Cuban History (Part 2)

Historical Events

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  • 1961-01-03 US breaks diplomatic relations with Cuba
  • 1961-04-14 Cuban-American invasion army departs Nicaragua

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1961-04-17 1,400 Cuban exiles land in Bay of Pigs in a doomed attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro

Cuban Revolutionary and President Fidel Castro
Cuban Revolutionary and President
Fidel Castro

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1962-02-03 US President John F. Kennedy bans all trade with Cuba except for food & drugs

35th US President John F. Kennedy
35th US President
John F. Kennedy
  • 1962-02-07 US President JFK begins blockade of Cuba by banning all Cuban imports and exports.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1962-07-02 Cuba's Minister of Foreign affairs Raúl Castro arrives in Moscow

President of Cuba Raúl Castro
President of Cuba
Raúl Castro
  • 1962-07-26 Maria Oeljanov, 1st airship with nuclear missiles, arrives in Cuba
  • 1962-08-29 US U-2 flight sees SAM launch pads in Cuba
  • 1962-10-14 US U-2 espionage planes locate missile launchers in Cuba

Battle of InterestCuban Missile Crisis

1962-10-16 Cuban Missile Crisis begins as JFK is shown photos confirming the presence of Soviet missiles in Cuba

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Reconnaissance photo of Soviet missiles in Cuba shown to John F. Kennedy on October 16, 1962
Reconnaissance photo of Soviet missiles in Cuba shown to John F. Kennedy on October 16, 1962
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  • 1962-10-22 Cuban Missile Crisis: US President John F. Kennedy addresses TV about Russian missile bases in Cuba and imposes a naval blockade on Cuba, beginning the missile crisis

United Nations <b>Speech</b>United Nations Speech

1962-10-23 Adlai Stevenson speaks at the United Nations about the Cuba crisis

US Governor and Presidential Candidate Adlai Stevenson II
US Governor and Presidential Candidate
Adlai Stevenson II
  • 1962-10-24 Cuban Missile Crisis: Soviet ships approach but stop short of the US blockade of Cuba
  • 1962-10-25 US Ambassador to the UN Adlai Stevenson demands USSR UN rep Zorin answer regarding Cuban missile bases saying "I am prepared to wait for my answer until hell freezes over"
  • 1962-10-26 JFK warns Russia that the USA will not allow Soviet missiles to remain in Cuba

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1962-10-26 Nikita Khrushchev sends note to JFK offering to withdraw his missiles from Cuba if US closes its bases in Turkey: offer is rejected

Soviet First Secretary Nikita Khrushchev
Soviet First Secretary
Nikita Khrushchev
35th US President John F. Kennedy
35th US President
John F. Kennedy

The Man Who Saved The WorldThe Man Who Saved The World

1962-10-27 Black Saturday during the Cuban Missile Crisis: An American spy plane is shot down over Cuba and the navy drops warning depth charges on Soviet submarines

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Trial of strength: How a cartoonist saw the confrontation between Kruschev and Kennedy
Trial of strength: How a cartoonist saw the confrontation between Kruschev and Kennedy
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  • 1962-10-28 Radio Moscow reports nuclear missiles in Cuba deactivated
  • 1962-10-28 Cuban Missile Crisis: US President JFK receives letter from Soviet Leaderr Khrushchev suggesting agreement
  • 1962-11-20 USSR agrees to remove bombers from Cuba, & US lifts blockade
  • 1962-12-21 US & Cuba accord, releases bay of pigs captive
  • 1962-12-23 Cuba starts returning US prisoners from Bay of Pigs invasion
  • 1963-02-19 USSR informs JFK it is withdrawing several thousand troops from Cuba
  • 1963-04-27 Cuban premier Fidel Castro arrives in Moscow
  • 1963-07-08 US bans all monetary transactions with Cuba

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1963-09-27 Lee Harvey Oswald visits Cubans consulate in Mexico

Former Soldier and Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald
Former Soldier and Assassin
Lee Harvey Oswald
  • 1963-10-04 -8] Hurricane Flora, kills 6,000 in Cuba & Haiti
  • 1963-10-09 Hurricane Flora ravages Cuba & Haiti, kills 6,000
  • 1964-10-15 American sprinter Bob Hayes equals world record 10.0s to beat Cuba's Enrique Figuerola by 0.2s and win the men's 100m gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics

