French History (Part 19)

Historical Events

Events 1801 - 1,900 of 2,319

  • 1962-04-08 Accords of Evian (Algeria) accepted by referendum in France

Electoral defeatElection of Interest

1962-04-14 Georges Pompidou becomes Prime Minister of France after the resignation of Michel Debré

French President Georges Pompidou
French President
Georges Pompidou
  • 1962-05-01 1st French underground nuclear test in the Sahara at Ecker, Algeria
  • 1962-06-03 Air France Boeing 707 crashes on takeoff from Paris, kills 130
  • 1962-06-22 French Boeing 707 crashes at Guadeloupe, 113 killed
  • 1962-06-30 French Foreign Legion leaves Algeria
  • 1962-07-01 Algeria votes for independence from France
  • 1962-07-03 Algerian Revolution against French rule ends (Algeria gains independence on 5th July)
  • 1962-07-05 Algeria gains independence after 132 years of French rule
  • 1962-07-20 France and Tunisia recover diplomatic relations
  • 1962-08-14 French & Italian workers break through at Mont Blanc Vehicular Tunnel

MurderAssassination Attempt

1962-08-22 Failed assassination attempt on French President Charles de Gaulle

French President Charles de Gaulle
French President
Charles de Gaulle
  • 1962-09-04 French President Charles de Gaulle visits German FR
  • 1962-11-29 Great Britain & France decide to jointly build the Concorde supersonic airliner
  • 1963-01-22 Elysée treaty of cooperation between France and Germany signed by Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer
  • 1963-02-11 American chef Julia Child's show "The French Chef" premieres

  • 1963-03-01 200,000 French mine workers strike
  • 1963-03-18 France performs underground nuclear test at Ecker, Algeria
  • 1963-03-30 France performs underground nuclear test at Ecker Algeria
  • 1963-10-09 French air force gets first nuclear weapons
  • 1963-10-10 France cedes control of the Bizerte naval base to Tunisia
  • 1963-10-20 France performs underground nuclear test at Ecker Algeria

Latest Wonder of the WorldLatest Wonder of the World

1964-02-06 France & Great-Britain sign accord over building channel tunnel

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Tunnel diggers from France and England meet half way. Photo: Rex Features
Tunnel diggers from France and England meet half way. Photo: Rex Features
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  • 1964-02-11 Taiwan drops diplomatic relations with France
  • 1964-06-15 Last French troops leave Algeria
  • 1964-10-14 American swimmer Cathy Ferguson sets world record 1:07.7 to beat Kiki Caron of France by 0.2s and win the women's 100m backstroke gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics

Nobel prizeNobel Prize

1964-10-22 French philosopher and author Jean-Paul Sartre refuses Nobel prize

  • 1964-11-28 France performs underground nuclear test at Ecker Algeria
  • 1964-12-19 "Gertrud", Danish film directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer, starring Nina Pens Rode, Bendt Rothe and Ebbe Rode, is released in France
  • 1965-01-07 France announces it will convert $150 million of its currency to gold
  • 1965-02-27 France performs Underground nuclear test at Ecker Algeria
  • 1965-03-20 10th Eurovision Song Contest: France Gall of Luxembourg wins singing "Poupee de cire, poupee de son" written by Serge Gainsbourg in Naples
  • 1965-05-16 The Campbell Soup Company introduces SpaghettiOs under its Franco-American brand
  • 1965-05-30 France performs nuclear test at Ecker Algeria (Underground)
  • 1965-06-09 Frenchman, Machal Jazy, runs record mile in 3:53.6
  • 1965-07-16 Mont Blanc Road tunnel between France & Italy opens

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1965-09-09 Francois Mitterrand nominated for French presidency

21st President of France Francois Mitterrand
21st President of France
Francois Mitterrand
  • 1965-10-01 France performs underground nuclear test at Ecker Algeria
  • 1965-10-03 Dual Melbourne Cup winning Australian jockey Pat Glennon rides French colt Sea Bird to victory in the Prix de l'Arc De Triomphe to claim an impressive double after the thoroughbred's English Derby win

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1965-11-26 France launches 1st satellite, 92 lb (42 kg) A1-capsule (Astérix), named after the popular French comic character

