh military coup under Khondakar Moustaque Ahmed
  • 1975-09-01 All political parties forbidden in Bangladesh
  • 1976-12-01 Bangladesh General Ziaur Rahman declares himself president
  • 1977-04-21 Zia ur-Rahman appointed president of Bangladesh
  • 1979-02-18 President Zia ur-Rahman's National Party wins elections in Bangladesh
  • 1981-05-30 Bangladesh President Ziaur Rahman is shot by group of rebel officers
  • 1985-05-24 -25) cyclone hits Bangladesh; about 10,000 die
  • 1985-05-25 Cyclone ravages Bangladesh; 11,000 killed
  • 1986-04-14 Double-decker ferry sinks in stormy weather in Bangladesh killing 200

  • 1986-05-25 Ferry boat Shamia sinks on Maghna River Bangladesh, 600 killed
  • 1986-11-10 Bangladeshi Constitution restored
  • 1987-08-23 Violent rainfall/floods in Bangladesh, kills 100s
  • 1988-11-30 Cyclone lashes Bangladesh, Eastern India; 317 killed
  • 1988-12-01 596 dead after cyclone hits Bangladesh, half a million homeless
  • 1989-04-27 Hurricane in Bangladesh kills 500
  • 1991-04-29 Cyclone strikes the Chittagong district in Bangladesh, killing 139,000 people and leaving 10 million homeless
  • 1992-06-23 "Tin Bigha Day" protest in India of corridor opening to Bangladesh
  • 1992-06-26 India leases Tin Bigha corridor to Bangladesh
  • 1993-12-17 Muslims in Bangladesh call for the murder of feminist Taslima Nasrin
  • 1994-07-29 200,000 Muslims demand the death of feminist writer Taslima Nasrin in Bangladesh
  • 1994-08-20 Ferry boat sinks at Chandpur Bangladesh, 300-350 killed
  • 1994-12-29 Bangladesh government of Zia resigns
  • 1996-05-13 Severe thunderstorms and a tornado in Bangladesh kill 600 people.
  • 1996-09-15 Bangladesh beat UAE by 104 runs to win the ACC Trophy Final

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2004-12-09 Mary-Kate Olsen pledges that woman sewing garments for her company in Bangladesh will be afforded legal maternity leave