  • 1965-12-01 Airlift of refugees from Cuba to US began
  • 1966-11-02 The Cuban Adjustment Act comes into force, allowing 123,000 Cubans opportunity to apply for permanent residence in the US
  • 1970-07-30 -Aug 5] Hurricane Celia, kills 31 in Cuba, Florida and Texas
  • 1972-09-10 Cuban boxer Teófilo Stevenson wins first of 3 consecutive Olympic heavyweight gold medals when Munich Games opponent Ion Alexe of Romania withdraws from the final because of a broken thumb
  • 1975-08-21 US lightens trade embargo against Cuba
  • 1975-10-23 Battle between Cuba & South Africa troops in Angola
  • 1975-10-26 Cuba beats Mexico for its 4th Pan Am Games Gold Medal in baseball
  • 1976-02-24 Cuba adopts its constitution
  • 1976-10-06 Cubana Flight 455 crashes into the Atlantic Ocean after two bombs, placed by terrorists with connections to the CIA, explode onboard shortly after taking off from Bridgetown, Barbados, killing all 73 people on board
  • 1976-12-02 Communist revolutionary Fidel Castro becomes President of Cuba, replacing Osvaldo Dorticós Torrado
  • 1977-03-18 US restricts citizens from visiting Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea & Cambodia
  • 1977-06-03 US & Cuba talk about diplomatic relations
  • 1978-07-13 Walter Poenisch completes swim of 207 km from Cuba to Florida
  • 1980-04-14 1st Cubans of the Mariel boatlift sail to Florida
  • 1980-04-20 Cubans begin to arrive in US from Mariel boatlift
  • 1980-08-02 Cuban super-heavyweight Teofilo Stevenson becomes the 1st fighter to win 3 Olympic gold medals in the same division, scores 4-1 points decision over Pyotr Zayev (Soviet Union) in Moscow
  • 1980-09-18 Soyuz 38 carries 2 cosmonauts (1 Cuban) to Salyut 6 space station
  • 1980-09-26 Cuban government closes Mariel Harbor ending "freedom flotilla"
  • 1981-03-24 Colombia drops diplomatic relations with Cuba

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1981-11-16 President Reagan decides on a covert plan to block the Cuban aid to Nicaragua and El Salvador

US President & Actor Ronald Reagan
US President & Actor
Ronald Reagan

  • 1982-01-23 Urbe Blanca (cow) produces record 110 kg of milk, Cuba (approx date)
  • 1985-05-20 US began broadcasts to Cuba on Radio Marti
  • 1987-08-15 At Pan Am games in Indianapolis, USA & Cuba are tied with 2 outs in 9th, Ty Griffin HR, Cuba 1st loss in 20 years of Pan Am competition
  • 1988-08-07 Angola, Cuba and South Africa allegedly signed a cease fire treaty
  • 1988-08-08 Angola, Cuba and South Africa sign cease fire treaty
  • 1988-09-08 Javier Sotomayer of Cuba high jumps world record 2.43m
  • 1989-07-29 Javier Sotomayor of Cuba sets high jump record (8'0") in San Juan
  • 1990-03-27 The United States begins broadcasting TV Martí to Cuba in an effort to bridge the information blackout imposed by the Castro regime.
  • 1990-08-06 UN Security Council votes 13-0 (2 abstensions Cuba and Yemen) to place economic sanctions against Iraq
  • 1991-05-23 Last Cubans troops leave Angola
  • 1991-08-06 American softball pitcher Debbie Doom strikes out 17 in her 2nd consecutive perfect game at the Pan American Games in Havana, Cuba; beats Nicaragua, 8-0
  • 1991-11-21 Poetess Maria Elene Cruz Varela arrested in Cuba
  • 1991-11-27 Poetess Maria Elene Cruz Varela sentenced to 2 years (Cuba)
  • 1992-01-03 32 Cubans defect to the US via helicopter
  • 1992-06-28 US Dream Team beats Cuba in 1st exhibition basketball game, 133-57
  • 1992-08-05 Cuba wins baseball's inaugural gold medal at the Olympic Games in Barcelona, beating Chinese Taipei 11-1
  • 1992-08-09 Cuban boxer Félix Savón wins the first of 3 consecutive Olympic heavyweight gold medals when he dominates Nigerian David Izonritei on points at the Barcelona Games
  • 1992-11-15 Cuban Ilyushin IL-18 flight to Puerto Plata crashes, 34 die
  • 1993-11-15 13 Cuban refugees land in Florida after stealing a crop-duster in Cuba.
  • 1994-08-01 Train crash in Havana Cuba, 6 killed