Cartoonist Albert Uderzo
Albert Uderzo
Author and Cartoonist René Goscinny
Author and Cartoonist
René Goscinny
  • 1965-12-19 French President De Gaulle re-elected (Mitterrand gets 45%)
  • 1966-01-08 Georges Pompidou re-appointed French Prime Minister and forms new government
  • 1966-01-24 117 passengers are killed after an Air India Boeing-707 plane crashes into Mont Blanc, France
  • 1966-02-16 France performs underground nuclear test at Ecker, Algeria
  • 1966-02-17 French satellite Diapason D-1A launch into Earth orbit
  • 1966-05-25 "Au Hasard Balthazar", French film directed by Robert Bresson, starring Anne Wiazemsky and François Lafarge, is released
  • 1966-05-27 6 French fighters crash above Spain
  • 1966-06-11 French and German media mistakenly report death of Roger Daltry
  • 1966-07-02 1st France nuclear test on Mururoa atoll
  • 1966-07-19 France performs nuclear Test at Fangataufa Island
  • 1966-09-11 France performs nuclear test at Mururoa atoll
  • 1966-09-24 France performs nuclear test at Fangataufa Island
  • 1966-10-04 France performs nuclear test at Mururoa atoll
  • 1966-11-26 1st major tidal power plant opens at Rance estuary, France
  • 1967-03-19 French Somaliland (Djibouti) votes to continue association with France
  • 1967-04-06 Premier Georges Pompidou forms new French government

  • 1967-04-20 French author Régis Debray caught in Bolivia
  • 1967-09-11 French President Charles de Gaulle visits Poland
  • 1967-11-17 French author Régis Debray sentenced to 30 years in Bolivia
  • 1967-11-27 French President Charles de Gaulle said 'Non!' to British entry to the European Common Market for the second time
  • 1967-12-11 Supersonic airliner prototype "Concorde" 1st shown (France)
  • 1967-12-16 "Playtime", French film directed by Jacques Tati, starring himself, is released
  • 1968-02-06 X Winter Olympic Games opens in Grenoble, France
  • 1968-02-10 American 2-time world champion Peggy Fleming comfortably wins Olympic women's figure skating gold medal at the Grenoble Winter Games
  • 1968-02-18 X Winter Olympic Games close in Grenoble, France

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1968-04-08 Gangsters Henry Hill and Jimmy Burke commit the Air France robbery, stealing $420,000

Mobster and FBI informant Henry Hill
Mobster and FBI informant
Henry Hill
  • 1968-05-13 1,000,000 French demonstrate against Charles De Gaulle & Georges Pompidou
  • 1968-05-24 French President Charles de Gaulle proposes referendum & students set fire to Paris bourse
  • 1968-05-27 The meeting of the Union Nationale des Étudiants de France (National Union of the Students of France) takes place. 30,000 to 50,000 people gather in the Stade Sebastien Charlety.
  • 1968-05-30 President De Gaulle disbands French parliament
  • 1968-06-10 4h Rugby League World Cup: Australia beats France 20-2
  • 1968-06-30 Gaullists win French parliamentary election, 358 of 458 seats
  • 1968-07-07 France performs nuclear test at Mururoa atoll
  • 1968-07-12 Couve de Murville forms government in France
  • 1968-07-13 French government-Couve de Murville forms
  • 1968-07-15 France performs nuclear Test at Mururoa atoll

  • 1968-08-03 France performs nuclear test at Mururoa atoll
  • 1968-08-24 France becomes the world's fifth thermonuclear power with a detonation on Mururoa Atoll in the South Pacific
  • 1968-09-08 France performs nuclear test at Mururoa atoll
  • 1968-09-11 Air France Flight 1611 crashes off Nice, France, killing 89 passengers and 6 crew.
  • 1968-09-27 France denies UK entry into common market

Music releaseMusic Recording

1968-12-30 Frank Sinatra first records "My Way" with lyrics were written by Paul Anka and based on the French song "Comme d'habitude"

