Chilean History (Part 2)

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  • 1994-03-11 Eduardo Frei succeeds Patricio Aylwin as President of Chile

MurderMurder of Interest

1998-10-16 Former Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet is arrested in London on a Spanish warrant requesting his extradition on murder charges

General and Dictator Augusto Pinochet
General and Dictator
Augusto Pinochet
  • 2000-03-02 Former Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet heads home after being told the UK would not extradite him on torture charges
  • 2004-12-13 Former Chilean dictator, General Augusto Pinochet is put under house arrest, after being sued under accusations over 9 kidnapping actions and manslaughter. The house arrest is lifted the same day on appeal.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2006-03-11 Michelle Bachelet is inaugurated as the first female president of Chile

President of Chile Michelle Bachelet
President of Chile
Michelle Bachelet
  • 2008-05-06 Chaiten Volcano erupts in Chile, forcing the evacuation of more than 4,500 people.
  • 2009-06-05 Chile officially enters recession; it is the first South American country to enter the global recession
  • 2010-02-27 Central Chile is hit with an 8.8 magnitude earthquake.
  • 2010-03-11 Sebastián Piñera becomes Chilean president

/flags/chileCopiapó Mine Rescue

2010-10-13 Copiapó mining accident in Chile comes to a happy end as all 33 miners arrive at the surface after surviving a record 69 days underground

  • 2013-12-15 Michelle Bachelet is re-elected President of Chile
  • 2015-07-04 Chile win football's Copa America for the first time
  • 2015-09-16 8.3 magnitude quake hits off coast of Illapel, Chile killing 11 and prompting evacuation of 1 million

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