Canadian History (Part 12)

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Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1101 - 1,200 of 2,178

  • 1950-02-18 Michel Gauthier, Canadian politician, born in Quebec City, Canada

Person of interestMartin Short

1950-03-26 Martin Short, Canadian comedian (SNL; SCTV; 3 Amigos), born in Hamilton, Ontario

  • 1950-05-16 Ray Condo [Tremblay], Canadian rockabilly guitarist and sax player, born in Hull, Quebec (d. 2004)
  • 1950-06-17 Cathy Sherk, Canadian golfer (Canadian Women's PGA C'ship 1988, 90-91), born in Bancroft, Ontario
  • 1950-06-21 Anne Carson, Canadian poet (Autobiography of Red), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • 1950-06-23 Douglas C. Lord, Canadian businessman
  • 1950-07-04 David Jensen, Canadian-British radio DJ, born in Victoria, British Columbia
  • 1950-07-06 John Byrne, American author and artist of superhero comics (X-Men), born in Walsall, Staffordshire, England
  • 1950-07-06 Hélène Scherrer, Canadian politician (MP of Louis-Hébert, Quebec, 2000-04), born in Quebec City, Quebec
  • 1950-07-18 Jack Layton, Canadian politician, born in Montreal, Quebec (d. 2011)
  • 1950-07-20 Tantoo Cardinal, Canadian actress
  • 1950-07-23 Belinda Montgomery, Canadian actress (Man From Atlantis), born in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • 1950-07-23 Blair Thornton, Canadian rock guitarist (Bachman-Turner-Overdrive), born in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • 1950-07-23 Ian Thomas, Canadian singer-songwriter (Painted Ladies), born in Hamilton, Ontario
  • 1950-08-02 Sue Rodriguez, Canadian assisted suicide advocate, born in Winnipeg, Manitoba (d. 1994)

Person of interestChris Haney

1950-08-09 Chris Haney, Canadian journalist who created the board game "Trivial Pursuit", born in Welland, Ontario (d. 2010)

Co-creator of Trivial Pursuit Chris Haney
Co-creator of Trivial Pursuit
Chris Haney
  • 1950-08-10 Rémy Girard, Canadian actor (Les Invasions barbares), born in Jonquière, Quebec
  • 1950-08-16 Stockwell Day, Canadian politician
  • 1950-09-05 Paul William Roberts, Canadian writer, born in Wales

Person of interestJohn Candy

1950-10-31 John Candy, Canadian actor and comedian (SCTV, Uncle Buck), born in Newmarket, Ontario (d. 1994)

Actor and Comedian John Candy
Actor and Comedian
John Candy
  • 1950-12-12 William "Billy" Smith, Canadian ice hockey goaltender (New York Islanders), born in Perth, Ontario
  • 1951-02-22 Elaine Tanner, Canadian swimmer (1966 Commonwealth Games, 1968 Olympics), born in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • 1951-02-24 Helen Shaver, Ontario Canada, actress (WIOU, Praise of Older Women)
  • 1951-03-28 Karen Kain, Canadian ballerina, born in Hamilton, Canada
  • 1951-04-18 Pierre Pettigrew, Canadian politician (Minister for International Trade), born in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
  • 1951-05-24 Rob Baker, Canadian rock drummer (Red Rider, 1975-85 - "Lunatic Fringe"; "White Hot"), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • 1951-07-16 Jean-Luc Mongrain, French-Canadian journalist, born in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
  • 1951-08-01 Tim Bachman, Canadian guitarist and vocalist (Brave Belt and Bachman–Turner Overdrive), born in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • 1951-08-17 Robert Joy, Canadian actor (Big Shots, CSI), born in Montreal, Quebec
  • 1951-08-21 Margo Kane, Canadian playwright, born in Edmonton, Canada
  • 1951-09-19 Daniel Lanois, Canadian record producer, born in Hull, Quebec, Canada
  • 1951-09-28 Wei Chen, Canadian journalist
  • 1951-12-22 Charles de Lint, Canadian sci-fi author (Moonhear, Mulengro, Yarrow), born in Bussum, Netherlands
  • 1951-12-29 Georges Thurston, Canadian reggae and R&B singer, born in Bedford, Quebec (d. 2007)
  • 1952-01-30 Doug Falconer, Canadian football player, born in Calgary, Canada
  • 1952-03-01 Dave Barr, Canadian golfer (US Open 1985 runner-up), born in Kelowna, British Columbia
  • 1952-05-17 Howard Hampton, Canadian politician
  • 1952-05-20 Warren Cann, Canadian rock drummer (Ultravox), born in Victoria, British Columbia
  • 1952-06-16 Gino Vannelli, Canadian singer ("Living Inside Myself"), born in Montreal, Quebec
  • 1952-06-22 Graham Greene, Canadian actor
  • 1952-06-25 Brian MacLeod, Canadian rock guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist (Chilliwack), born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (d. 1992)