Singer and Actor Frank Sinatra
Singer and Actor
Frank Sinatra
  • 1969-01-04 France begins arms embargo against Israel
  • 1969-03-01 Pirate Radio 259 begins operation off the French coast
  • 1969-03-29 14th Eurovision Song Contest: Salome for Spain ("Vivo cantando"), Lulu of United Kingdom ("Boom Bang-a-Bang"), Lenny Kuhr of Netherlands ("De troubadour"), and Frida Boccara of France ("Un jour, un enfant") all win in Madrid
  • 1969-04-28 Charles de Gaulle resigns as president of France
  • 1969-05-01 Pirate Radio Station 259 (England/France) begins transmitting
  • 1969-06-20 Georges Pompidou sworn in as President of France
  • 1969-06-23 French government of Couve de Murville resigns
  • 1969-07-07 Canada's House of Commons approves equality of French-English language
  • 1969-08-23 France's Une De Mai wins International Trot at Roosevelt Raceway Czechoslovakia (1st American to win cycling race title since 1912)
  • 1970-02-10 Dry powder avalanche moving at 120 mph smashes into youth hostel at Val d'Isere, France, killing 40 Belgian, French, & German youths
  • 1970-03-04 French submarine "Eurydice" explodes off Cape Camarat in the Mediterranean, all 57 crew lost
  • 1970-04-16 70 die in a snow crush (France)
  • 1970-05-15 France performs nuclear test at Mururoa atoll
  • 1970-05-22 France performs nuclear test at Mururoa atoll
  • 1970-05-28 The formerly united Free University of Brussels officially splits into two separate entities, the French-speaking Université Libre de Bruxelles and the Dutch-speaking Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
  • 1970-07-27 France performs nuclear Test at Mururoa atoll
  • 1970-08-02 France performs nuclear test at Fangataufa Island
  • 1970-08-06 France performs nuclear test at Mururoa atoll

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1801 - 1,900 of 2,973

Person of interestClaudette Colbert

1903-09-13 Claudette Colbert [Lily Chauchoin], French-born American actress (Texas Lady, It Happened One Night), born in Paris (d. 1996)

  • 1903-09-29 Diana Vreeland, French-American fashion editor (Harper's Bazaar, Vogue), born in Paris (d. 1989)
  • 1903-10-16 Cecile de Brunhoff, French storyteller (d. 2003)
  • 1903-11-01 Jean Tardieu, French dramatist, born in St Germain de Joux (d. 1995)
  • 1903-11-09 Leon-Etienne Duval, French prelate and cardinal of the Catholic Church in Algeria, born in Chênex, Haute-Savoie, France (d. 1996)
  • 1904-01-18 Henri-Georges Adam, French engraver & sculptor (Grand Nude), born in Paris, France (d. 1967)
  • 1904-02-27 André Leducq, French cyclist (Tour de France 1930, 32; Olympic gold road race 1924), born in Saint-Ouen, France (d. 1980)
  • 1904-04-23 Leslie French, British actor and singer (Death in Venice; More than a Miracle), born in Bromley, Kent, England (d. 1999)
  • 1904-05-17 Jean Gabin, French actor (Moulin Rouge, La Grande Illusion), born in Paris, France (d. 1976)
  • 1904-06-18 Manuel Rosenthal, French composer (Bootleggers), born in Paris, France (d. 2003)
  • 1904-07-07 Simone Beck, French chef (d. 1991)
  • 1904-07-08 Henri Cartan, French mathematician, born in Nancy (d. 2008)
  • 1904-07-24 Leo Arnaud, French-American composer (Bugler's Dream), born in Lyon, France (d. 1991)
  • 1904-09-04 Christian-Jaque [Christian Maudet], French film director (Fearless Little Soldier, Race for Life, The Pearls of the Crown), born in Paris (d. 1994)
  • 1904-09-21 Hans Hartung, German-French painter, born in Leipzig, German Empire (d. 1989)
  • 1904-10-22 Paul Arma, Hungarian-French composer, born in Budapest (d. 1987)
  • 1904-11-10 Steven Geray, American actor (French Line), born in Ungvár, Austria-Hungary (d. 1973)
  • 1904-11-26 Armand Frappier, French-Canadian physician and microbiologist, born in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada (d. 1991)
  • 1904-12-06 Ève Curie, French author and daughter of Madame Curie, born in Paris (d. 2007)
  • 1904-12-22 Louis-Eugene-Felix Neel, French physicist (Nobel 1970), born in Lyon, France (d. 2000)
  • 1904-12-26 Alenjo Carpentier, Cuban/French writer (Guerra del Tiempo)