  • 1996-02-24 Cuba downs 2 US planes
  • 1997-05-12 Australian Susie Maroney becomes first to swim from Cuba to Florida
  • 1997-12-31 Orlando Hernandez, half-brother of pitcher Livan, defects from Cuba
  • 1998-01-21 Pope John Paul II visits Cuba

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1998-01-23 Pope John Paul II condemns US embargo against Cuba

264th Pope John Paul II
264th Pope
John Paul II
  • 1998-01-25 Pope John Paul II visits Cuba and demands the release of political prisoners; he also condemns US moves to isolate the country
  • 1999-11-21 Elian Gonzalez, Cuban boy at the center of a heated 2000 controversy involving the governments of Cuba and the United States, departs from Cuba with his mother
  • 1999-11-22 Elian Gonzalez, Cuban boy at the center of a heated 2000 controversy involving the governments of Cuba and the United States, and his mother are sighted off of Florida's coast by U.S. Coast Guard
  • 2000-01-04 American businessman and investor Mark Cuban purchases a majority stake in the Dallas Mavericks NBA franchise for $285m from H. Ross Perot, Jr.
  • 2000-06-28 Cuban exile Elián González returns to Cuba following a Supreme Court order.
  • 2000-10-01 Cuban boxer Félix Savon wins his 3rd consecutive Olympic heavyweight gold medal at the Sydney Games; easily beats Russian Sultan Ibragimov on points 21-13; retires after victory ceremony
  • 2002-05-12 Former US President Jimmy Carter arrives in Cuba for a five-day visit with Fidel Castro becoming first President of the United States, in or out of office, to visit the island since Castro's 1959 revolution.
  • 2002-12-08 The Caribbean Community Heads of Government meet with the Government of Cuba and declare the date to be "CARICOM-Cuba Day" - To celebrate diplomatic ties between the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and Cuba.
  • 2004-08-18 Shot put event at the Athens Olympics held in Ancient Olympia, site of the ancient Olympic Games; first time women ever compete in venue; Yumileidi Cumbá of Cuba wins women's gold; American Adam Nelson men's gold
  • 2004-08-25 Cuba beats Australia 6-2 to win the baseball gold medal at the Athens Olympics; Japan takes bronze; US did not qualify
  • 2004-08-27 Osleidys Menéndez of Cuba throws an Olympic record 71.53m to easily beat German Steffi Nerius for the women's javelin gold medal at the Athens Games
  • 2004-10-25 Fidel Castro, Cuba's President, announces that transactions using the American Dollar will be banned by November 8
  • 2006-07-31 Fidel Castro temporarily hands over power to brother Raúl Castro. This leads to a celebration in Little Havana (La Pequeña Habana in Spanish), Miami, Florida, where many Cuban Americans participated.
  • 2008-02-24 Fidel Castro retires as the President of Cuba due to ill health after nearly fifty years
  • 2011-04-19 Fidel Castro resigns from the Communist Party of Cuba's central committee after 45 years of holding the title.
  • 2012-10-25 Hurricane Sandy makes landfall in Cuba and Haiti killing 65 people and causing over $80 million in damage
  • 2013-02-24 Raúl Castro is elected to a second term as the President of Cuba
  • 2013-02-25 Cuban President Raúl Castro announces he will not seek another term in 2018
  • 2014-01-02 Raúl Castro gives a speech commemorating the 55th anniversary of the Cuban revolution and warns of "neo-liberal and neo-colonial thinking" entering the country