Person of interestDan Aykroyd

1952-07-01 Dan Aykroyd, Canadian-American comedian, writer and actor (SNL, The Blues Brothers; Ghostbusters), born in Ottawa, Ontario

Actor and Comedian Dan Aykroyd
Actor and Comedian
Dan Aykroyd
  • 1952-07-10 Kim Mitchell, Canadian guitarist and singer, born in Sarnia, Ontario
  • 1952-07-26 Jan Randall, Canadian film and TV composer, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 1952-08-21 Keith Hart, Canadian professional wrestler, born in Great Falls, Montana
  • 1952-08-23 Mac Cone, Canadian equestrian jumper (Olympics 1996), born in Memphis, Tennessee
  • 1952-08-28 Guy Nadon, Canadian actor (L'ange gardien), born in Montréal, Québec
  • 1952-08-28 Jacques Chagnon, Canadian politician (45th President of the National Assembly), born in Montréal, Québec
  • 1952-09-10 Vic Toews, Canadian politician, born in Filadelfia, Paraguay
  • 1952-09-12 Neil Peart, Canadian musician and drummer (Rush-A Farewell to Kings), born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • 1952-09-27 André Viger, French Canadian wheelchair marathoner (3 Paralympics gold medals), born in Windsor, Ontario (d. 2006)
  • 1952-10-05 Duncan Regehr, Canadian actor 9My Wicked, Wicked Ways: The Legend of Errol Flynn), born in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
  • 1952-10-12 Danielle Proulx, French Canadian actress, born in Montreal, Quebec
  • 1952-11-27 Sheila Copps, Canadian politician, Deputy Prime Minister of Canada (1993-97), born in Hamilton, Ontario
  • 1952-12-12 Herb Dhaliwal, Canadian politician, born in Chiheru, Punjab, India
  • 1952-12-14 Germain Houde, French Canadian actor, born in Petit-Saguenay, Quebec
  • 1952-12-27 Jay Hill, Canadian politician
  • 1953-01-19 Richard Legendre, Canadian tennis player & politician, born in Montreal, Quebec
  • 1953-02-18 Robin "Robbie" Bachman, Canadian drummer (Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet"; "Takin' Care Of Business"), born in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • 1953-03-10 Paul Haggis, Canadian film director
  • 1953-03-11 Bernie LaBarge, Canadian musician
  • 1953-04-04 Robert Bertrand, Canadian politician (Liberal Party of Canada), born in Fort-Coulonge, Quebec, Canada

Person of interestTim Allen

1953-06-13 Tim Allen, Canadian comedian (Home Improvement, Jungle2Jungle), born in Denver, Colorado