Person of interestChristian Dior

1905-01-21 Christian Dior, French fashion designer (New Look), born in Granville, France (d. 1957)

Fashion Designer Christian Dior
Fashion Designer
Christian Dior
  • 1905-02-02 Jean-Pierre Guerlain, French cosmetics pioneer
  • 1905-02-07 Paul Nizan, French journalist/writer (L'Humanité, La Conspiration)
  • 1905-02-23 Leonidas Zoras, Greek conductor and composer, born in Sparta, Greece (d. 1987)
  • 1905-03-09 Félix Labisse, French painter (libidoscaphes), born in Marchiennes, France (d. 1982)
  • 1905-03-14 Raymond Aron, French sociologist/political scientist
  • 1905-03-20 Jean Galia, French rugby footballer (d. 1949)
  • 1905-04-02 Edmond Jouhaud, French general, born in Aïn Boucefar, French Algeria (d. 1995)
  • 1905-04-02 Serge Lifar, Russian-French dancer, choreographer (Paris Opera Ballet), born in Kiev, Ukraine (d. 1986)
  • 1905-04-04 Eugene Bozza, French composer, born in Nice, France (d. 1991)
  • 1905-04-08 George Baxter, French actor (Flying Saucer, Lili, Caged), born in Paris, France (d. 1976)
  • 1905-04-26 Jean Vigo, French actor and director (Zero For Conduct, L'Atlante), born in Paris, France (d. 1934)
  • 1905-05-14 Jean Daniélou, French cardinal (d. 1974)

Person of interestJean-Paul Sartre

1905-06-21 Jean-Paul Sartre, French existentialist philosopher and writer (Le Mur, Nobel 1964; declined), born in Paris (d. 1980)

