Comoros in History

Historical Events

  • 1912-07-25 Comoros proclaimed a French colonies
  • 1974-12-22 Referenda in Comoros-3 islands for independence, 1 stays French
  • 1975-07-06 Comoros declare independence from France (most of them)
  • 1978-10-01 Comoros adopts constitution
  • 1995-09-28 Bob Denard and a group of mercenaries take the islands of Comoros in a coup.
  • 2009-06-30 Yemenia Flight 626 crashes off the coast of Moroni, Comoros killing 152 people and leaving 1 survivor

Famous Birthdays

  • 1958-06-05 Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi, President of the Comoros, born in Mutsamudu, Comoros