Actor Tim Allen
Tim Allen
  • 1953-07-09 Margie Gillis, Canadian dancer and choreographer, born in Montreal, Quebec
  • 1953-07-11 Benny DeFranco, Canadian musician (The DeFranco Family)
  • 1953-07-13 Milica "Mila" Mulroney (née Pivnički), wife of former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney, born in Sarajevo, PR Bosnia-Herzegovina, FPR Yugoslavia.
  • 1953-08-17 Robert Thirsk, Canadian astronaut (STS 78), born in New Westminster, British Columbia
  • 1953-09-16 Nancy Huston, Canadian novelist (Cantique des plaines) and essayist, born in Calgary, Alberta
  • 1953-09-20 Jeff Jones, Canadian rock bassist/vocalist (Red Rider), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • 1953-09-30 S.M. Stirling, Canadian-born author
  • 1953-10-04 Gil "The Bird" Moore, Canadian rock drummer and vocalist (Triumph), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • 1953-10-15 Betsy Clifford, Canadian alpine skier, born in Ottawa, Ontario
  • 1953-10-28 Pierre Boivin, Canadian businessman and hockey executive
  • 1953-11-04 Jacques Villeneuve (elder), Canadian auto racer (North American Formula Atlantic Champion 1980–81; Can-Am Champion 1983), born in Berthierville, Quebec
  • 1953-11-09 Gaétan Hart, Canadian boxer
  • 1953-12-27 Arthur Kent [The Scud Stud], American newscaster (prominent Gulf War coverage for NBC), born in Alberta, Canada
  • 1954-01-22 Tully Blanchard, American professional wrestler, born in Calgary, Canada
  • 1954-01-29 Doug Risebrough, Canadian ice hockey player, coach and executive
  • 1954-02-03 Tiger Williams, Canadian ice hockey player
  • 1954-03-04 Catherine O'Hara, Canadian actress (The Nightmare Before Christmas, Home Alone), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • 1954-04-12 Pat Travers, Canadian rock guitarist (Puttin' it Straight), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • 1954-04-17 Roddy Piper, Canadian professional wrestler, born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (d. 2015)
  • 1954-04-20 Gilles Lupien, French Canadian ice hockey player, born in Lachute, Canada
  • 1954-05-16 Dafydd "Dave" Williams, Canadian physician and astronaut (sk: STS 90), born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • 1954-05-28 John Tory, Canadian politician
  • 1954-06-03 Dan Hill, Canadian pop singer and songwriter ("Sometimes When We Touch"; "Can't We Try"), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • 1954-07-07 Steve Gilchrist, Canadian politician (Cabinet Minister and Member of Provincial Parliament, in Ontario), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • 1954-07-22 Pierre Lebeau, Canadian actor
  • 1954-07-23 Marisa DeFranco, Canadian musician (The DeFranco Family), born in Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada
  • 1954-07-25 Ken Greer [Kenneth William Greer], Canadian rock guitarist (Red Rider), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • 1954-07-31 Derek Smith, Canadian ice hockey player, born in Quebec City, Quebec
  • 1954-08-06 Elma Miller, Canadian composer, born in Toronto

Person of interestJames Cameron

1954-08-16 James Cameron, Canadian film director and writer (Titanic, Avatar), born in Kapuskasing, Ontario

Film Director James Cameron
Film Director
James Cameron
  • 1954-08-24 Alain Daigle, French Canadian ice hockey player, born in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada
  • 1954-10-21 Brian Tobin, Canadian premier of Newfoundland
  • 1954-12-14 Steve MacLean, Canadian astronaut (STS 52), born in Ottawa, Ontario
  • 1954-12-28 Tony Rosato, Canadian comedian (SCTV, Saturday Night Live), born in Naples, Italy (d. 2017)
  • 1955-01-27 Brian Engblom, Canadian NHL hockey player, 1975-87 (Montreal Canadiens, and 4 other teams), and TV broadcaster, born in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • 1955-02-13 Scott Smith, Canadian rock bassist (Loverboy), born in Winnipeg, Manitoba (d. 2000)
  • 1955-02-18 Raymond Rougeau, Canadian professional wrestler, born in Saint-Sulpice, Canada

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