  • 1905-06-26 Jan Louis Guillaume Doornik, Dutch resistance fighter in France, born in Paris (d. 1941)
  • 1905-08-08 André Jolivet, French composer (Jeune France, Mana), born in Paris, France (d. 1974)
  • 1905-09-30 Savitri Devi [Maximiani Portas], Greek French Nazi writer, born in Lyon, France (d. 1982)
  • 1905-11-02 Frederic Lipmann, French watchmaker, born in Besancon, France (d. 1996)
  • 1905-11-29 Marcel Lefebvre, French Roman catholic bishop (d. 1991)
  • 1905-12-12 Manès Sperber, Austrian-French writer (Like a Tear in the Ocean: A Trilogy), born in Zabolotiv, Ukraine (d. 1984)
  • 1905-12-12 Rellys [Henri Marius Bourrelly], French actor (Letters from My Windmill), born in Marseille (d. 1991)
  • 1905-12-22 Pierre Brasseur [Espinasse], French actor (Eyes Without a Face, Children of Paradise), born in Paris, France (d. 1972)
  • 1905-12-31 Guy Mollet, Prime Minister of France (1956-57), born in Flers, France (d. 1975)
  • 1906-01-08 Serge Poliakoff, Russian/French painter/guitarist
  • 1906-02-01 Pierre Cardevielle, French conductor, composer (Élégie de Duino), music critic (Monde musicale), and teacher, born in Paris (d. 1969)
  • 1906-03-25 Jean Sablon, French singer-songwriter, born in Nogent-sur-Marne, near Paris (d. 1994)
  • 1906-04-09 Victor Vasarely, Hungarian-French painter and author (Op Art), born in Pécs, Hungary, Austro-Hungarian Empire (d. 1997)
  • 1906-04-28 Pierre Boileau, French novelist (Vertigo), born in Paris, France (d. 1989)
  • 1906-05-02 Maurice Thiriet, French composer, born in Meulan, Yvelines, France (d. 1972)
  • 1906-05-06 André Weil, French mathematician (foundational work in number theory and algebraic geometry), born in Paris (d. 1998)
  • 1906-06-24 Pierre Fournier, violon cellist (Paris Conservatoire), born in Paris, France
  • 1906-08-21 Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet, French advertising magnate and Founder of Publicis Groupe, born in Enghien-les-Bains, France (d. 1996)
  • 1906-10-31 Louise Talma, American composer (Summer Sounds), born in Arcachon, France (d. 1996)
  • 1906-12-01 Jean Cartan, French composer, born in Nancy (d. 1932)
  • 1906-12-11 Birago Diop, Senegalese writer and ambassador (Leurres et Lueurs), born in Dakar, French West Africa (d. 1989)
  • 1907-01-11 Pierre Mendès-France, French Premier (1954-55) (d. 1982)
  • 1907-01-13 Sabine Zlatin, Polish-born French nurse who tried save Izieu children from Nazis), born in Warsaw (d. 1996)
  • 1907-01-24 Maurice Couve de Murville, France premier (1968-69)
  • 1907-02-05 Pierre E J Pflimlin, premier France
  • 1907-04-16 Joseph-Armand Bombardier, French-Canadian inventor and businessman (Bombardier) (d. 1964)
  • 1907-04-29 Tino Rossi, French singer ("Deux Amours"; "Marlene"), born in Ajaccio, Corsica, France (d. 1983)
  • 1907-05-26 Jean Bernard, French physician and haematologist, born in Paris (d. 2006)
  • 1907-05-30 Germaine Tillion, French anthropologist, member of French Resistance (d. 2008)
  • 1907-06-14 René Char, French poet and painter, born in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France (d. 1988)
  • 1907-06-17 Maurice Cloche, French film director and screenwriter, born in Commercy, Meuse, France (d. 1990)
  • 1907-06-28 Paul-Emile Victor, French pole explorer (La civilisation du phoque), born in Geneva, Switzerland (d. 1995)
  • 1907-07-14 Annabella [Suzanne G Charpentier], French actress (Dinner at Ritz), born in Paris, France (d. 1996)
  • 1907-07-18 Yvonne Desportes, French composer, born in Coburg, Germany (d. 1993)
  • 1907-08-17 Roger Peyrefitte, French writer (Special Friendships), born in Castres, Tarn (d. 2000)
  • 1907-09-23 Dominique Aury, French novelist (d. 1998)
  • 1907-10-09 Jacques Tati, French director (Traffic, Playtime), born in La Pecq, France (d. 1982)
  • 1907-10-13 Yves Allégret, French film director, born in Asnières-sur-Seine, France (d. 1987)
  • 1907-10-16 Roger Vailland, French author (La Novice, Et Mourir de Plasir)
  • 1907-10-29 Edwige Feuillère, French film actress, born in Haute-Saône, Franche-Comté, France (d. 1998)
  • 1907-11-20 Henri-Georges Clouzot, French director (Le salaire de la peur), born in Niort, France (d. 1977)
  • 1907-11-22 Dora Maar, French painter and photographer, lover of Picasso, born in Tours France (d. 1997)
  • 1907-11-30 Jacques Barzun, French author (The House of Intellect), born in Créteil, France (d. 2012)
  • 1907-12-08 Tony Aubin, French composer, born in Paris (d. 1981)
  • 1907-12-10 Lucien Laurent, French footballer (scored the first ever FIFA World Cup goal), born in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, France (d. 2005)

Person of interestSimone de Beauvoir

1908-01-09 Simone de Beauvoir, French author & feminist (The Mandarins, The Second Sex), born in Paris, France (d. 1986)

  • 1908-01-26 Stéphane Grappelli, French jazz violinist who founded the Quintette du Hot Club de France, born in Paris, France (d. 1997)
  • 1908-01-28 Paul Misraki [Misrachi], French jazz pianist, songwriter, and film score composer (Jean Renoir), born in Constantinople, Ottoman Empire (d. 1998)
  • 1908-02-12 Jacques Herbrand, French logician and mathematician (d. 1931)
  • 1908-02-12 Jean Effel, French painter and journalist (d. 1982)
  • 1908-02-26 Jean-Pierre Wimille, French race car driver (d. 1949)
  • 1908-03-14 Maurice (Jean Jacques) Merleau-Ponty, French philosopher
  • 1908-04-21 Louis Hostin, French weightlifter (Olympic gold 1932, 36), born in Saint-Étienne, France (d. 1998)
  • 1908-05-05 Jacques Massu, French general who led Battle of Algiers, born in Châlons-sur-Marne (d. 2002)
  • 1908-06-30 Charles Camproux, French linguistic and author (Bestiari), born in Marseilles, France (d. 1994)
  • 1908-07-03 Thomas Narcejac, French writer (Vertigo), born in Rochefort-sur-Mer, France (d. 1998)
  • 1908-07-12 Alain Cuny, French actor (La Dolce Vita, Detective, Weite Land, Emmanuelle), born in Saint-Malo, Ille-et-Vilaine, France (d. 1994)
  • 1908-08-18 Edgar Faure, Prime Minister of France (1952, 52-56) and writer, born in Béziers, France (d. 1988)