Twin Actress Mary-Kate Olsen
Twin Actress
Mary-Kate Olsen
  • 2007-11-15 A devastating Cyclone named Sidr hit Bangladesh, killing an estimated 5000 people and destroyed the world's largest mangrove forest, Sundarbans.
  • 2009-02-25 BDR massacre in Pilkhana, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 74 People are being killed, including more than 50 Army officials, by Bangladeshi Boarder Guards inside its headquarter.
  • 2010-01-28 Five murderers of Bangladeshi President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman hanged: Lieutenant Colonel Syed Faruq Rahman, Lieutenant Colonel Sultan Shahriar Rashid Khan, Major AKM Mohiuddin Ahmed, Major Bazlul Huda and Lieutenant Colonel Mohiuddin Ahmed
  • 2012-03-13 110 people are killed and 63 are missing after a ferry collides with an oil tanker near Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • 2012-08-11 13 people are killed and 15 injured by a lightning strike at a Mosque in Bangladesh
  • 2013-02-08 100, 000 people march to demand justice for the atrocities of the Bangladesh Liberation War in Dhaka
  • 2013-02-28 35 people are killed in violent demonstrations across Bangladesh
  • 2013-03-23 20 people are killed and 200 are injured by a tornado in Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh
  • 2013-04-24 Deadliest structural failure in history when 1,134, mostly garment workers killed and 2,500 injured after the Rana Plaza building collapses in Savar Upazila, Bangladesh
  • 2013-05-06 13 people are killed in clashes with Bangladeshi police in Dhaka
  • 2014-01-07 Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina wins re-election in Bangladesh general election
  • 2015-07-10 23 people are killed & 50 are injured in a stampede at a free clothing drive in Mymensingh, Bangladesh
  • 2016-02-05 Computer hackers try to steal 1 billion from Federal Reserve Bank of New York using Bangladesh banking codes, steal 81 million before a typo alerts authorities
  • 2016-07-01 Islamic militants storm a cafe in Dhaka, Bangladesh, killing 20 hostages and 2 police, country's worse terror attack
  • 2017-01-13 Cricket all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan scores Bangladesh's top Test score ever (217) during the 1st Test v New Zealand in Wellington
  • 2017-08-30 Authorities say floods across Bangladesh, Nepal and India have killed more 1200 people and damaged 697,000 houses
  • 2017-08-31 International Organization for Migration states 18,500 Rohingya Muslims have fled from violence in Myanmar's Rakhine state after 110 deaths, making for Bangladesh
  • 2018-02-08 Bangladesh court sentences former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia to 5 years in prison for corruption
  • 2018-03-12 Plane crash of Bangladeshi carrier at Kathmandu airport kills at least 49 after plane approaches runway from wrong end
  • 2018-05-24 Bangladeshi police reported to have shot 52 suspected drug traffickers in anti-narcotics crackdown in 10 days
  • 2018-07-29 Demonstrations calling for safer road by students begin in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • 2018-11-14 Attempt to move 720,000 Rohingya back to Myanmar from Bangladesh refugee camps amid international criticism. They refuse to go.
  • 2018-12-31 Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina wins third term in Bangladesh elections with 17 people killed in violent clashes
  • 2019-03-21 Bangladeshi woman with two uteruses safely gives birth to twins 26 days after giving birth to another child
  • 2019-05-03 Cyclone Fani strikes Odisha State, India and Bangladesh, killing 33 people after one of the biggest human evacuations ever - 1.2 million in India in 24 hours
  • 2019-05-20 Bangladesh imposes a 65-day ban on coastal fishing to conserve fish stocks
  • 2019-05-29 16 people charged for setting fire to and murdering a teenager who reported sexual harassment at an Islamic school in Feni, Bangladesh
  • 2019-08-16 Huge fire in Chalantika slum in Dhaka, Bangladesh, destroys 1,200 houses and leaves up to 10,000 homeless
  • 2019-10-01 Indian government bans the export of onions, an important food staple to control prices, causing shortages in Bangladesh and Nepal

Famous Birthdays

  • 1886-11-02 Dhirendranath Datta, Bangladeshi politician, born in Ramrail, Tipperah, Bengal Presidency, British India (d. 1971)
  • 1896-04-30 Anandamayi Ma [Nirmala Sundari], Indian spiritual leader, born in Kheora, British India (now Bangladesh)
  • 1910-03-21 M S Khan, Bangladeshi intellectual (d. 1978)

Person of interestSheikh Mujibur Rahman

1922-03-17 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Founding father of Bangladesh and 1st and 4th President of Bangladesh (1971-72 and 1975-76), born in Tungipara, Bengal Presidency, British India (d. 1975)