Famous Birthdays

  • 1952-08-02 Angel Herrera, Cuban FW/LW boxer (Olympic gold 1976, 80), born in Guantánamo, Cuba
  • 1953-06-11 Peter Bergman, American actor (All My Children, Starland Vocal Band), born in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
  • 1953-07-11 Peter Bergman, Guantanamo Bay Cuba, actor (Eat or Be Eaten)
  • 1953-11-04 Carlos Gutierrez, American politician (35th United States Secretary of Commerce 2005-09), born in Havana, Cuba
  • 1954-08-13 Lincoln Díaz-Balart, Cuban-American attorney and politician (Rep-R-Florida), born in Havana, Cuba
  • 1954-08-29 Julio Fernandez, Cuban-American jazz guitarist (Spyro Gyra), born in Havana, Cuba
  • 1954-09-20 Silvio Leonard, Cuban 100m runner (Olympic silver 1980), born in Cienfuegos, Cuba
  • 1956-02-15 Hilda Beatriz "Hildita" Guevara, Cuba, daughter of "Che" Guevara
  • 1956-03-19 Alina Castro, Havanna Cuba, daughter of Fidel
  • 1956-04-12 Andy Garcia, Cuban-American actor (Stand & Deliver, 8 Million Ways to Die), born in Havana, Cuba
  • 1956-09-13 Oribe Canales, Cuban American celebrity hairdresser, born in Havana, Cuba (d. 2018)
  • 1956-12-02 Steven Bauer, Cuban-American actor (Scarface, Thief of Hearts), born in Havana, Cuba
  • 1957-03-10 Adolfo Horta, Camaguey Cuba, HW boxer (Olympic silver 1980)
  • 1957-06-29 María Conchita Alonso, Venezuelan actress (Moscow on the Hudson), born in Cienfuegos, Cuba

Person of interestGloria Estefan

1957-09-01 Gloria Estefan [Fajardo], Cuban-American singer (Miami Sound Machine-Conga), born in Havana, Cuba

  • 1957-09-23 Tony Fossas, Cuba, pitcher (St Louis Cardinals)
  • 1957-12-06 Luis Delís, Cuban discus thrower (Olympic bronze 1980), born in Guantánamo, Cuba
  • 1958-03-25 Maria Caridad Colón, Cuba, javelin thrower, (Olympic gold 1980)
  • 1958-07-31 Mark Cuban, American businessman and basketball team owner (NBA's Dallas Mavericks), born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 1958-08-07 Alberto Salazar, American track coach and long distance runner (NYC Marathon 1980-82, Boston 1982), born in Havana, Cuba
  • 1958-09-17 Daniel Nunez, Cuba, weightlifter (Olympic gold 1980)
  • 1958-10-09 Al Jourgensen, Cuban-American musician (Ministry), born in Havana, Cuba
  • 1958-11-11 Carlos Lacamara, Cuban-born American Actor, born in Havana, Cuba
  • 1958-11-18 Oscar Nunez, Cuban American actor
  • 1959-08-22 Juan Croucier, Cuban-born American heavy metal rocker (Ratt-Round & Round), born in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
  • 1959-12-14 Franco [Iglesias], Cuban Latin pop singer ("Toda la Vida"; "María"), born in Cuba
  • 1960-04-20 Miguel Díaz-Canel, Cuban politician, President of Cuba (2018-), born in Placetas, Cuba
  • 1961-05-09 Rene Capo, Cuban half-heavyweight judoka (Olympics 1996), born in Pinal del Rio Cuba
  • 1961-10-04 John Secada, Cuban American singer-songwriter, born in Havana, Cuba
  • 1963-03-23 Ana Quirot, Cuba, 800m runner (Olympics-bronze/silver-92, 96)

Person of interestJosé Canseco

1964-07-02 José Canseco, Cuban-American MLB outfielder and designated hitter (AL MVP 1988), born in Havana, Cuba