Person of interestHenri Cartier-Bresson

1908-08-22 Henri Cartier-Bresson, French photographer famous for 'The Decisive Moment', born in Chanteloup-en-Brie, France (d. 2004)

Photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson
Henri Cartier-Bresson
  • 1908-08-23 Arthur Adamov, Russian-French playwright (Paolo Paoli), born in Kislovodsk, Terek Oblast, Russia (d. 1970)
  • 1908-11-28 Claude Lévi-Strauss, French social anthropologist and ethnologist (structuralism), born in Brussels, Belgium (d. 2009)
  • 1908-12-10 Olivier Messiaen, French composer (L'Ame en Bourgeon; St Francois d'Assise), born in Avignon, France (d. 1992)
  • 1909-01-02 Rene Etiemble, French literature historian (Parlez-vous Franglais)
  • 1909-02-03 Simone Weil, social philosopher/Resistance fighter (WWII), born in Paris, France
  • 1909-02-03 Andre Cayatte, French filmmaker, born in Carcassonne (d. 1989)

Famous Weddings

Famous Divorces

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1801 - 1,900 of 2,513

  • 1961-10-14 Paul Ramadier, French politician (b. 1888)
  • 1962-01-06 Jacob "Jaap" Nanninga, Dutch painter (France, N Africa), dies at 57
  • 1962-01-21 André Lhote, French painter and art historian (Traité du paysage), dies at 76
  • 1962-02-05 Jacques Ibert, French composer (Escales), dies at 71
  • 1962-04-22 Solomon Pimsleur, French composer, dies at 61
  • 1962-06-06 Yves Klein, French sculptor and painter, dies at 34
  • 1962-06-15 Alfred Cortot, French-Swiss pianist and teacher, dies at 84
  • 1962-07-08 Georges Bataille, French writer and philosopher (b. 1897)
  • 1962-09-14 Marcel Delannoy, French composer, dies at 64
  • 1962-10-16 Gaston Bachelard, French philosopher (Water & Dreams), dies at 78
  • 1962-11-11 René Coty, French politician, President of France (1954-59), dies at 80
  • 1963-01-30 Francis Poulenc, French pianist and composer (Concert champêtre; Les Biches), dies of a heart attack at 64
  • 1963-07-01 Camille Chautemps, premier France, dies
  • 1963-08-31 Georges Braque, French cubist painter and sculptor (My bicycle) who helped develop Cubism with Pablo Picasso, dies at 81
  • 1963-09-04 Robert Schuman, Luxembourg-born French statesman and Prime Minister of France (1947-48), dies at 77

Person of interestEdith Piaf

1963-10-10 Édith Piaf [Édith Giovanna Gassion], French singer (No, I Don't Regret Anything; Le Vie En Rose), dies of liver cancer at 47

Singer Edith Piaf
Edith Piaf
  • 1963-10-11 Jean Cocteau, French poet and writer (Les Enfants Terribles), dies at 73
  • 1963-10-15 Edmond Fleg[enheimer], Swiss-French writer (Ecoute Israel), dies at 88
  • 1963-10-17 Jacques Hadamard, French mathematician (proved the prime number theorem), dies at 97
  • 1963-12-25 Tristan Tzara [Samuel Rosenfeld] Romanian-French poet (Approximate Man), dies at 67
  • 1964-03-16 Nicholas Joy, French actor (Gentleman's Agreement, Desk Set, Boss Lady), dies at 80
  • 1964-06-27 Daniel Lazarus, French composer, dies at 65
  • 1964-07-01 Pierre Monteux, French-American conductor (Concert Bldg Orchestra), dies at 89
  • 1964-07-11 Maurice Thorez, French politician and secretary-general (French Communist Party), dies at 64
  • 1965-01-28 Maxime Weygand, French soldier (b. 1867)
  • 1965-02-14 Desire-Emile Inghelbrecht, French composer/conductor, dies at 84
  • 1965-05-11 Roger Vailland, French author, dies at 57
  • 1965-05-12 Roger Vailland, French playwright (La Truite), dies at 57
  • 1965-07-10 Jacques Audiberti, French poet (Le cavalier seul), dies at 66
  • 1965-07-27 Henri Daniel-Rops, French writer and historian (b. 1901)