Founding Father of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
Founding Father of Bangladesh
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
  • 1922-04-14 Ali Akbar Khan, Indian classical musician, born in Comilla, East Bangladesh (d. 2009)
  • 1926-09-01 Abdur Rahman Biswas, President of Bangladesh
  • 1929-05-03 Jahanara Imam, Bangladeshi writer and political activist, born in Murshidabad, West Bengal, India (d. 1994)
  • 1930-02-01 Shahabuddin Ahmed, President of Bangladesh
  • 1931-02-28 Iajuddin Ahmed, Bikrampur, British Raj, President (Bangladesh, 2002-2009), (d. 2012)
  • 1931-08-27 Sri Chinmoy, Indian guru, born in Shakpura, British India (now Bangladesh) (d. 2007)
  • 1938-01-15 Chuni Goswami, Indian footballer & cricketer, born in Kishoreganj District, Bangladesh
  • 1938-12-26 Alamgir Kabir, Bangladeshi film director (d. 1989)
  • 1940-06-28 Muhammad Yunus, Bangladeshi banker (Grameen - microlending), economist (Nobel Peace Prize 2006), born in Chittagong, British India
  • 1942-01-23 Abdur Razzak, Bangladeshi actor & director, born in Kolkata, India (d. 2017)
  • 1945-08-15 Begum Khaleda Zia, Prime Minister of Bangladesh (1991-96 and 2001-06), born in Dinajpur, Bangladesh
  • 1945-11-11 Niaz Ahmed, cricketer (1st & last East Pakistani to play Test cricket)
  • 1947-02-19 Ferdousi Priyabhashini, Bangladeshi sculptor (Independence Day Award-2010), born in Khulna District, British India (d. 2018)
  • 1947-09-28 Sheikh Hasina, Bangladeshi politician, Prime Minister of Bangladesh (2009-), born in Tungipara, East Pakistan
  • 1970-09-05 Mohammad Rafique, Bangladeshi cricketer, born in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • 1971-07-26 Khaled Mahmud, Bangladeshi cricketer, born in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • 1972-08-17 Habibul Bashar, Bangladeshi cricketer
  • 1972-09-12 Avijit Roy, Bangladeshi-American activist and blogger, born in Bangladesh (d. 2015)
  • 1973-08-05 Sanwar Hossain, Bangladeshi cricketer
  • 1976-02-08 Khaled Mashud, Bangladeshi cricketer
  • 1982-06-15 Abdur Razzak, Bangladeshi cricketer
  • 1983-09-04 Tareq Aziz, Bangladeshi cricketer, born in Chittagong, Bangladesh
  • 1983-10-05 Mashrafe Mortaza, Bangladeshi cricketer, born in Narail District, Bangladesh
  • 1984-01-01 Alok Kapali, Bangladeshi cricket all-rounder (17 Tests; 69 ODIs), born in Sylhet, Bangladesh
  • 1984-05-04 Manjural Islam, Bangladeshi test cricket player, born in Khulna, Bangladesh (d. 2007)
  • 1984-07-03 Syed Rasel, Bangladeshi cricketer
  • 1984-07-07 Mohammad Ashraful, Bangladeshi cricketer, born in Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh
  • 1985-10-01 Shahriar Nafees, Bangladeshi cricket batsman (24 Tests, 75 ODI), born in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • 1986-02-04 Mohammad Mahmudullah Riyad, Bangladeshi cricketer (2007-), born in Mymensingh, Bangladesh
  • 1986-06-16 Farhad Reza, Bangladeshi Cricketer
  • 1987-03-24 Shakib Al Hasan, Bangladeshi cricket all-rounder (Bangaladesh 217 highest score 2017), born in Magura, Bangladesh
  • 1987-04-21 Nadif Chowdhury, Bangladeshi cricketer
  • 1987-10-30 Junaid Siddique, Bangladeshi cricketer, born in Rajshahi, Bangladesh
  • 1988-09-01 Mushfiqur Rahim, Bangladeshi cricketer
  • 1989-03-20 Tamim Iqbal, Bangladeshi cricketer

Famous Deaths

  • 1971-03-29 Dhirendranath Datta, Bangladeshi politician, tortured to death at 84

MurderSheikh Mujibur Rahman

1975-08-15 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Founding father of Bangladesh, 1st and 4th President of Bangladesh (1971-72, 1975-76), assassinated in military coup by group of junior army officers at 55

Founding Father of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
Founding Father of Bangladesh
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
  • 1981-05-30 Ziaur Rahmen, President of Bangladesh, is assassinated
  • 1987-10-17 Abdul Malek Ukil, Bangladeshi politician (b. 1925)
  • 1989-01-20 Alamgir Kabir, Bangladeshi film director (b. 1938)
  • 1993-01-10 Noorjahan Begum, "adulterous" wife in Bangladesh, stoned to death
  • 1994-06-26 Jahanara Imam, Bangladeshi writer and political activist, dies at 65
  • 1996-03-05 Khundaqar Mushtaq Amhed, president of Bangladesh (1975), dies
  • 2000-12-20 Mirza Ghulam Hafiz, Bangladesh statesman, politician, and philanthropist (b. 1920)
  • 2007-03-16 Manjural Islam, Bangladeshi test cricketer, dies at 22
  • 2012-12-10 Iajuddin Ahmed, Bangladeshi President, dies from heart surgery complications at 81
  • 2015-02-26 Avijit Roy, Bangladeshi-American activist and blogger, killed by assailants in Dhaka, Bangladesh at 42
  • 2018-03-06 Ferdousi Priyabhashini, Bangladeshi sculptor (Independence Day Award-2010), dies at 71