MLB Player José Canseco
MLB Player
José Canseco
  • 1964-07-02 Ozzie Canseco, Cuban-born American baseball player
  • 1964-09-24 Rafael Palmeiro, 1st baseman (Baltimore Orioles), born in Havana, Cuba
  • 1965-01-06 Konnan, Cuban-born professional wrestler, born in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
  • 1965-02-16 Dave Lombardo, Cuban drummer (Slayer)
  • 1965-11-22 Sen Dog [Senen Reyes], Cuban-American rapper (Cypress Hill), born in Pinar del Río, Cuba
  • 1966-02-24 Rene Arocha, Cubans-American baseball pitcher (St Louis Cardinals)
  • 1967-01-23 Belkis Ayón, Cuban printmaker (collography), born in Havana, Cuba (d. 1999)
  • 1967-04-12 Mellow Man Ace [Ulpiano Reyes], Cuban-American rapper and actor ("Only the Strong"), born in Pinar del Río, Cuba
  • 1967-09-22 Félix Savón, Cuban boxer (3 Olympic heavyweight gold 1992, 96, 80), born in San Vicente, Cuba
  • 1967-10-13 Javier Sotomayor, Cuban jumper (world record 1989, Olympic gold 1992), born in Limonar, Matanzas, Cuba
  • 1968-01-02 Cuba Gooding Jr, actor (Boyz N the Hood, Glaadiator, Few Good Men)
  • 1968-06-14 Faizon Love, American actor and comedian, born in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
  • 1968-11-04 Osvaldo Fernandez, Holguin Cuba, pitcher (SF Giants)
  • 1969-04-16 Fernando Viña, Cuban-American infielder (Milwaukee Brewers), born in Sacramento, California
  • 1969-05-18 Martika [Marta Marrero], Cuban-American singer ("Toy Soldiers"), born in Whittier, California
  • 1969-08-13 Alex Fernandez, Cuban-American baseball pitcher (Chicago White Sox), born in Miami, Florida
  • 1971-06-01 Mario Cimarro, Cuban actor
  • 1971-06-01 Roldán González, Cuban singer (Orishas)
  • 1971-08-10 Mario César Kindelán Mesa, Cuban boxer
  • 1971-12-06 José Contreras, Cuban baseball pitcher (MLB All-Star 2006; World Series 2005; Olympic gold 1996; Chicago WS), born in Las Martinas, Pinar del Río, Cuba
  • 1972-01-11 Rey Ordonez, Cuban-American baseball infielder (NY Mets), born in Havana, Cuba
  • 1972-12-17 Ivan Pedroso, Cuba, long jumper (Olympic 4th 1992)
  • 1974-01-23 Yosvani Pérez, Cuban baseball player, born in Rodas, Cuba
  • 1974-01-31 Ariel Pestano, Cuban baseball player, born in Cuba
  • 1974-03-19 Vida Guerra, Cuban-American swimsuit model
  • 1975-02-20 Liván Hernández, Cuban baseball player
  • 1975-10-23 Odalys García, Cuban actress (Lente Loco), born in Havana, Cuba
  • 1977-01-12 Yoandy Garlobo, Cuban baseball player, born in Jovellanos, Cuba
  • 1977-08-20 Mayra Verónica, Cuban-American model and actress, born in Havana, Cuba
  • 1978-06-14 Annia Hatch, Cuban-American gymnast
  • 1979-07-22 Yadel Martí, Cuban baseball player
  • 1979-08-10 Joanna Garcia, Cuban actress
  • 1981-12-23 Yuriorkis Gamboa, Cuban boxer, born in Guantánamo, Cuba
  • 1982-01-31 Yuniesky Betancourt, Cuban baseball shortstop, born in Santa Clara, Cuba
  • 1984-04-25 Robert Andino, Cuban-American baseball player, born in Miami, Florida
  • 1984-06-09 Yulieski Gourriel, Cuban baseball player, born in Sancti Spíritus, Cuba
  • 1985-06-02 Ana Cristina, Cuban American singer, composer, and actress
  • 1985-10-18 Yoenis Cespedes, Cuban MLB player, born in Campechuela
  • 1993-12-06 Elian Gonzalez, Cuban boy at the center of a heated 2000 controversy involving the governments of Cuba and the United States, born in Cuba

Person of interestCamila Cabello

1997-03-03 Camila Cabello [Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao], Cuban-born American singer-songwriter (Fifth Harmony), born in Cojimar, Cuba

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