Person of interestLe Corbusier

1965-08-27 Le Corbusier [Charles Jeanneret], Swiss French architect and city planner and dies at 77

Architect and City Planner Le Corbusier
Architect and City Planner
Le Corbusier
  • 1965-09-04 Albert Schweitzer, German/French missionary (Nobel 1954), dies at 90
  • 1965-10-27 French Luitjes, Dutch athlete, dies at 21
  • 1965-11-06 Edgard Varèse, French-American composer (Ionisation; Poème électronique), dies at 81
  • 1966-01-01 Vincent Auriol, President of France (1947-53), dies at 82
  • 1966-01-11 Alberto Giacometti, Swiss-French painter and sculptor, dies at 64
  • 1966-04-13 Georges Duhamel, French author (Vie et aventures de Salavin, 5 vol.), dies at 81
  • 1966-06-07 (Hans) "Jean" Arp, German-French sculptor, artist and poet, dies at 78
  • 1966-07-03 André Gailhard, French classical music composer, dies at 81
  • 1966-07-14 Julie Manet, French painter (b. 1878)
  • 1966-07-20 Julien Carette, French actor (Sylvia & the Phantom), dies of burns at 68
  • 1966-09-21 Paul Reynaud, Premier of France (May-June 1940), dies at 87

Person of interestAndré Breton

1966-09-28 André Breton, French writer and poet, founder of Surrealism, dies at 70

Writer and Surrealist André Breton
Writer and Surrealist
André Breton
  • 1966-11-18 Jean Peugeot, French auto manufacturer, dies
  • 1966-12-26 Noel Gallon, French composer, dies at 75
  • 1967-01-26 Albert Rémy, French actor (Grand Prix, The 400 Blows, The Train), dies at 51
  • 1967-01-27 Alphonse Juin, French marshal, dies at 78
  • 1967-02-06 Martine Carol [Maryse Mopurer], French actress (Lola Montèsm, Trente et quarante), dies of heart attack at 46
  • 1967-03-05 Georges Vanier, French-Canadian soldier and 19th Governor General of Canada, dies at 78
  • 1967-04-16 Jean Alexandre Barré, French neurologist who helped identify the Guillain-Barré-Strohl syndrome, dies at 86
  • 1967-04-21 Andre L Danjon, French astronomer, dies at 77
  • 1967-06-26 Françoise Dorléac, French actress, sister of Catherine Deneuve dies in a car accident at 25
  • 1967-07-07 Jo Schlesser, French Formula One racing driver (b. 1928)
  • 1967-08-27 Henri-Georges Adam, French painter/cartoonist/sculptor, dies at 63
  • 1967-09-20 Henri Mulet, French composer, dies at 88
  • 1967-09-24 Orville Caldwell, American actor (Patsy, French Doll, Last Warning), dies at 71
  • 1967-10-09 Andre Maurois [Emile Herzog], French writer (Balzac), dies at 82
  • 1967-10-14 Marcel Aymé, French novelist and playwright, dies at 65
  • 1967-10-29 Julien Duvivier, French film director (La Bandera), dies at 71
  • 1968-01-05 Jean Murat, French actor (Eternal Rain, Carnival Flanders), dies at 79
  • 1968-01-09 Louis-Francois-Marie Aubert, French composer (Habanera), dies at 90
  • 1968-01-10 Louis-Francois-Marie Aubert, French composer (La Momie), dies at 90
  • 1968-01-30 Tsugouharu Foujita, Japanese-French painter and printmaker, dies at 81
  • 1968-05-20 Kees van Dongen, Dutch/French painter, dies at 91
  • 1968-09-11 René Cogny, French General (b. 1904)

Person of interestMarcel Duchamp

1968-10-02 Marcel Duchamp, French painter and sculptor (Nude Descending a Staircase), dies at 81

Painter and Sculptor Marcel Duchamp
Painter and Sculptor
Marcel Duchamp
  • 1968-10-25 Jean Schlumberger, French writer (Passions), dies at 91
  • 1968-11-06 Charles Munch, French conductor and violinist (b. 1891)

Person of interestThomas Merton

1968-12-10 Thomas Merton, French-American Catholic writer and Trappist monk (7 Story Mountain), accidentally electrocuted by an electric fan at 53

Catholic Writer and Trappist Monk Thomas Merton
Catholic Writer and Trappist Monk
Thomas Merton
  • 1969-01-02 George Renevant [Georges de Cheux], French actor (Moulin Rouge, Scotland Yard, Comrade X), dies at 74
  • 1969-01-03 Jean Focas, Greco-French astronomer (b. 1909)
  • 1969-03-20 Henri Longchambon, French politician, dies at 72
  • 1969-04-05 Gabriel M-E-R Chevallier, French author (La Peur), dies at 73
  • 1969-09-08 Alexandra David-Néel, Belgian-French explorer and writer, dies at 100
  • 1969-10-12 Serge Poliakoff, Russ/French painter, dies
  • 1969-12-26 Louise Lévêque de Vilmorin, French poet and author (History d'aimer), dies at 67
  • 1970-01-04 Jean-Étienne Valluy, French general (b. 1899)
  • 1970-01-08 Georges Guibourg, French performer (b. 1891)
  • 1970-03-16 Arthur Adamov, Russian-French playwright (Paolo Paoli), dies at 61
  • 1970-06-02 Albert Lamorisse, French film director and screenwriter (b. 1922)
  • 1970-06-11 Camille Bombois, French circus wrestler/painter, dies at 87
  • 1970-06-16 Elsa Triolet [Ella Kagan], Russian-French writer and Resistance fighter, dies at 73
  • 1970-09-01 Francois Mauriac, French novelist, poet and playwright (Nobel 1952), dies at 84
  • 1970-09-23 Bourvil [André Robert Raimbourg], French actor and singer (Le Corniaud, La Grande Vadrouille), dies of Kahler's syndrome at 53
  • 1970-10-08 Jean Giono, French writer (Hussard Sur le Toit), dies at 75
  • 1970-10-08 Lucien Goldmann, Romanian/French sociologist/philosopher, dies
  • 1970-10-09 Jean Giono, French writer (Le Hussard sur le toit), dies at 75

Person of interestÉdouard Daladier

1970-10-10 Edouard Daladier, 72nd Prime Minister of France (1933, 1934 and 1938-40) and PM at the start of World War II, dies at 86

Prime Minister of France Édouard Daladier
Prime Minister of France
Édouard Daladier

Person of interestCharles de Gaulle

1970-11-09 Charles de Gaulle, French army general, and politician (President of France, 1958-69), dies at 79

French President Charles de Gaulle
French President
Charles de Gaulle

Person of interestCoco Chanel

1971-01-10 Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, French fashion designer (Chanel), dies at 87

Fashion Designer Coco Chanel
Fashion Designer
Coco Chanel
  • 1971-02-26 Fernandel [Fernand Contandin], French actor (The Little World of Don Camillo), dies of lung cancer at 67
  • 1971-03-09 Jean-Pierre Guézec, French composer (Colorful Architectures), dies of a heart attack at 36
  • 1971-05-04 Joseph Csaky, Hungarian/French sculptor, dies at 83
  • 1971-05-05 Alice Tissot, French actress (Italian Straw Hat), dies of cancer at 81
  • 1971-05-28 Jean Vilar, French stage and film actor and director (Théâtre National Populaire), dies at 59
  • 1971-05-30 Marcel Dupré, French organist and composer, dies at 85
  • 1971-06-25 Charles Vildrac, French author, poet and playwright (La Brouille, Michel Auclair, Notes sur la technique poétique), dies at 88
  • 1971-12-15 Paul Pierre Lévy, French mathematician (b. 1886)
  • 1972-01-01 Maurice A Chevalier, French actor & singer (Can Can, Gigi), dies at 83
  • 1972-02-21 Eugène Tisserant, French Catholic candinal (b. 1884)